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5 stars
ColumnHood The Rivera Theater, Chicago

Even though the General admission was kinda cramped and sorta dangerous, the 5sosfam was super nice and helped attend to anyone he needed help. The boys are so hyperactive and it was definitely shown in the crowd! The boys all ran around the stage so no matter who's side you where on you still got to see them all!(Well except Ashton because he cant really run around on stage lol. But in all seriousness this had got to be one of the most memorable concerts I've been to.

Absolutely incredible

5 stars
Gillete stadium, boston

I've loved 5sos for a while now, and am so pumped to finally see them live! can't wait until they come back with their own tour!!!!


5 stars
iinfinityy The Wiltern, Los Angeles

This was my second time watching the boys live. They are absolutely amazing live. I don't even know how to describe how outstanding the concert was. My mom attended the concert with me and she was surprised by how great they were. They are so talented and their songs are really good. They have a great vibe. They will slowly be taking over the world. All of the 5SOS Family was so sweet. I came back with new friends, a ton of great memories, and a buzzing in my ear. Jackson Guthy, the opening act was really good too. He got the crowd pumped up and ready for 5SOS. There was a lot of celebrities in the VIP section that were super nice and took a ton of photos. Some of them even came into the crowd. The staff at the venue was super nice as well.

5 Seconds of Summer ROCKED!!!

5 stars
marble55 The Dome at Toyota Presents Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford

The band was amazing. The music was great. We had a blast.

5 stars
The Dome at Toyota Presents Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford

5 Seconds of Summer is an incredibly talented band who deserve to be extremely successful. Their show is upbeat, relaxed, and incredibly fun. It is enjoyable for everyone who attends, whether you're there with friends or by yourself.