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Dallas Stars Entertsining

5 stars
Tback269 American Airlines Center, Dallas

The Stars fought to the end and they are so fun. They smile, waive and throw pucks out to the fans... Although I wasn't so lucky. But a few of Stars players recognize their fan base the fans are also fun. It doesn't take long to know the person sitting next to you. I can't wait to go back.

Go Stars!

5 stars
Peskipixi American Airlines Center, Dallas

Stars Won! Good game. The guys are getting better. They are starting to become a cohesive team. The ceremony for Modano was well done. It was good to see Belfour, Nieuwendyk, and Hull. The young lady who sang the National Anthem nailed it! I would love to see her again.

Convenient and fun

5 stars
LoveSugarVictor American Airlines Center, Dallas

It's fun to go to the game. It's even more fun watching and hearing the fans in the arena.

A great day

5 stars
FWCFO American Airlines Center, Dallas

Dinner before the game, a hat trick during the game made a fun night with out of town guests. View of the game is great from anywhere in the AA Center.

American Airlines Center was a blast!

5 stars
NinaSandra American Airlines Center, Dallas

We are SJ Sharks fans for life! We went to our first "away" game vs. Stars and had a wonderful experience. The stadium is amazing. The Stars fans were all friendly and welcoming.