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4 stars
United Center, Chicago

The tickets were standing room only but still we had a great view of the game

Great game

5 stars
Huhoh United Center, Chicago

The whole evening was great, absolutely no complaints. Only wish is that transportation to the train station was easier to find after the games, cabs virtually non existant and no one place to catch one. It would be nice to count on a ride after the game.

5 stars
United Center, Chicago

Blackhawks first win in overtime all year. It was am awesome game.

5 stars
Terry20hawksfan United Center, Chicago

Grest seats and great time. We all ad a very enjoyable time

Game tying goal

5 stars
Hedgemaster United Center, Chicago

Less than a minute to go, goalie pulled, and good boardwork leads to a perfect pass from Sharpie to Big Hoss at the net. Picture perfect play! Flashback to Game 5 of the Nashville playoff series of 2010! Tie the score and win in overtime, maybe an omen of things to come? Bring on the playoffs!!!