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Unplugged but not seated.

5 stars
ChadMichaels940 7 Flags Event Center, Clive

The show was amazing. Breaking Benjamin rolled through most of their hits and a few of their new songs to make one memorable evening. Ben seems to be very comfortable with his new team around him, he tells us all their nicknames but also lets them take over on vocals from time to time. Also it needs to be mentioned, this was unplugged but it was anything but soft rock.

Unplugged was truly amazing!!!!!

5 stars
BrandonsMommy2013 7 Flags Event Center, Clive

This was the first time I have been able to see Breaking Benjamin and I honestly wouldn't want it any other way. The entire events center was full of energy that the band fed off of and in to. There seemed to be a connection BB had with the crowd and they rocked the roof off!!!! I would definitely see them again and recommend anyone else to see them!!!!!

Breaking Benjamin Unplugged (Not)

3 stars
krush526 Sokol Auditorium, Omaha

Breaking Benjamin put on a great show, but it was not at all unplugged like it was advertised. They had no opening bands and only played for 1:45, so it seemed like a rather short show, considering I paid $50 per ticket.

Breaking Benjamin was amazing!

5 stars
MmmmmmmmmmmmW 7 Flags Event Center, Clive

Unplugged show was intimate and I felt that got to see the band's true personalities! Very fun show, I will be seeing them again!

Breaking Benjamin is Stupefying!

5 stars
Neuthrone Tennessee Theatre, Knoxville

For people who probably don't like to read the headers of ticket sites, I will introduce this review by saying I went to see Breaking Benjamin at the Tennessee Theater in Knoxville Tennessee. I saw this extraodinary band on April the 28th of 2016 (so yes, this is quite recent from the time I posted this review.). For a quick insight on my fanboyness of Breaking Benjamin, I have been into this band since the year of 2012, 2 years after the band went into hiatus to legal issues. I got into Breaking Benjamin by listening to the track "Polyamorous" on the video game "Run Like Hell", a Playstation2 horror game classic. I was a deep metalhead and rock fan at that time, and from that track, I wanted to learn more about this hard crunching band, so I bought their first album "Saturate" at a local CD outlet (well, now it would be iTunes since CDs are out of style for most, well except for me of course!). After falling in love with Breaking Benjamin by listening to "Saturate", I got their other three released albums (I am not including the Greatest Hits Album) "We Are Not Alone", "Phobia", and "Dear Agony" (all of these albums are immediate classics, for anybody who has seen them live and have not listened to their albums, I recommend you go get them!). Anyway, to the review of the concert. For me, this is my second time seeing Breaking Benjamin, my first being in November when they were on tour with Sevendust and Shinedown. This tour I got to see the band as a VIP, which for me is my musical epiphany, meet one of my favorite all time bands. The concert itself was stupendous, they included some of their classic songs ("Polyamorous", "Skin", "The Diary of Jane", "Sooner or Later", etc...), and some of their new songs from their new album, "Dark Before Dawn". But before you feel this is just a typical tour, Breaking Benjamin played covers from bands such as "Tool", "The Police", "Pantera", "Nirvana", etc... Whether Breaking Benjamin is touring with other great modern hard rock/metal bands, or just by themselves on a unplugged or electric tour, this band brings in their own tools and tricks that help them stand out in the world of modern rock bands that are generic. Breaking Benjamin has to be one of the "Big Four" in the new world of modern hard rock/metal. I personally would most indubitably recommend anyone to go see Breaking Benjamin live, you would regret it if you did not go see Breaking Benjamin live!