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#FlintLives Matter #TeamSnoop

5 stars
DocMikeJ Dort Federal Event Center (Formerly Perani Arena & Event Center), Flint

The communities around Flint really need to get involved. The media has everyone fooled. This was an Awesome Basketball game with Morris Peterson, Harlem Globe Trotters, Detroit Lions,Trick Trick, Big Gov and Many Musical Artist From Michigan and The One And Only Snoop Dogg. All of these individuals could have been making thousands of dollars instead of putting on this event but they chose to do something from the Heart For The People! It was an Excellent Game, Competitive and at the same Time Fun Between Teams & Players That Intrigued The Fans. They Made Us Laugh, and Cheer The Whole Time! P.S. My kids loved it too!

Waste of time

1 stars
Sean720 Dort Federal Event Center (Formerly Perani Arena & Event Center), Flint

I went to this because not only was Snoop Dogg there but all of my money went to the proceedings to help the Flint Water Crisis. I read there was suppose to be 'meet and greet' opportunities with Snoop. IT NEVER HAPPENED. He was constantly mobbed with both fans and media, it seemed impossible to get a moment with him. Security basically shoved everyone out of the way and snoop ran out of the stadium with security blocking the doors. Many patient fans and myself hoped he'd come out for a few minutes for a meet and greet. It never happened and security basically told us to get out. Don't believe everything you read. If there's the text "Meet and Greet" on your ticket, you might have a chance to meet a celebrity. If not, chances are low that you'll get any moment with them. What disappointed me the most is that Snoop didn't really care much about the rest of his patient fans who chose to NOT mob him constantly and sign autographs. What a disappointment.

2nd Annual Celebrity All-Star

1 stars
Kaylecia Mid-America Center, Council Bluffs

Horrible, it was a disgrace! A ghetto event! NO celebrities! Drea from Hollywood Exs, you have got to be kidding me! I paid $50 for my floor tickets and it was the worse money ever spent, gone down the drain. My niece is 12 years old, in a respectful drill team and could have done 10 times better than the 2 half time performances. I would have done better going to the downtown slides. I will remember not to ever promote or recommend this event again. Omaha can do better! This was a poor representation of us. I ended up leaving early. Can I get a refund!!! Please don't bring this event back until it steps up its game!! It was a loss for everyone, Im sure more money was spent on the event than what was actually made. Facebook blew up at the disappointment!

Game did not deliver hipe

1 stars
dg2972 Hinkle Fieldhouse, Indianapolis

The Event had a lack of stars and known basketball players. Indiana has a vast pool of famous college and professional athletes that would have given this charity event the power to fill the stands and excite the crowds. No current or former Colts players showed up as hoped either.

Gridiron Celebrity Hoops soso

2 stars
Lew81 Hinkle Fieldhouse, Indianapolis

I am glad the money went to a good cause but do not print who was coming and misleading those who paid the money. They never explained why certain people did not show. They got the audience they got because of who was coming and then was a no show and everyone knows what I am talking about. My daughter was upset as that is why I got the tickets

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