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Breaking Benjamin was awesome!!!

5 stars
Vic379 Laredo Energy Arena, Laredo

This show was definitely one of the best daddy-daughter dates we've ever had. They put on an awesome performance. I will definitely see them again.

Great performance, awful crew.

3 stars
Jake15 Old National Centre, Indianapolis

For the sake of fair disclosure, Ben announced at the start of the show that they were filming for a live Yahoo stream and that may have changed the way they did lights and audio for this show. To make this short and sweet, the band was outstanding but the crew was terrible. I had been waiting half a decade to see this band and drove 150 miles to get to this show after paying $50 a ticket. They had a great start and did a fantastic job replicating the studio albums live. Unfortunately all of their talent was drowned out by the sea of spotlights the lighting guy decided to shoot into the crowd every 20 seconds - the kind that blind you from several hundred feet away even if your eyes are closed. I could understand them doing that between songs for dramatic effect on the live stream but for the love of god let us make it through a verse without ruining the moment with searing light. I thought this show would be the highlight of my year and instead I left 30 minutes into the set because I couldn't stand the awful spotlights. Sadly I wasn't the only one that felt this way as there was a group of smokers standing outside the venue chanting "another one bites the dust" every time someone left complaining about the lights. I would really like to give the band the benefit of the doubt and assume the lighting guy belonged to Yahoo or ONC. Some day I'd like to see them again without the need for tanning goggles to block out the spotlights.

5 stars
MeisMeis Egyptian Room at Old National Centre, Indianapolis

Breaking Benjamin was Amazing! I love to see this band perform. Young Guns was pretty awesome as well.

Better than ever!

5 stars
Kimmiekemp The Wellmont Theater, Montclair

Benjamin Burnley has put together an amazing group of musicians in the re-creation of Breaking Benjamin. This band is the best version of Breaking Benjamin we have seen. My husband and I couldn't be happier that one of our favorite bands is making music again. The concert at The Wellmont Theater was awesome. The venue is a great place to see a show. The diverse crowd for BB included some pretty young people, some our age (50) and even some a little older. All races, which is always great to see at a Rock Concert in New Jersey. The staff at the Wellmont are always the nicest, coolest people. (especially the bartenders) Young Guns warmed up the crowd with a lively performance. (Good luck to them in the future.) All in all seeing Breaking Benjamin performing our favorite songs as well as the great new stuff they're playing was a very awesome experience.

Breaking Benjamin was just as good as always!!!

4 stars
Powerstroke21 7 Flags Event Center, Clive

Great concert, still sounded awesome. would like to go to see them again soon