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5 stars
United Center, Chicago

Great night, excellent staff, excellent environment

Best Game Ever!

5 stars
elbowes United Center, Chicago

I love going to a BLACKHAWKS game. The energy and enjoyment in the stadium is incomparable. The best sporting event in Chicago! The game was awesome. I would love to do this again!

Hawks win Hawks win 4-1

5 stars
HeyHeyJack United Center, Chicago

because they were start and end seats of the section partition, plenty of arm room, like 8 inches between armrests. like I was in my easy chair at home. nice green blackhawks immigrant hat giveaway, had a great time. plus 2 no shows, my wife and I had 4 seats to spread out over, it was great not to be squished like the 300 level, no offense, that's where we usually sit.

Head Butt???

5 stars
BigRed50 United Center, Chicago

The game was great. The Blackhawks won. But since when has head butting been a penalty. I've never heard of a dumber penalty in my life. I'm glad Shaw didn't get fined or suspended because of that.

Only game in town

4 stars
StuPiddasso United Center, Chicago

Price is steep. TM is the only way to get tix. Gotta pay their price if you want to go