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Great Disney Show!

5 stars
MelTHigg Verizon Arena, North Little Rock

WE loved this show! My husband and I were just as excited as our son. The Cars part was so lifelike. I wished there had been more princess' but overall it was so much fun. The skating was very good and they did 3 total stories, which for the amount of time was amazing. We left happy and I'm very glad we could provide these memories for our son. We would definitely see it again!

2015 5Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy

5 stars
GRANDKIDS05 Verizon Arena, North Little Rock

The show had something for everyone - boys and girls. Buzz Light-Year was a big hit this year with the boys and Tinker Bell was great for the girls. Usually the boys weren't as interested as the girls since it was more about the princess theme - this thrilled the girls but the boys not so much. Wish it had more about Cars which the boys really like but it only a small part at the beginning. GREAT SHOW and a good place to take the kids.

Disney on Ice is always a great show!

5 stars
TraciVan Verizon Arena, North Little Rock

We love Disney on Ice! The shows are always entertaining for kids of all ages!

Disney on Ice Fantasy was Awesome

5 stars
monkeybreath Verizon Arena, North Little Rock

The show was great. The way the cars could go on the ice was amazing. Tinkerbell was awesome as was Little Mermaid. I didn't care so much for the Toy Story part but I'm sure others did. Overall it was awesome and I will go to everyone of them if possible.


5 stars
shumperts0314 Verizon Arena, North Little Rock

Both my children loved the show!!!! Will start going to this every year!!! Wish we would have been going sooner!!