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Caps-Hurricanes game. I was blown away

5 stars
LilZig220 PNC Arena, Raleigh

PNC Arena was wonderful. Inside there was great food and drink options. They even had a wine stand (which was great for my mom who hates beer). Parking was so easy. They had people designated to assist in leaving the arena unlike the usual free for all at other places I have been. I mean it was also an amazing game of hockey. I could not have been happier

Poor effort

1 stars
Patrickphelps PNC Arena, Raleigh

No effort. Last home game. Very disappointed. Some players need to bring their game every night or trade them.

What a game!! Love the Hurricanes.

4 stars
Staalfan PNC Arena, Raleigh

Was a good game except that the Hurricanes lost. The seats were located just off center on the players side which had a good unobstructed view of the ice. Would like to attend another game soon.

Pro Hockey Game Enjoyment

5 stars
CaniacFlyer PNC Arena, Raleigh

We traveled from Charlotte to Raleigh and had the best accommodations for hotel and game. The electricity was in the arena. Both teams were pumped for action and the game played well, if only the Hurricanes won. Seating was terrific - not a bad seat in the house,actually. Everyone was having a great time at the game, especially the kids. They loved the interactions with the players and it turned out to be a great family night outing. We're planning to come again next year and have a blast. Hockey has come to the Carolinas and it has made all the difference.

5 stars
carolinagirl28570 PNC Arena, Raleigh

Beautiful, clean arena. Fantastic game...and to make it even better the Jersey Devils won!