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Very Disappointed!!!!

2 stars
MarySuefaith U.S. Cellular Center, Cedar Rapids

I paid $150 a piece for 4 seats and We could not understand a single word Brantley sang! We were very disappointed!

5 stars
Pinnacle Bank Arena, Lincoln

Great show! Would go again in a heartbeat! BG was so much fun and all his music is from his heart. Loved it!!!

Literally the best night of my life.

5 stars
countrynurse1993 U.S. Cellular Center, Cedar Rapids

My boyfriend, friend, her daughter and I all went to see Brantley, Canaan, and Michael when they were in Cedar Rapids., Iowa. Seriously awesome. We got the VIP experience and were not aware that we would miss some of the show so we opted to get into the pit 10 minutes before doors actually opened so that we could see all shows. We were front and center! All the guys rocked. I can't wait to be able to go back again.

Brantley Gilbert

5 stars
carynsmmomma Pinnacle Bank Arena, Lincoln

His concert was amazing! I would see him again. I loved how he interacted with the crowd.


1 stars
AJB3 Pinnacle Bank Arena, Lincoln

I couldn't hear any thing he was saying, and the songs didnt sound anything like what I hear being played on the radio. It wasn't a very good performance and the music mostly consisted of hard rock metal, and not anything country. I will not be going back til something gets changed so people will actually have a good time and can enjoy the music! Another annoying thing was the lights kept blinding me, flashing in my face causing me to walk out with a huge migraine! !!