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You have to see them live!

5 stars
Alexa533 Greek Theatre-U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley

I went mostly for Childish Gambino, but also fell in love with Erykah Badu! These two have so much energy and they put on an AMAZING show! Gambino is so fun on stage and so poetic. He played a little bit of everything from his work, and it was great to hear some things from CAMP. Erykah blew me away! She has an amazing voice and just knows how to engage a crowd! I went home and listened to her work, but it was so great to see it live.

5 stars
Greek Theatre-U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley

AMAZING! Childish Gambino x Erykah Badu => Best live performance I've seen since Yeezus

Childish Gambino & Erykah Badu

5 stars
loveleecee Greek Theatre-U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley

AMAZING CONCERT!!! It was definitely a fun and unforgettable night!

concert was great

5 stars
Uhlen Greek Theatre-U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley

Even though I am not necessarily a hip hop fan, I enjoyed Childish Gambino's performance. Of course, Erykah Badu was simply fabulous.


5 stars
InsatiableB Greek Theatre-U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley

This was sooo amazing! Childish can definitely work a crowd. There was sooo much energy! The crowd was almost like a mosh pit people were so hype! I would definitely go again. He sounds exactly the same in concert as the album. I'm so glad I got to experience him in concert.