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Cher, Cyndi Lauper, and Allstate Arena

2 stars
Wonderwoman797 Allstate Arena, Rosemont

Never been to Allstate before and won't go back. Didn't get the cheapest tickets, yet ended up behind the stage and video screens and couldn't see any of the concert clearly. About 200 people in same position as us and couldn't see. Seats should have never been for sale. Saw Cyndi Lauper before and she was FANTASTIC! This time, the music was off - they were playing slower for her to keep up with them, and she was still off. Looked like she was too intoxicated to be performing. So sad based on previous experience. Also, had seen Cher 6 times before and I realize she is aging, but she was different this time and didn't do an encore. She walked off stage and within 30 seconds the lights came on. She switched clothes between every song, and we spent about 1/2 of the concert watching her dancers, which were fantastic, but not what we went to see. Was a disappointing experience overall.

Expected more

3 stars
lovingbeingmaxsmommy Honda Center, Anaheim

I was SOOOOO looking forward to this night. Unfortunately, it left me wanting more. Not enough singing and too much theatrics for my taste. When someone spends that much money to see someone sing, you want to see someone sing. And after spending that much money for tickets, you shouldn't have to pay $30 for a program. Disappointed but still love the music. Opening act -- Cindy Lauper was DA BOMB!!!!

Cher Concert

5 stars
RMCabrera Honda Center, Anaheim

I took my 23 year old daughter to see Cher in concert. I told her it was going to be the best concert she will ever see in her lifetime and she agreed. I've seen many concerts, but Cher's concert was the best ever: it was 'Awesome!"

5 stars
Honda Center, Anaheim

Cher can still get done, she did a great show, amazing as expected.

5 stars
Honda Center, Anaheim

Cher has not lost anything! Her vocal control has improved with age, and the show was filled with fantastic spectacle and class!