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A Tuna Christmas

4 stars
Rickgo4th Majestic Theatre San Antonio, San Antonio

The show was great, as usual. If you havent seen it before you should probably hurry. These guys have been performing this so long, I dont know if they'll be doing it much more. It did seem to lack the energy it used to, either because they have done it so long or because they are just getting old. Its still fun tho, and I still recommend seeing it.

A Tuna Christmas

5 stars
Bubbles593 Majestic Theatre San Antonio, San Antonio

What a joy this was.. we laughed from the opening scene to the last. It was a wonderful break from the Holiday stress, a great date event, and so much fun. The Majestic was the perfect venue

A Tuna...supersized!

4 stars
Superdome Majestic Theatre San Antonio, San Antonio

A Tuna Christmas was a great two-man play, that was acted to perfection. The ONLY reason I did not give it five stars was because I believe that it would be better in a smaller venue. Other audience members that I spoke to who had seen other "Tunas" in smaller venues told me that they enjoyed the nuances of a more intiminte setting.

A Tuna Christmas was very funny!

4 stars
readingisfun Majestic Theatre San Antonio, San Antonio

I would recommend A Tuna Christmas to my friends. It was amazing how many characters there were in the play, but only two actors portrayed them all! How they changed clothes and costumes so quickly! They are very talented!

Great Play

5 stars
miatagirl95 Majestic Theatre San Antonio, San Antonio

We laughed and laughed. Great Christmas time treat. Have seen Greater Tuna. This was just as good.

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