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Let's go redwings!

5 stars
NottaHowardFan Joe Louis Arena, Detroit

Loved the game, too bad we lost. The joe is getting old and it shows.

Flyers win in shoot out

5 stars
chuck52 Joe Louis Arena, Detroit

It was a Great game so happy the Flyers won. Only go to the Red wings game when the Flyers come to town.

5 stars
Joe Louis Arena, Detroit

I bought tickets for my mom for Christmas and we both had such a great time!

New Years Eve Wings

1 stars
archeryguy Joe Louis Arena, Detroit

This event in particular, 11/31/15, was probably my worst Red Wings experience. My wife and I arrived at the Joe at 5:45 for the 6pm start time (6pm is a poor start for a game during the week) and not only did we miss the first two goals (the only ones scored by the Wings) waiting to get in, we didn't get to our seats until there was less than 10 minutes left in the 1st period. Top it off with a loss and you have one unhappy Wings fan.

detroit red wings game

4 stars
davidxredwings Joe Louis Arena, Detroit

Really good game got our tickets really quick at will call