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Game did not deliver hipe

1 stars
dg2972 Hinkle Fieldhouse, Indianapolis

The Event had a lack of stars and known basketball players. Indiana has a vast pool of famous college and professional athletes that would have given this charity event the power to fill the stands and excite the crowds. No current or former Colts players showed up as hoped either.

Gridiron Celebrity Hoops soso

2 stars
Lew81 Hinkle Fieldhouse, Indianapolis

I am glad the money went to a good cause but do not print who was coming and misleading those who paid the money. They never explained why certain people did not show. They got the audience they got because of who was coming and then was a no show and everyone knows what I am talking about. My daughter was upset as that is why I got the tickets

Good Game

4 stars
RunGirl08 Hinkle Fieldhouse, Indianapolis

It was a great game and an overall well managed event to benefit local youth. I appreciated that we were able to get close to the celebrities. It felt like we all knew them and it was a homecomeing basketball game.

No Chris Brown

3 stars
Hinkle Fieldhouse, Indianapolis

I am in love with Chris Brown! He was suppose to be at this event and did not appear because he was practicing for the Grammy's. I would have liked it if there were more of an announcement that he wasn't going to be there. I found out from other people.

Celebrity Hoops was forgettable

1 stars
hartster Hinkle Fieldhouse, Indianapolis

Great cause #1. The celebrities were few, and there were too many local people. This should have been called the Indianapolis Thank you event. I would not spend $66 on tickets for this unless the list of participants were better than what it was this year.