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concert great but started late

3 stars
shanbg The Fillmore Charlotte, Charlotte

The group was fantastic, they played all of their old school jams. However, they came on 3 hours after the venue opened!

Life is...

5 stars
LenaandAnt Chene Park, Detroit

Lena and Ant would like to consider this concert "Life is..." because it contains a mixture of urban hip hop/ old school legends and a crowd of young and older listeners. We would recommend this awesome concert to all ages.

Ok Show, NOt as good as I had hoped for!

3 stars
JenniFromTheBlock Chene Park, Detroit

I was really looking forward to this show considering who was on the ticket. Show was supposed to start at 8 and didn't end up getting started til at least 9:30 so that sucksed. Then there was A LOT of lag in between performances. Mobb Deep came on first and they were ok. Got the crowd going a little. Too Short absolutely killed it! He was BY FAR the best performance of the night. He did a variety of his music and kept it pretty uptempo. Bone Thugs N Harmony came out next and they were a huge disappointment for me. The guy that does the fast raps didn't actuallly sing his parts..it was pre-recorded and you could tell! They also messed up the words to their songs. Bummer I had never seen them live before and was really hoping for better. E-40 though was a real dissapointment for me. I had seen him at the Masonic Temple last year and his show was awesome, but this time he seemed like he didn't even want to be there. The guy on stage with him did most of the rapping and all the songs they did were really slow paced, for example sprinkle me. He did not do "Tell me when to go" or any of his faster paced songs which was a total let down considering I don't really go out a lot and was looking forward to "turning up" a little during his performance. Sadly, I actually ended up doing the exact opposite, sitting down. All in all it was a good show because I enjoyed the music, but aside from Too Short the performances were less than impressive!

Decent at best

3 stars
AntErm House of Blues Chicago, Chicago

I'm a huge Bone fan and was really looking forward to seeing them for the first time....but I was disappointed. First of all, the whole group wasn't even there. Layzie and Bizzy didn't show up. That should have been communicated to ticket holders at some point and ticket prices should have been reduced. Also, they rapped to songs that aren't even their songs, like 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, TI etc throughout the show instead of other hits they left off the setlist, like Days of our Lives, Look into My Eyes, and Thuggish Ruggish Bone. Then at the end, they brought up a bunch of hoochie looking girls on stage and Bone wasn't even rapping at this point and that was the end of the show. I expected much better.

Very Disappointing

1 stars
Aalicia85 House of Blues Chicago, Chicago

Show started around 6:30pm and Bone Thugs N Harmony didn't come on stage til around 10pm. The opening act , which was a new rapper that is now touring with BTNH began in a timely manner, and then lead on to a DJ that played music for about an hour or more. After the DJ got off the stage, the curtain went down and there was no entertainment for over an hour, until Bone Thugs N Harmony's official Dj came on the stage around 10pm. Even when their official DJ came on stage, we still had to wait and listen to him DJ other music before BTNH actually walked on stage. Then come to find out only three members showed up! I realize that they have done this before ,but this is not fair for fans who hope to atleast see the group they paid for. SMH. I have been a long time BTNH fan and considering that they are touring as a group, they should've showed up as a group or at least let their fans know which members would be performing. Due to the fact that not all the members showed up, they had to cut much of the songs apart. I didn't like the fact that they made us wait hours for them to come on stage, mind you, we were all standing because this venue had no seating. It was extremely hot inside and people were annoyed,aggravated,and sweating as they waited for Bone to finally show up. As much as I love this group, I gotta say that their performance did not redeem themselves. They were mixing their music with other rap songs from other artists and after hearing two DJs play hours of music before they popped on stage, I honestly just wanted to hear what we came there to hear, BONE THUGS N HARMONY. Just not a great experience, and being that I have been a fan since the beginning...I am really disappointed. I wish I wouldn't have wasted my time.