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Horrible experience

1 stars
nevergoingback2brownsfest Convention Center Cleveland, Cleveland

My husband and I traveled 3 hours to attend the Cleveland browns brownsfest. When I read about the event online it sounded like a fun experience where you would get to interact with players, get autographs and photographs and it even had listed what players would be there implying that you could meet and greet with those players mentioned. However, when we got there it was extremely overpacked, and the line to meet the players was hundreds of people long. There was plenty of things to do for kids but nothing for adults except to stand in line. A few of the players even showed up late. We paid money to come and see them and they don't even have the decency to be on time!? We stood in line for 2 hours and were still not even half way to the players. Finally a staff member walked by us and told us that it would probably be another 2 hour wait before we got to the players and we werent guarenteed which players would be up there when we made it to the front of the line. Needless to say we decided to leave after being annoyed for so long. It was definately a waste of our time and money, and was extremely unorganzied. You couldnt walk 2 feet infront of you without running into someone. We will not be going back.

nobody knew

3 stars
bentovragn Convention Center Cleveland, Cleveland

We got there and asked some attendants for details and got the answer "I don't know" a lot. Moving from one pplayer appearance to another was not a smooth transition. Lines were long due to over saturation. According to a front office member the fans were getting a great deal for $10. However, a drink was $4. So the fan fest cost 10 and a drink is 40% of that? Wow! That must be one helluva drink.

Browns Fan Fest

5 stars
BelindaPhelps Convention Center Cleveland, Cleveland

We had an awesome time!! Lots of things for the kids to do, which we thought was great! Autograph lines were way to long and the players weren't really there very long and a lot of people missed out that were in those lines. We didn't even try because they were so long. Maybe next time the players could come a couple different times during the event for autographs with the stipulation that people that already had autographs could NOT go through the line again. That would give more fans the chance at an autograph and picture with they're favorite "CLEVELAND BROWNS." Just a suggestion....we hope this becomes a yearly event because we really did have a lot of fun!!!! GO BROWNS!!!!

Fanfest was fantastic!!!

4 stars
Clvlndfan8 Convention Center Cleveland, Cleveland

The autograph sessions were cut short at times! But other than that, the interviews were fantastic and it was put together nicely!

Go Browns!

4 stars
DawgPoundPete Convention Center Cleveland, Cleveland

The venue at the Convention Center was great, however, it needed to be twice the size to accommodate long lines of fans. Also, the event seemed designed more for kids than adult fans. It was a good experience, nonetheless. Autographs and photos were limited to one hour, which disappointed kids & many fans, who were turned away.