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Brantley always puts on a great show

5 stars
Mier159 Illinois State Fairgrounds Il State Fair, Springfield

I have been to multiple Brantley Gilbert concerts and have yet to be disappointed, great show, great music, and great special effects. Always has great energy with his shows and a great showmanship.

Powerful, Moving, Amazing

5 stars
Dave1976 Illinois State Fairgrounds Il State Fair, Springfield

Michael Ray got the show off to a good start. Colt Ford came on next and just tore it up. He brought a unique style of rap, country, and rock, sometimes all at once. He sounds awesome live and really put on a great show. He played great song after great song and didn't let up. Colt Ford's show was better than any main act I've seen this year...Until Brantley Gilbert took the stage to Kick It In The Sticks. Wow! He brought the energy. He played 15 of his best songs, and really put emotion into them. Brantley Gilbert writes his own lyrics, and it shows. He was able to set his songs up by telling us about what he was thinking about or going through when he wrote them. I had no idea he had written You Don't Know Her Like I Do for his now wife, while they were broken up. Brantley gave a real heartfelt tribute to our military men and women who are putting their lives on the line for us. It wasn't just 'thank you troops, now back to the music' like some singers do. Brantley told us why he truly appreciates our military. He then talked about cancer fighters, and led into One Hell of an Amen. He added some humor when he talked about drunk dialing and then realizing you really mean what you said leading into Stone Cold Sober. And he really let his feelings about cowards who hit women be know before he sang Read Me My Rights, about kicking a dude's butt for hitting a female and then telling the judge he would do it again. Brantley is the most genuine singer I have seen, and he puts a ton of energy into his show. He really performs his songs like they mean something to him, because they do. I've seen four major country concerts this year, and this one was by far the best. That's saying a lot because Jason Aldean was awesome, and Luke Bryan is supposed to be the entertainer of the year.

Brantley Gilbert was AMAZING

5 stars
Jpokora3 Illinois State Fairgrounds Il State Fair, Springfield

The Brantley Gilbert, Colt Ford, and Michael Ray concert was definitely unforgettable. I have seen Brantley Gilbert multiple times and it was by far one of the best shows I have ever been to every single time

BG rocked the house!!

5 stars
Jheart775 Illinois State Fairgrounds Il State Fair, Springfield

Amazing concert!! Brantley Gilbert puts on one heck of a concert! Will definitely be seeing him in the future!!

5 stars
Illinois State Fairgrounds Il State Fair, Springfield

Great show,with amazing sound and easy access in and out of grandstands. Would definitely attend the shows here and hope to see Brantley Gilbert again soon.