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The Joe

5 stars
MikeP313 Joe Louis Arena, Detroit

The joe is always a kick@ss time on a Friday night.

4 stars
Rubble309 Joe Louis Arena, Detroit

Was in Town on Business from Boston so I had to see a game at the Joe. What a great old Barn kind of reminded me of the old Garden. Wings against the Caps was a fast exciting game then throw in Sergei's big event and you have a party.

Great View, LOUSY Seats

4 stars
HaMMeRGriffin Joe Louis Arena, Detroit

I've been a lifelong Detroit Red Wings fan with my earliest memories ranging back into the mid-1970's. I never attended a Red Wings game until 1998, when I caught opening night for the 75th Anniversary season, and I've been hooked ever since. I live almost 200 miles from Joe Louis Arena, so I make about a half-dozen regular-season games and almost every playoff game. I have for years sat in the accessible seating because both my wife and I (DAV) have a qualifying disability, but wanted to sit closer to the action and chose seats at Section 113, Row 8, Seats 1-2. These seats are unsold and now I know why. LOUSY, LOUSY, LOUSY. Unless you are 5' 9" 165-lbs. or less, you're probably going to be uncomfortable. The way the seating chart was diagrammed, it gave a CLEAR visual appearance that seats 1-2 were AISLE SEATS. Joe Louis Arena placed two seats IN THE AISLE right where the aisle used to be, so when I showed up at the rink, I got a huge surprise. Totally bogus representation of the seating according to the seating chart, and I'm very angry and disappointed that this material misrepresentation has been allowed to trick prospective hockey fans into the purchase of these seats. I could have had a MUCH better seat from my usual perch had I know the truth about the location of the seats placed in the aisle. I WOULD NOT HAVE PURCHASED THE SEATS AT SECTION 113 ROW 8 SEATS 1-2. There is also a visual obstruction with a pole and camera in the sightline looking down ice. Overall, incredibly disappointing, and would not advise anyone of any size to purchase those seats. If you're small and new to the game, you won't know the difference.

Wings/Caps Game review

5 stars
Hanstar Joe Louis Arena, Detroit

Great game!!! Mrazek was a stonewall! Nice to see Fedorov honored.

5 stars
Joe Louis Arena, Detroit

I would go back to another game , not a bad seat in the house! Hope the new arena will be as good or better!