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Brantley was Awesome

5 stars
chevysmom iWireless Center, Moline

The show was fantastic! I enjoyed the VIP party as well on being so close to the stage.

5 stars
BGFANFOREVER Coliseum at Alliant Energy Center, Madison

Amazing experience and awesome concert! Will definitely be going again! :)

Terrible sound equiptment

2 stars
scottgoodie iWireless Center, Moline

the first three performers sounded great. Brantley gilbert sound equiptment was horrable it sounded like he was mumbling most of the time.

Music Too Loud and Vocals Impossible To Understand

1 stars
garywjr Show Me Center, Cape Girardeau

I've heard a lot of Brantley Gilberts music before and I have his first CD. That being said, I can follow along with the vocals on several of his songs, but not at this show. His stage show is pretty impressive, so when the curtain dropped, I thought this is going to be good. For what ever reason it seems to me that he is trying to cross new country music with heavy metal. But the overall sound production was terrible. It was entirely too loud, none of the instruments could be distinguished separately, it just sounded like one jumbled instrument, and I could not understand a word that he sang. We left after about half the show, that's all we could take. Total waste of money. My suggestion would be to back off some of the money for the lighting and stage and put it in to whatever the audio problem is. I would rather hear a good concert with just a plain old bar stage rather than what we went to that night.

Great show

4 stars
Countrybabe2407 iWireless Center, Moline

The 3 opening acts were great! Their sound was right on and could hear them all great. Didn't know a lot of their songs but do now. Brantley's sound was off some could hardly hear him on some of the songs. I was wondering why the sound guy did nothing about it.