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Love our Boys!!

5 stars
Pagegirl1582 Chicago Hilton and Towers, Chicago

I loved the convention!!! It was great to see that everyone in the organization really does care about not only their employees but they really do care about the fans. I loved everything about this weekend but was a little sad that Andrew Shaw wasn't available for pictures or autographs.

4 stars
Chicago Hilton and Towers, Chicago

Was difficult to meet some players but when u did they were a class act and put the happiness of their fans first

Chicago Blackhawks convention

3 stars
I88m Chicago Hilton and Towers, Chicago

Great location. Had a really amazing time. The only thing that I was truly upset about was the fact that we had to wait 4 hours in line to get a wrist band for an autograph or a photo and we missed out on a lot of the events because of this. I don't understand why we couldn't just get our wrist band and walk around or head to the events. It's not like the person was going to be there, we would have to wait another 2 hours in line for the person anyway. A lot of things we wanted to see we missed out on because of waiting in line for the wristband. Also, the food was really over priced too. Really need to fix that for next year.

Too many people, too much money!

3 stars
Jbloom0801 Chicago Hilton and Towers, Chicago

As the convention grows larger, it needs a bigger venue. The expensive Hilton is too small for this type of event. I didn't stay at the hotel as I live about an hour away and it still cost me easily $500 before buying memorabilia and I didn't get any big name autographs. I did wait in line for almost 90 minutes for a rookie's autograph. Ugh! Your chance of meeting a star is dependent on first winning a scratch off ticket and then being in the right line. All luck and very few were lucky. I got Ben Smith, my wife got nothing. Not really worth the $68 just to park for one day. I didn't even go on Sunday. There were some fun things to do, especially for kids but I expect more for my money and more from the Blackhawks. They usually do a much better job. Go Hawks!

Way Overpriced just to get a couple of Autographs

2 stars
ticketmasternicknames Chicago Hilton and Towers, Chicago

This was my 1st BH Convention. I paid $80 for my pass. It was not as crowded as I expected but I was very disappointed to learn that I needed special tickets to get signings by Kane, Toews, Q, Shaw, Seabrook and other big stars. Those tics were limited and available only to people staying in the hotel or lucky enough to get an elusive "scratch and win" ticket. Some of the people who were lucky enough to get those tickets were selling them for $50 or more. There were 4 lines where you could get a specific wristband to get an autoph from other players but to get a wristband you had to be one of the 1st 350 at that line 1and 1/2 hours before the line opened up. You could only get 1 wristband at a time so you could only get 1 autograph in each 2 hour time slot. For the whole day on Saturday the only guys available that were worth waiting for were Savard, Richards and Pilote. I managed to get Savard's. Daze was available for those young "fans" who never knew the disappointment he brought to Chicago. I went to 1 panel discussion just to see what it was like. I like hockey. The panel was a lot of talking for the sake of trying to entertain. Nothing I couldn't hear on the radio or the website. All in all I paid $80 for my pass plus $20 to park for 2 autographs and a photo with Savard.