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Bruins Preseason game

4 stars
DJ789 Dunkin' Donuts Center, Providence

Overall it was a nice event. My daughter and I bought front row seats near the Bruins entrance. It was fun seeing her fist bump the players as they stepped on to the ice. However, not one regular member of the Boston Bruins showed up for the preseason game. I only recognized one name (Reilly Smith). They should have advertised it as a Providence Bruins exhibition vs. the New Jersey Devils (although didn't recognize any players on their roster either). Oh well.


4 stars
DizzyDuzIt Dunkin' Donuts Center, Providence

Regardless of any chance that you get to see the Boston Bruins it is always a great game win or lose (hopefully a win). Professional hockey is what its all about, even Pre Season is awesome if you are a die hard fan like I am. With that being said I had to take the opportunity to see the Pre Season game in Providence. The Game like I said is always awesome.... venue though THE WORST!!!! Seating where I was is definitely great, however as being comfortable definitely not. As I am almost 6 feet tall the seats in front of me was banging right into my knees, and I am not obese yet the seats are so narrow it is not an easy in and out of the seats. This venue is just horrible for anyone who is not undersized height and weight.... Ideal for children, not so much for adults. Since changing from The Providence Civic Center to the Dunkin Donuts Center you would have thought of upgraded and updated seats, I am sad to tell anyone reading this that the only thing to be upgraded was the façade and the appearance with additions of Dunkin Donuts restaurants inside. AVG SIZED PEOPLE DEMAND MORE ROOM!!!

Preseason Hockey

5 stars
Val0926 Dunkin' Donuts Center, Providence

This venue was a fantastic place to see a hockey game at. The seats were great.

Kim Tavares- New Bedford

3 stars
HockeyMom63 Dunkin' Donuts Center, Providence

I was very upset that the stars of the team were not present. If I would of bought the package that the Dunkin Donut Center was doing I would of asked for my money back. It was all new player who are still trying out for the team this year. I loved the seats where great being close to where they walked out on to the ice.

Boston Bruins VS N. J. Devils

5 stars
AmericanRingo Dunkin' Donuts Center, Providence

Amazingly fantastic seats In the seventh row, great tickets for the money. I could never afford to see a game like that at The Garden In Boston. Easy on, easy off I - 95 to get to The Dunkin' Donuts Center In Providence. Garage parking a block away for just $10.00. A great first game. The Bruins trounced The Devils 2 - 0. Matt Irwin scored both goals & the crowd was hoping for a Hat Trick. There were fights and scuffles all night long, both teams were really amped up. I wish I could afford seats like this all the time.