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Chaka was Awesome

5 stars
chaka2 The Chicago Theatre, Chicago

Chaka Khan was wonderful. She is a wonderful singer, still have a great voice. I thank God for blessing her and keeping her so that I can continue to enjoy her. I pray that she continues to sing forever and ever. I love me some Chaka ...

3 stars
The Chicago Theatre, Chicago

Concert was fine but paid extra for a meet and greet that never occurred . Do I get my money back?

An Evening With Chaka Khan

1 stars
Simba7530 The Chicago Theatre, Chicago

Chaka Khan's performance was not worth the money spent. My wife and I were surprised at all the empty seats in the beginning, but quickly saw why. Chaka Khan's boring two-stepped performance and missed words on songs rendered a very lukewarm performance that made us wish we were at home listening to the recordings.

Chaka was FANTASTIC, but the MEET & GREET package.

5 stars
DINGRAM86 The Chicago Theatre, Chicago

Chaka was FANTASTIC, but the MEET & GREET package was NOT! Myself, and everyone else, were very upset that we didn't get an actual meet & greet as advertised for the package we purchased; nor did we get to have a picture taken with Chaka. I would've been just as happy saving some money by buying tickets for the pit section only. The show, however, was great. My seats were great. Chaka's performance was great!

I adore Chaka Khan, but...

3 stars
WannaSeeThemAll The Chicago Theatre, Chicago

Let me start out by stating that I've been a Chaka Khan fan since 1974 - the first time that I heard her on the radio with Rufus. I was young, but nevertheless, I knew she was amazing! I couldn't wait to see her live. She played for less than 1-1/2 hrs which is okay, except that she really didn't seem that into performing. Was it because (sadly) the Chicago Theatre was far from being sold out? I don't know. Was she tired from being in the parade earlier that day? Probably, and it showed. I understand that she's in her sixties, but I saw Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler and Barbra Streisand this past year and they were incredible. I still love you, Ms. Khan, but I'm not sure if I'll buy another ticket to see you in person.