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Disney on Ice had huge smiles on my kids face!!!

5 stars
MusicchickLily Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles

Words of Fantasy was perfect because it has Toy Story and Cars for Boys and Tinker Bell and The Little Mermaid for girls and since I have one of each it was awesome. So beautiful and my kids are still talking about it weeks later. It is truly a memory they will cherish for a long time to come and as a parent anything that makes my kids faces light up the way this show did is always worth it.

I expected a little more.

3 stars
Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles

The performance was good, but it is upsetting how we expected lightning McQueen to be there since the ad does show Lightning McQueen and he wasn't. I'm sure so did other people because some kids were wearing thirst of the character also the vendors were selling lightening McQueen products. Anyways the arena looks dirty now and smelling like urine. There wasn't many people but after all that wasn't surprised. Also when I purchase tickets they are usually e tickets, but this time they were at will call and to pick up the ticket you had to pay $5!!!! And parking is $20 FYI

My 21/2year old daughter loved the Tinkerbell part

4 stars
Jyer Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles

The second part started getting a little boring at the end.. My daughter started losing interests so we left a little early.. But other than that it was great


2 stars
Luis5 Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles

I thought it was boring ,but my kids thought it was just okay. Very small skating area and the performers where just going round and round. Nothing exciting. We thought 'Frozen' was part of the act, but we were wrong. The Car was okay, but Tinkerbell and Toystory were long and boring. Luckily for us, we paid at discount rate. The regular ticket price was somewhere around $45. No way it is worth $45 per person. By the way, regular size soda is $5, pre-made popcorn (not fresh) in a bag is $12 and parking was whopping $20!. The popcorn was very salty. Would not recommend this to my kid's friend's families. Go spend the money on the movies instead!

Disney on ice come to life!

3 stars
Moniluv89 Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles

My son had a great time and that's all that matters parking could be reasonable it was. Too high. Also the bottom bathrooms were disgusting and overflowing, but it's an old venue. For these prices I would prefer Staples or Hinda center!