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Kings vs Ducks

5 stars
Cowboy008 Honda Center, Anaheim

Game was exciting and seats were excellent location

DUCKS vs KINGS ..again

5 stars
ACAnaheim Honda Center, Anaheim

Though my team lost (The Kings), it was an exciting game with OT & shootout .. it was like ... watching a playoff.

Ducks vs. Kings

5 stars
sunrider00 Honda Center, Anaheim

This was the best sporting event my son Greg and I EVER attended!!! I was hoarse when it was over. GO Ducks!!!!

The Ducks-Kings rivalry is the greatest

5 stars
KayleyS Honda Center, Anaheim

This was the most exciting game I've been to in a while. The ducks-kings rivalry is my favorite. Never a dull moment.

Sloppy play by the Kings

3 stars
KingDiehard Honda Center, Anaheim

The Kings played poorly and the final score proved that. The Honda Center has problems measuring up to Staples Center, cramped seating, no leg room and the fans here act like the term is still owned by Disney.