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Edmonton oilers first win of the season

5 stars
Rexall Place, Edmonton

Amazing experience. We were very close to the ice .

Once in a lifetime!

4 stars
harpreets Rexall Place, Edmonton

Once in a lifetime chance to meet the NHL Hall of Fame hockey stars. Great evening!


5 stars
Munchkin16 Rexall Place, Edmonton

I took my dad to see the 1984 Stanley Cup Champions. He's watched them since 1980, and still a loyal fan to this day. I was so proud to share the experience with him, to hear the stories, and feel the pride coming from all the fans in Edmonton. The Oilers put on an amazing party, and I couldn't have been happier with the entire night!

Still awesome after all these years

5 stars
afanevermore Rexall Place, Edmonton

Very enjoyable evening of camaraderie and stories. Very well organized, started EXACTLY on time (very impressive). The only unfortunate thing I could mention is that it was too bad that our current team could not attend. It would have been a great thing for them to see, and to experience how the fans treated and were treated by this team. Entertainment was a bonus, all very enjoyable.

Oilers 30th Reunion

5 stars
Rexall Place, Edmonton

The entire evening was fantastic!!! Well worth every penny paid for it. Way to go Oilers and Edmonton you really are the City of Champions.