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concert was great

5 stars
Uhlen Greek Theatre-U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley

Even though I am not necessarily a hip hop fan, I enjoyed Childish Gambino's performance. Of course, Erykah Badu was simply fabulous.


5 stars
InsatiableB Greek Theatre-U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley

This was sooo amazing! Childish can definitely work a crowd. There was sooo much energy! The crowd was almost like a mosh pit people were so hype! I would definitely go again. He sounds exactly the same in concert as the album. I'm so glad I got to experience him in concert.


5 stars
KeanaB Greek Theatre-U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley

Overall the concert was AMAZING! The only thing I wish happened was for it to be longer. Both artist preformed for a little over an hour which is not a lot of time considering they are both headliners. Childish started the show off right and got the crowd pumped as his cute little self pranced around the stage. Then Ms.Badu appealed to everyone's soul as she serenaded the audience with her lyrics and creativity. I grew up listening to her so seeing her live almost brought me to tears. Crazy right? I wish I could relive that experience!

Badu & Gambino - So Childish! ;)

5 stars
Ninatet Greek Theatre-U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley

Incredible duo. Would have loved to see them both on stage together but let's face it, Erykah Badu throws down in the bay. I was pleasantly surprised with Childish Gambino, he has great stage presence and is really good live. It attracted a pretty young crowd considering it was a Badu concert but everyone was vibing off the good music so no complaints here :)

4 stars
Greek Theatre-U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley

Although I didn't stay for Erykah Badu's piece, Childish Gambino was off the hook!