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Weather disrupted

4 stars
aspercream Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey

I wasn't prepared to enjoy the concert due to Ariana's recent negative comments and activities, but she tried so hard to perform in threatening weather. I realize that Hershey has to put fan safety first, but she was quite a trooper.

Ariana Grande

5 stars
Mikeforeverosmonds Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey

A most spectacular show was given by Ariana. During the show she had to stop three times due to rain and lightning. Given the conditions she was extremely giving of herself to all of her fans. I praise her for the care she had for every fan that was at her show. I was energized by her enthusiasm during the entire concert. The concert had her only personal energy displayed during the entire concert. I appreciate and enjoy performers which I grown to enjoy. Thank you to Ariana.

4 stars
Verizon Center, Washington

Very good first concert for my 10 year old. Age appropriate and language appropriate.

Ariana Grande and Prince Royce... a nice combo!

5 stars
Smiley9999 Verizon Center, Washington

This was a very nice show. The show opens with Prince Royce who put on a terrific show. While he didn't play long, he was terrific. He sang songs from his new album along with a few of his Latin favorites. Ariana Grande opened with Bang Bang and the show was high energy throughout. The graphics and production were terrific. The sound quality was a little overblown for the Verizon Center. The dancers, routines, and stage props were excellent. For the most part, she sang live and did a really nice job (there was probably a little lip syncing during the really high notes). She didn't really address the crowd much other than... "let's go DC". The one time she did... well let's say... she babbled (her own words). The show lasted about an hour and a half and my daughter was thrilled. This is a family friendly show and there were a TON of teenage and early twenties girls. For a pop show these days where almost everyone lip syncs the whole show, I was refreshed to see that she actually sang most of the show. If Ariana were in the area again, I would consider taking my daughter again. As expensive as concerts are these days, this one was pretty good.

Ariana Grande was absolutely fantastic!

4 stars
AprilReign KFC Yum! Center, Louisville

This was a high energy concert with lots of dancing, singing and crowd pleasing. The only issue was it was a little hard to make out what they were saying half the time.