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Blackhawks and Wild

5 stars
JMNunez United Center, Chicago

Awesome game, but that was easily said, all Blackhawk games are awesome and exciting.

Great game

5 stars
Rollingstoner United Center, Chicago

What a great game, Hawks fall behind, come back take the lead, Wild tie the score, and the Hawks take the lead and finish it with an empty netter. Kane and Toews both score and are two of the top three stars of the game.

3 stars
TommyfromIndiana United Center, Chicago

Always enjoy attending a Blackhawks game at the United Center but there are some issues that need to be worked out.

Hawks games are the best sporting event in Chicago

5 stars
aw1s2d3 United Center, Chicago

Love the game. Hawks are full of energy and the crowd is too.

3 stars
mickieee United Center, Chicago

The music coming from above the scoreboard, played during 90 percent of the event is three to four times too LOUD!!! Please turn the volume of the music way down so people can have a conversation with the person next to them without having to shout. Also we should have better music selection instead of trying to get people to riot and fight each other, we are not cave men living primative ways. Merry Christmas, everyone.