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Awesome to have them in Sacramento!

4 stars
America916 Raley Field, West Sacramento

Had a wonderful time & so many people at event was exciting.


5 stars
clubamerica18 Raley Field, West Sacramento

The event was amazing i would totally recommend it. It was a great feeling watching my favorite soccer team even though they lost it was overall a great event

4 stars
Raley Field, West Sacramento

Had a great time & great seats. Really enjoyed it. However, I felt the parking was way too expensive. Anyway of lowering it?

5 stars
Ariannah4Ever Raley Field, West Sacramento

Amazing! No such thing as a Mexican event, this was a sports event attended by all ethnic backgrounds. The pre-game activities, music, food and folklore were amazing!

Club America amazing!

5 stars
Vmg88 Raley Field, West Sacramento

It was so amazing unforgettable night! They have to come out here more often!