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5 stars
LGHAWKS United Center, Chicago

All of the excitement you could want. Our team was playing in top form. It was a pleasure to watch. Chelsea Dagger 5 times, deflated Minnesota fans, a shorty and break away goal. What's not to like.

Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota Wild

5 stars
jim4 United Center, Chicago

Good game. Good view from way up in standing room area. Blackhawks won!

unforgettable experience

5 stars
HannuK United Center, Chicago

Excellent way to get tickets even in such a short notice.


5 stars
callbak United Center, Chicago

Awesome event - everything as expected no surprises and of course HAWKS WON !!!

Electric experience!!!

5 stars
Skye1213 United Center, Chicago

From the 3rd level behind the net, I could see the entire ice and watch plays develop. Bar and bathrooms were right below my section. Crowd was pumped; the atmosphere was vibrant. Nothing like playoff hockey in Chicago!!!!