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5 stars
LeftyWSL Riverside Municipal Auditorium, Riverside

Great Show they should come back to Riverside more often

Not worth the 10$ I paid!

1 stars
KAYAK1111 Fillmore Auditorium (Denver), Denver

Bone Thugs was poor at best. I saw them at the Fillmore last year and was pleasantly surprised even though they were an hour late. Saturday nights show we were waiting until 11 pm until they finally came on stage stating they have been in the business for 22 years (basically stating the reason they didn't care they were late). For a Colorado crowd, I would be surprised if the venue will allow them to return next year.


1 stars
WolfBlueAngel Fillmore Auditorium (Denver), Denver

The DJ was great except for the same songs being played multiple times and asking every 3 mins if we were ready for them. They were 2.5 hours late.... Played for an hour... They were good but disappointing. Liquid Assasin and Black Pegasus were good - major credit for Black Pegasus for working Chernobyl into a song! But even they (and the poor DJ) kept saying 'when they get here'. I would still recommend them as it is bones and everyone is aging but be ready for a long long wait listening to the same songs over and over and constantly being asked if you are ready and then an hour...

Good thing it was only $10

1 stars
Brockcolorado Fillmore Auditorium (Denver), Denver

This is my forth time seeing bone and perhaps one of the worst. Only 3/5 members showed up. Only lazy, wish, and flesh were there. So the heart and soul and arguably the best in the group weren't even there. They reall shouldn't even tour under the name "bone thugs"

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

5 stars
ClubberDolemiteLang Howard Theatre, Washington

BTNH is the Bomb BTNH threw a funky fresh dope ass show despite only three members being there Flesh ,Wish and Lazyzie Bone. I'm 43 and I went to the show with my friends who were 44 yrs old and 34 yrs old. I was surprise that it was more under 30 people in the crowd than my age group I would say 70% percent of the crowd was under 30. I guess there is hope for the future if they listen to BTNH