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Breaking Benjamin was beyond amazing!!

5 stars
Aragon Ballroom, Chicago

The show was overall amazing. I wish we were a bit closer to the stage but it was still great. The cta stop was right across the street security was nice. Merchandise was good and Starset was a great opening act. Anyone that has heard them I recommend you start. I had waited so long to be able to see Breaking Benjamin and to be able to sing the songs I love with the band was just surreal. They are an amazing band and the night was awesome!!!

Breaking Benjamin was awesome!

5 stars
Meslb76 LC Pavilion, Columbus

Just as I expected Breaking Benjamin put on a great show. This was my first Breaking Benjamin show, and I was so glad to learn that it was moved from the Newport to the LC Pavilion Outdoor Stage. This is a great spot to watch rock bands! Starset also put on a show, as always. It was my 3rd time seeing them, and they never disappoint. 10 Years was also amazing.

Lackluster performance at worn out venue

1 stars
BF82 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago

Being one of my favorite bands, I was excited for this show. However, the Aragon disappointed once again. Just like every show there, the audio was beyond terrible. When a band is playing on stage, the people around me talking shouldn't be heard over the music. There was no bass, the overall audio was muddy, and definitely was no where near loud enough. The crowd singing was louder than the band playing. Audio is very subjective, but theres no way people could think it sounded good. Besides the venue being a disappointment, Breaking Benjamin provided a very lackluster, mediocre at best performance. I didn't pay hard earned money to see a band play almost as many cover songs as original tracks. A quality cover song can be a welcomed surprise, but two full covers, plus a medley of maybe half a dozen more should not be a normal practice by a band at their professional level. The final let down was the total amount of time the band played, which was about an hour and fifteen minutes. Minus the annoying amount of cover songs, that really puts it at maybe a 45 minute set. With a professional career spanning across several records, that is unacceptable for a headlining act. Coupled with the fact that there was only one opening band, the show was over before it even started. I was expecting to see the band that could crank out the heavy hitters like California Castaway. Instead I left hearing only mediocre takes on newer material and feeling like I should have done something else with my fifty dollars. The Aragon needs to get their act together if they want me to keep giving them money. Oh, and $15 for a bottom shelf beer. Give me a break. They're not even that expensive at a Blackhawks games.

High expectations dashed

2 stars
Showfan1982 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago

Breaking Benjamin at the Aragon Ballroom. How could this show not be great!!! This was the thought as I was buying tickets. I've been to hundreds of shows all over the world. I've been impressed by Breaking Benjamin at other times. This concert just didn't hit the mark. There was no excitement in the crowd. The ballroom was packed but there was no movement and a wide majority of the peoe there were looking down at their phone while the band was giving a lackluster performance. The band had no real stage presence to speak of. I blame this on the stage show and light show of the opener. I'll get to them later I feel like security was a bit too much. 2 guards at every exit, 2 guards on 4 points of the balcony, no reentry, no smoking, escorting peoe out when they tried to jump around. I remember thinking "I am at a rock show, right?" The band tried but I think they lost the crowd after the 5th song. I ended up leaving with 4 songs left. I have NEVER left a concert early if I didn't need to. Most boring concert I've ever been to. I will give them another chance if they come back around. Just not for $50.

Starset is outta this world and BB too!!!!!!

5 stars
MissDecember32 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago

You can't go wrong with either band. Starset's background/lighting/props were AMAZING!!! Better set up than Breaking Benjamin, I have to say. It was so good the Adler Planetarium would be jealous. Both bands sounded killer and I loved seeing the new fans Starset was making. Breaking Benjamin sound awesome in concert- Ben's singing is clear and worth being in person for. The guys in the band play their hearts out and you can tell they're totally passionate about what they do. I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!