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5 stars
LinaKLD The Paramount, Huntington

They sounded amazing! Loved every second of the show! Highly recommend watching them live! First time at the paramount. Loved the venue.

Breaking Benjamin is back and better than ever.

5 stars
AlysiaM27 Sherman Theater, Stroudsburg

As an acoustic setting I expected this to be a personal experience for the guys in the band. I also expected it to be a somewhat quiet event. Any one who has listened to their acoustic music knows what I mean. Maybe quiet isn't the word I want, but a somewhat softer sound. I am pleased to say that it was a very loud, but still personal show for this "new" band. Ben sounds so good and Aaron, Keith, Shaun, and Jasen definitely lived up to the hype. This was my 7th time seeing the band and easily the best show I've ever been to. I cannot wait for new music and a new tour.

Breaking Benjamin was amazing as they always are

5 stars
Jtranowicz Upstate Concert Hall, Clifton Park

I have been a fan ever since Ive heard the first song. I absolutely love this music. And when I was down and about to take my own life, this band and his music pulled me thru. I can not wait to hear all new music and tours in the future.

Breaking Benjamin's Triumphant Return

5 stars
No1BenHead Sherman Theater, Stroudsburg

BB is my favorite band, and being able to see them in such an intimate setting was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. The sound was great, the talent was amazing, the energy was contagious, and all five guys in the band played/sang their hearts out. They were humble and yet had the time of their lives, connected to the audience in a way I haven't seen from a band.

Breaking Benjamin Unplugged at The Paramount

5 stars
rons32873 The Paramount, Huntington

I went with my wife and her sister who are big fans of Breaking Benjamin. Although I didn't know as much of the songs as they did, I still enjoyed the show. The crowd seemed to be really into the show.