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5 stars
vakev Masquerade, Atlanta

I love it. Great bans were playing though my favorite was Myka Relocate!! I would recommend this place. Its clean, colorful, and most important safe.


5 stars
Bobby501 Crocodile Rock, Allentown

I'm 47 years old, my son is15. We drove three and a half hours to see the show. The bands were awesome and the crowd was excited. This event had special meaning to me. 15 years ago, I was getting my life destroyed across the street at the courthouse in a custody dispute. Now I returned to Allentown 15 years later with my son, just to party. The entire show was amazing! I will remember that day forever.

5 stars
The Basement, Columbus

Finally got to see this band for the first time and it was well worth the wait! Amazing! Can't wait to see them again

I loooove small venues!

5 stars
vbace18 The Basement, Columbus

Devour the day opened the show and sang pretty much their whole album along with 'white rabbit' from Egypt Central days. Escape the Fate walked in and to the backstage stage in a processional. Then came out with all guns blaring! Such a great venue. Even the crowd surfers got hugs and high 5's when they landed on the stage before jumping back into the crowd. I didn't know all the lyrics but it didn't take away from an awesome time.


5 stars
Guitargreat Starland Ballroom, Sayreville

THIS WAR IS OURS TOUR was to me at first a tour that got u to go just get more money into venues and bands pockets so i didn't know what to expect. I happened to miss The First Band Secrets but when Mest came on i had doubts that this was gonna be good at all. Once The Word Alive Came on they took the whole venue to a new level.They killed it!!!. I didn't even know who they were at first but i instantly became a fan.I never Liked Attack Attack. But after seeing them live i can honestly say they won me over. THere whole stage persona and live show is something to see and something to be heard.Calebs monlouge is so uplifting u just wanna love this group.THe music was so intense live that i wanna to just freak out in the pits. FInally At the end of the night My boys ETF came in to end the show!!!.First off Their stage set was pro status. The stage looked bigger than the whole venue. Then they came out and rocked the place with a hour and 15 min grueling set.Playing Tunes Like 10 Miles Wide,Issues,Gorgeus Nightmare,G3 Aftermath you had to get into it.THe highlight was This War is Ours. RIght when they got to the wall of death part someone had passed out and they needed to stop everything so in favor to the fan they played the song again in its entirety and that happens to be my favorite song by them. Their whole show from the look their persona on stage and the songs they played was by far just incredible and i will happily go see them again anytime they come by NJ!!!