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Bone Thugs

5 stars
LizzyGar The Ritz, Raleigh

Great concert, minus the openers. Love me some Bone.

5 stars
Cone Denim Entertainment Center, GREENSBORO

The crowd interaction and involvement was amazing!!

BTNH E.1999

4 stars
B1gByrd The Fillmore Silver Spring, Silver Spring

I would give this show 5 stars had Bizzy bone been there. Even though Krayzie has always been my favorite bone aint bone unless they all are on the stage. Wish stole the show and layzie's energy kept the crowd hype. Good to see flesh on the stage holding it down too. Bone Thugs has been my favorite band since they were the band aid boys. And whenever they are in town I will make sure to go see them but they have to link back up with Bizzy

Good time

4 stars
GQsBabyDoll The Fillmore Silver Spring, Silver Spring

First concert at the Filmore. It was a nice space. It took BTNH forever to get on stage, doors opened at 8 PM and they weren't on stage till 1030! Before they came on stage they had two artists come out an perform, they were alright. The crowd was really restless waiting, Most of the time a DJ was out there just playing music and everyone was just standing around, no one was getting into it. Finally BTNH came out and I just wished they played more of their songs, they only played a handful of songs from their one album and then sang tribute songs to other artists.


5 stars
Snoopy1pez The Fillmore Silver Spring, Silver Spring

OMG!! The concert was amazing. Loved seeing my fav group of all time so close. I would so go again the next time they come to town. Love U Bone!!