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3 stars
Sam1979 Rexall Place, Edmonton

Would be nice if there were some big warning when you are buying standing seats. I didn't realize until I went to print them off that we were standing.

5 stars
Goat0 Rexall Place, Edmonton

We had a great evening!! It's was nice not having to stand in line for our food and drinks.

4 stars
Rexall Place, Edmonton

Experience was great, however, seats could have been better equipped. First time with standing seats, had a great view but there are a few things that could be improved on. I would have liked to seen a table like other standing seats in the building, we had no area to put phones, food and drinks on. While enjoying the game my elbow was hit from a guy walking behind me, this caused my drink to spill all over my phone, I was not pleased! I think this could have been prevented by allowing more space between the wall and standing seats. I would go to another game with the exception of purchasing different seats, not standing seats.

3 stars
Cox Convention Center Arena, Oklahoma City

Jerseys not available on jersey night. Not the best but they have made more than reasonable accomodations.

One down on the Bucket List...

4 stars
Oycie Cox Convention Center Arena, Oklahoma City

Great to be able to watch NHL teams w/o going out of town or just watch on TV !! Wish I'd known sooner so could've had better seats. Definitely need to get lower seating next time.