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Hurricanes Hockey

5 stars
AuntCherie PNC Arena, Raleigh

Venue is great and the hockey game went smoothly. It was easy to locate our section and our seats. The priority area had concessions right in it and bathrooms as well so we never had to leave the area to stand in long lines in the rest of the arena.

5 stars
PNC Arena, Raleigh

Great seat, great event and presentation, the arena was nice too - not too crowded and easy to walk around

3 stars
PNC Arena, Raleigh

It was typical of most large venue events. Overall a good time but I would not make a habit of it.


4 stars
beast1mold PNC Arena, Raleigh

good game. a win would have been better. go canes!!!

Excellent place to watch a Hockey Game

5 stars
CyndiePensFan PNC Arena, Raleigh

I have been to three hockey games in different arenas this month. PNC is my favorite. The other two are newer but PNC has the most leg and hip room and I think a better seating layout. We sat at center ice on the 200 level. I am rooting for the away team when I go there but the fan banter is always friendly. As an aside, we went to a great little barbecue place, Ole Time Barbecue. It is small so don't blink but the food is good and affordable if you want pork or chicken barbecue and the waitress is very friendly.