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I need more organ

4 stars
BringBackOldTimeOrgan PNC Arena, Raleigh

Great game Need to lose the overbearing Jumbotron for traditional Organ music like real hockey arenas. Music is too loud & has nothing to do with hockey, fails to get crowd going.

Opening Night

3 stars
dogtired18 PNC Arena, Raleigh

Oh well. The Canes lost again. but since I am first and foremost an Islander fan - turned Canes fan, I could not have left the game totally disappointed. I came home with a new Canes scarf and a poster; both opening night giveaways from the home team.

good game!

5 stars
PNC Arena, Raleigh

Canes played great, I wish the Kings had played better! The referees were terrible, the game would've been better if they hadn't shown up. When they decided to make calls they were terrible; i.e. Pearson was hooking and they called him for a hold, even the Canes fans were confused with the call. Overall the stadium was very nice and the seats were great. I have been to the Pond and Staples and this ranked right up there with them!

5 stars
PNC Arena, Raleigh

Flew 1,000 miles to see my girlfriend and she had never seen a game that close. Such a great night. It felt like a I was sitting up in the action first hand. Great tickets for a great price

Hurricanes was outstanding!!!

5 stars
beast1mold PNC Arena, Raleigh

This was a very enjoyable game. I had very nice seats and the canes won. Just had a wonderful time.