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Canes played great against the hawks

3 stars
TJ530 PNC Arena, Raleigh

I took my daughter who is a big Blackhawks fan , she wasn't happy about the outcome of the game , but we had a great time together. My only regret was I would have got better seats if I had it to do over

seating is bad!

3 stars
ZA10 PNC Arena, Raleigh

I am 5'11" and couldn't sit in the lower level seating. I spent over $100 on lower level seats and there is NO leg room what so ever. I had indentations in my knees form the seat in front of me digging in to them. Other than the fact its a small arena everything was as expected.

Hurricanes vs Blackhawks

5 stars
BMXmike PNC Arena, Raleigh

Being a Hawks fan, I didn't like the outcome, but it was a great game to see. First time seeing my team at an away game. I had a blast, it was a last minute situation. I looked up tickets and had them instantly available. Very painless, and a great way to enjoy a night off.

NYC Rangers Baby!

5 stars
DVCMOMMA PNC Arena, Raleigh

Great venue made even better by the southern hospitality.

Hurricanes vs. New York Rangers

5 stars
HockeyFan71 PNC Arena, Raleigh

We made the trip on a snowy ice night in Raleigh to see the Hurricanes play the Rangers. Due to the snow and ice the crowd was very small. When we went to our seats in the upper deck we were informed by the staff that they were sitting everyone on the lower section We were given seats 10 rows from the ice. My son and wife had a blast. The staff was fantastic at PNC Arena. Thank you.