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Great Game but a couple bad fans

4 stars
fighthater Joe Louis Arena, Detroit

The game was fantastic despite the loss. Fast, tightly played. Great enthusiasm from the crowd. But again another group of jerk fans. No fights this time just no class. Banging on the glass so much that twice during the game the ushers had to tell them to stop.(so like a 3 year old they kicked the boards instead). But worst of all constantly standing up and giving the bird with both hands and shouting obscenities at the Tampa Bay players. I wonder what the major tv networks think when they show the player skating along the boards and show this over national TV. I get hollering and cheering but some people bring their kids. Use some common sense.


5 stars
Craxi Joe Louis Arena, Detroit

Always a great atmosphere at the Joe, especially at playoff time.

Joe Louis was rocking!

5 stars
Wiedster9 Joe Louis Arena, Detroit

The only downside was the defense played so so and the players had some dumb mistakes that led to the loss. But the Joe didn't disappoint at all! When the wings scored that place was rocking!

Love the Wings

5 stars
akaThatgirl Joe Louis Arena, Detroit

There is nothing like seeing a live game! You see things going on during the game that you don't see on the television.

Red Wings Playoff Hockey!!

5 stars
henksailor Joe Louis Arena, Detroit

It was a great event, love watching the Wings play, even in a loss, they have their high points and low points. Also people watching is pretty phenomenal at the Joe.