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Nothing like playoff hockey

5 stars
Whatasave United Center, Chicago

Playoff hockey is the best! If your debating about it...just do it. Life is short! Go blackhawks!

Chicago Blackhawks

4 stars
Jemawish United Center, Chicago

Best Chicago Blackhawks playoff game I ever attended. So glad I was able purchase tickets the day they went on sale. Seemed easier to get into Ticketmaster than in years past! Also price better than trying to buy from another site or resale.

5 stars
ljb64 United Center, Chicago

Most electrifying game we have ever been to! The Blackhawks did not disappoint. The crowd was so loud and rowdy. Best game EVER in the Madhouse!

325 Section

5 stars
KingsleyZissou United Center, Chicago

Everything was better than expected...The fans around us in 325 were really knowledgeable about thier hockey. After leaving a phat tip to the nearby concessioner before the game, she really took care of me the rest of the night.

Standing room

2 stars
Clsgohawks United Center, Chicago

Standing room was better than expected at first. We arrived an hour before the game and only had one row of people in front of us. We could see part of the ice and the Jumbotron. However, the Jumbotron is too far away to see the puck. There are many televisions for viewing, which is great. They were delayed, though. Therefore we really had no idea what was happening at some points. We had a good time but will never purchase standing room for the Blackhawks again.