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The Last 3 Minutes were AWESOME!

4 stars
Kiwispaw Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte

Great game! Being preseason, it was expected that the first strings would not play a lot but what we did see of the Miami Dolphins in the first half made it evident that this season will be a strong one for them. That being said, the remainder of the game was still fun and rather "even" between the teams, with the last 3 minutes being intensely competitive and very entertaining for those of us who stuck it out until the end. A close finish with some great plays by both teams. It could have gone either way prior to the last minute on the timer, when the Panthers - having the ball, took the knee. Too bad they don't play one another during the season.

3 stars
Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte

good game everyone around us behaved themselves. our 11 year old son and our son in law are major panthers fan so they had a blast. as for the rest of us we are cowboy fans but pull for the panthers when they're not playing the cowboys. overall it was very enjoyable


1 stars
BevReynolds Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte

I thought is was rude and disrepectful to measure purses and if they did not measure we had to throw them away. I will not attend again. I had to throw away 2 coach bags. You should be trying a way to benefit the stadium and people. Give the people some place they could have locked the purse in a locker. The stadium could make money and also benefit the people. The parking is bad that is why people take the lite rail and then tell people they have 2 options, the trash or take back to your car when you know a high percentage of people do not dtive there. You need to do better, my purses were not cheap. Very disappointed especially when we saw some ladies in the game with large purse. Will not attend again.


5 stars
djbombsquad Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte

Game was great. Excellent seats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Already planning the next outing!!!!!!


5 stars
ShenaB Stadium, Charolette

I am aware Tom is suspended for 4 games. I was told they come back in October to play the Panthers. Is this true?