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My first NHL game!

5 stars
woa2004 PNC Arena, Raleigh

What an experience! Even though the Hurricanes lost, it was amazing to watch this game unfold. Beautiful venue also! Great food!

Awesome game! Great venue!

5 stars
CPope PNC Arena, Raleigh

First time a PNC Stadium, very nice and was out of parking in 5 minutes! Very organized! Will probably attend more Hurricanes games in the future!

Carolina Hurricanes vs Chicago Blackhawks

4 stars
SteamrollerFanette PNC Arena, Raleigh

Admittedly, I went to this game to see the Blackhawks, who won 2-1. But honestly, the Hurricanes played a better game. PNC Arena is a nice place for hockey. Close to the highway, major hotels, and restaurants. Fans are nice and respectful of each other. If we lived closer, we would go to more games but we travel from out of state. Canes fans shouldn't worry about next season. This team is playing in the direction they need to go. A little stronger offense and they will be winning games next season.

Hawks Win!

5 stars
Wazoo48 PNC Arena, Raleigh

First chance I've had to see my home town team since I moved to NC. It was worth the wait.

Nice welcome, even for visiting fans

4 stars
RobertR11 PNC Arena, Raleigh

We had a great time at the game. At least 75% of the crowd was cheering for the visiting team (as were we), but we were well received. Security, entry, ushers were all very professional. The facility is excellently maintained and the Canes do a nice job with atmosphere in the stands.