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They Saved My Life..

5 stars
rxdicirwin The Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford

I had attended the concert in my town and it was an amazing but awful experience at the same time. Security had pulled me out of the pit when I had front row, and these boys saved my life. At that rate i had been waiting three years for them to come to Connecticut and I first found out about Lucifer's YOUTUBE channel in April of '10 and it killed me, I wasn't able to see my life savers play the rest of their biggest show on their first headlining tour ever. But I'm proud. You've made it boys, and it's all because you had that mind set. Love you, forever and always, -Your #1 fan always x

5SOS rocked my socks off!

5 stars
The Wiltern, Los Angeles

It was literally the best thing i've ever gone to. The 5SOS boys were very energetic and interactive with the audience. I will never forget that night, thank you 5SOS.


5 stars
aerin5sos the rivera, chicago

i cannot describe how much fun this concert was. it was general admission pit so there were girls passing out on me lol ((no joke)) but besides that the concert was amazing! i waited in line 16 hours and got 2nd row by calum, but the boys move around a lot so any view really is a great view!:-) you could throw things on stage so i threw a nerd gun and it hit calms microphone stand which was prETTY FUNNY AHA oh and i threw socks at luke and they hit his chest and that was funny omg but since it was such a small venue they really interacted with the whole crowd. no matter what seat, i can guarantee you will have the best time ever. if you're seeing them at the tour next year in 2015, HAVE FUN:D


5 stars
ilovecalum98 the fillmore, silver spring

i would still buy tickets even if calum just sat on stage and ate watermelon for 3 hours


5 stars
ColumnHood The Rivera Theater, Chicago

Even though the General admission was kinda cramped and sorta dangerous, the 5sosfam was super nice and helped attend to anyone he needed help. The boys are so hyperactive and it was definitely shown in the crowd! The boys all ran around the stage so no matter who's side you where on you still got to see them all!(Well except Ashton because he cant really run around on stage lol. But in all seriousness this had got to be one of the most memorable concerts I've been to.