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5 stars
SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

Such a cute show! My 7 yr old daughter loved it! Her only complaint was that it wasn't long enough.


4 stars
ROOFLINES SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

It was amazing to be close to the ice to see facial expressions on the characters. I brought my 7 year old granddaughter and she was mesmerized! Every once in a while she would whisper in my ear how she remembered a particular thing that she was seeing on ice from the movie. The costumes were great ; the skating wonderful. We were a bit disappointed that Frozen wasn't featured as that is her favorite. All in all it was a wonderful show!

Disney on ice cuts corners

3 stars
Singaporesloth SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

Good show but not their best. . Cars was a little lame, but got to appeal to the boys too. Ariel and fairies acts were short. Entire second half was toy story. Think toy story was the same performance as we saw a few years ago. No finale where they bring out the enter cast. Overall good, my daughter enjoyed it, but mommy was disappointed. We go every year, twice a year. Wasn't worth the money this time.

Fun for all ages!

5 stars
Solci08 SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

We took our 2 year old worried he would be too little to understand what was going on, but he loved every minute of it! He was hypnotized by the characters the entire show. My husband and I went to countless Disney on Ice shows while growing up, so we had a wonderful time walking down memory lane and enjoying sharing the experience with our son. Our only small complaint is that the second half of the show is only Toy Story 3, and we noticed the kids having more fun and being more engaged during the first half while they show different stories and characters.

5 stars
SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

It was a fun show. Entertaining for the whole family!