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5 stars
Honda Center, Anaheim

they won it was great. very exciting game. good fight at the end

Ducks didn't come to play

2 stars
Midnite11 Honda Center, Anaheim

The Ducks played one of the worst games I'll ever seen.

Ducks VS Caroline

5 stars
Crusty12 Honda Center, Anaheim

Everything went as planned using TicketMaster for our tickets. True Professionals!! Will do it again!

We were cheering for ever

4 stars
Aguie Honda Center, Anaheim

Throughtout the first two quarters we were chanting "go ducks go." I love hockey I was introduce to it 4years ago and It has never failed. From the game to the nice employees and there services. I'm proud to be a duck.

Amazing game

5 stars
Kindness99 Honda Center, Anaheim

My girlfriend and I went to a hockey game for the first time. It was truly an amazing experience. The duck won, so the stadium was very rowdy and full of energy. Just about everyone at the game had a ducks jersey which was pretty cool to see the support of the fans. The parking was just across the street, but the time it took to get out took about half an hour. There is only one gate open that night. All in all, that day was an amazing experience that I would recommend to everyone young and not so young.