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3 stars
nabokovfan87 Honda Center, Anaheim

Went to a ducks vs. shark game with high playoff implications (from my name, obv. I'm a huge sharks fan). Place was packed with sharks fan making lots of noise!!! It was a blast to go to a game again, and it was great that I managed some decent seats. Unfortunately it wasn't amazing because concessions changed some of the stuff since I've been last and it wasn't nearly as amazing as it used to be. Seats are small, but the high angle/stadium style seats worked to give us a decent view apart from when in our corner. I've been to a dozen ducks games, and overall the game was terrible from my team's play, but it was a good overall experience. Parking was $15 dollars.

Ducks VS Sharks

4 stars
TheeMadDog Honda Center, Anaheim

The game was great. A lot of action on both sides and the score was close until the Ducks scored two goals in the 2nd period to pull away. Then they capped it off with an open net goal in the third to put the game away. FYI: If you've never been there before, park at one of the less expensive places along Katella just a few blocks down from the Honda Center. It's a bit of a walk, but the parking is $5 cheaper and you get out faster. Always enjoy seeing the Ducks play... becoming a Ducks Hockey Fan!

5 stars
Honda Center, Anaheim

Love the ducks! Especially watching the players warm up!

Ducks are awesome too bad they lost

5 stars
Jenna4 Honda Center, Anaheim

I hope Ducks go all the way in the playoffs and I would love to go!! I am a true fan!! Go Ducks......

Great game!

4 stars
Ducksfan916 Honda Center, Anaheim

I had a great time at my first Ducks game! The seats were great for the price, I could see all the action, I could hear the announcers. I had nothing bad to say about my experience at the Honda Center. I can't wait to go again.