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Chaka shut it down!

5 stars
DAR Constitution Hall, Washington

Great voice, great backup singers, and surprise guests! Worth every penny! This is real music!

Chaka is still on top of her game!

5 stars
Jbeth30 DAR Constitution Hall, Washington

Chaka was outstanding. She gave a great show I was spellbound watching her take command of the stage. Her voice is still powerful and strong. If she come to my town again I will be there.

1 stars
DAR Constitution Hall, Washington

This concert was terrible! Chaka left the stage expectantly...she said she'd "be right back" but only came back a half hour later! Although Loose Ends' opening act was strong...it was way too long; I have never, ever, ever attended a concert where the opening act performed longer than the main act. I was sooooooo disappointed...Chaka was definitely not her best on this night; what a waste of money and time!!!

I love Chaka

5 stars
Harrah's Resort Atlantic City, Atlantic City

I wish the concert was a little longer. I would love for Chaka to come back again!

Still got it at 60+

5 stars
Soundmiser DAR Constitution Hall, Washington

The opening act was Loose Ends who still sang well but their sound man really cheated them. At one point the music was so loud that it literally pierced your eardrums. Then on another ocassion you could not hear the singers. I will say that Loose Ends had a background singer who was amazing. She could've given her own mini-concert and no one would've complained. She put you in the mind of Martha Wash. I wish I remembered her name, Debra ? The main attraction was the diva with the mane. Chaka sounded great and looked fabulous. Her background singers were outstanding. They all sounded like they were in the studio, live. Thank God for her soundman who fielded a perfect show. Money well spent.