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Falling in Reverse was AMAZING!!!

5 stars
Lilblondiexe House of Blues Las Vegas, Las Vegas

Such an amazing show!! Ive seen Falling in Reverse a number of times & they just keep bringing it harder & harder with each up coming show! Definitely a MUST SEE!!


5 stars
Babykugs Seven Flags Event Center, Des Moines

Took my daughter to this see Falling in Reverse in Iowa! It was amazing! I was was along for the ride but ended up loving every min of it! Assuming We Survive was Amazing! She got to meet the lead singer randomly while we were in line waiting and got a picture with him! Sweetest guy ever! Metro Station was Amazing as well! I have to say I went and bought the Falling in Reverse CD for myself afterwards!

Supervillans Tour

5 stars
CLSRock Electric Factory, Philadelphia

Attila killed it, amazing vocal range when performing live. Falling in Reverse never disappoints , amazing live performance and very entertaining. Would definitely go see again.

Great concert

5 stars
SuuzQue STAGE AE, Pittsburgh

Took my daughter because Falling in Reverse is one of her favorite bands. She got to meet them as well as the other bands on this tour. She had a blast and I want to mention the opening band Asduming we Survive were the nicest group of guys she has ever met and she's met few bands this past year. Can't wait for them all to come back to Pittsburgh!

Fantastic show

5 stars
MrsRadke STAGE AE, Pittsburgh

I see Falling In Reverse every time they come to my area and they never dissappoint. They always have 100% energy and it shows. Attila was good also this was my first time seeing them. It was kinda sucky that Fronz couldn't be there but hey, I know he had good reasons. I've seen Metro Station a few times now too and they always put on a great show. I even caught a gross sweat towel.(lol) Assuming We Survive put on a great show as well. Bottom line is it was an amazing show and the energy from both the performers and the crowd was unreal. I can't wait to see these groups again!