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5 stars
terribeauchamp2012 U.S. Cellular Center, Cedar Rapids

Was a awesome concert.The longest concert we have been to so far.

in love

4 stars
lynn1998 U.S. Cellular Center, Cedar Rapids

overall amazing concert only bad thing the music drowned out his voice

Great concert... Bad setup

4 stars
Swiftel Center, Brookings

Great show, though I was not impressed by Brantley's 3 smoke breaks during the show. My seat had a great view of him lighting up while the band got to show off their musical skills. The overall show was good. I loved all three acts, it was fun, and had people singing along. My favorite part was Brantley's acoustic set.

4 stars
GIANT Center, Hershey

Loved Brantley Gilbert, seats were amazing. No where was it mentioned that you had to pay to park which really was an inconvenience as we didn't even get great parking. $9 just to park was a bit ridiculous.

Music drowned out Brantley

3 stars
Jbeck5 GIANT Center, Hershey

I have seen Brantley several times...the music was way too loud and drowned out Brantley so badly that you could hardly hear him.