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Brantley G rocked the house

3 stars
bossombuddy Bryce Jordan Center, University Park

Though i expected to be able to see and hear the performers, this was a piss pour show. The sound system sucked, and i do believer everyone in house was trashed. - just don't understand why these places have to serve alcohol, with small kids in attendance. I paid 184$ for my ticket, for that price i could have seen several concerts at 25/30 $ a shot, closer to home. i just don't understand why this artist need to charge so much for tickets. yes i stayed for the first half hour of Brantley, only because there was one song in particular that i wanted to hear, and i stayed until i heard that song. had he played that song last i would have stayed the whole show, but it was 30-40 minutes into the show and it was awesome to hear him play that song, so thanks

1 stars
countryfan1615 Bridgestone Arena, Nashville

Sound quality was poor. We left early because we couldn't understand what he was signing. We were pretty disappointed.

5 stars
Schatts Lakes Regional Park, Fort Myers

Fantastic show. Plenty of food, booz, security, etc. The only thing wrong was that it got cold, and you can't control that. Fantastic time.

Brantley Gilbert was awesome!

5 stars
AMCMC Bridgestone Arena, Nashville

This was a very awesome concert with no dull moments. I would recommend this concert to anyone that likes country and/or rock.

Parmalee was great

4 stars
Orquid325 Amalie Arena formerly known as Tampa Bay Times Forum, Tampa

We had a great time at the concert, it was a bit long considering we had to work the next day. However the acoustic was horrible, we barely understood what they were singing and the sound overpowered their voices