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great show

4 stars
grams60 University of Kentucky, Lexington

The concert was well organized. The only complaint i had would be the sound system there were times when they were talking I could not understand what they were saying. All and all great time. Would go again.

Brantley Gilbert Rocks!

5 stars
riley40 University of Kentucky, Lexington

The concert was fabulous! I fell in love with his country boy swagger. He's definitely got it going on. If you get a chance to go see him, GO! Apparently alot of his fans had requested him to play "Saving Amy" and although it wasn't on his set list because he thought it may have been a little depressing he played it anyway and it was even more beautiful than listening to it for the first time. So glad he played it for us in Lexington Ky! One thing is for sure, there's no doubt he's tough as nails and holds true to his roots! Way to go for being you Brantley Gilbert! A fan sitting behind me showed me a photo she had taken with Brantley Gilbert, it was awesome! She said she was walking by his bus and saw him and ran up to get a photo and his security guard came up and said let me get a picture of you with him. How cool is that???? It was a terrific show! He's well worth the money to go and see!

5 stars
Jparkerx2 Tuscaloosa Amphitheater, Tuscaloosa

Great concert. I have attended many concerts and I would put this one in the top 5.

5 stars
Tuscaloosa Amphitheater, Tuscaloosa

Excellent concert!!! Brantley Gilbert was awesome!

4 stars
McShizzle Tuscaloosa Amphitheater, Tuscaloosa

I don't really go to many country concerts but I'd have to say I was impressed with the performance!