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Breaking Benjamin is BACK!

5 stars
Galieness Chameleon Club, Lancaster

One of the most epic concerts I've gone to. Ben is back & it's a beautiful thing! Make sure to hang out after the show as he & the rest of his band mates come out for a meet & greet :) I got an autograph & picture with him! :)

5 stars
Chameleon Club, Lancaster

Breaking Benjamin was AMAZING! I drove from Long Island, NY to Lancaster to see them there and it was SO WORTH IT! I'm so happy that the band was able to overcome the issues with the lawsuit, rebuild and come back. YOU ROCK Ben. I couldn't decide which song was my favorite- they were all amazing. A little disappointed that "Into the Norhing" didn't make the set list.

Amazing Performance / Sound Quality

5 stars
YYankee Upstate Concert Hall, Clifton Park

Addressing another review on here about there negative experience.... I have been to Upstate Concert Hall many many times. You are not going to get a good view of a famous band if you arrive just a couple hours before the doors open. You have to get there hours and hours beforehand. To expect $30 to prevent a lot of people from going to see a famous band is silly. No need to write a negative review because you lacked this common knowledge of concerts. Common sense goes a long way too. Breaking Benjamin came to Upstate Concert Hall for there first stop of their Acoustic Tour. Was disappointed when I found out that it was "Unplugged" as I thought that this would damper my experience. I was very wrong. This was the first concert at UCH where I could hear the singer loud and clear. Benjamin Burnley's voice is incredible and to hear it clearly was something I won't ever forget. They were the only band playing as well which was awesome because they were able to play over 20 songs because of this! One of the best concerts I have ever went to. Security: The security guards here are really mean and unprofessional. We were one of the first people here hours and hours before the doors opened and they allowed people that came like 30 minutes before the show started to go in front of us that were NOT handicapped and were not with the handicapped. Don't expect professionalism. Protip: If you try to go around back the security guards will be douches and tell you to go away. Hang around outside the front side of the venue and you might get lucky like I did. I was able to meet everybody in the band and get my picture taken with Ben! :)

5 stars
Upstate Concert Hall, Clifton Park

amazing! Have been waiting years to see them again!

Breaking Benjamin rocks!

5 stars
TemperBaby Upstate Concert Hall, Clifton Park

There was a brief moment where one of the guitarists messed up one of the sound petals and the lead singer got real mad at him and that made me a little sad but otherwise the show was really dope.