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Hawks Win

5 stars
Mohns United Center, Chicago

United Center, Packed House, The National Antheum , hawks scoer 4 and Philly scored 0 HAWKS WIN HAWKS WIN

Blackhawks vs. Flyers

5 stars
lovemyhawks United Center, Chicago

Great game! Always love a Blackhawks win! Plus there is nothing better than the singing of the National Anthem at the United Center. It sends chills up my spine!

5 stars
United Center, Chicago

Awesome atmosphere, awesome experience...even for someone who doesn't know much about hockey!

5 stars
Eagles1fan United Center, Chicago

The Blackhawks Game was awesome and we had up close and personal view of the ice.


5 stars
KanerFan United Center, Chicago

UNBLIEVEABLE Overtime shorthanded winning goal by Toews , A night out with family that will not be forgotten