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Great pre-game show

5 stars
setilvenstre United Center, Chicago

My first Bulls experience, and man it was worth it. Great pre-game show!

The entertainment was amazing!!

4 stars
Ekkbxr5 United Center, Chicago

The game was fantastic as it was my first time!! The entertainment was phenomenal! My only wish is that the united center would really crack down on keeping people from standing in aisles etc blocking views of people who spent 400.00 on tickets, and that I would have known spending 400.00 the seats i choose i wouldn't really see the game because of the traffic of players families and entertainment.

5 stars
United Center, Chicago

NBA is amazing! It a was a very special event! I would recommend this event to every NBA fan.

4 stars
Ebenezer United Center, Chicago

Expected a closer game. Not as fun to go to as they use to be.

5 stars
Klukoo United Center, Chicago

The venue was great and the people were helpful. When the game was over, the out of town fans waiting for taxis felt a little pressured to leave the building. Besides that, the overall experience was awesome.

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