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Attila and Falling in Reverse were amazing!

4 stars
Lesliewinkle02 Revolution Live, Ft Lauderdale

Over all everything was pretty much what I expected. Except the fact that the meet and greet was extremely fast and I couldn't even talk to the band members one on one. Also there was a delay in everything and it sucked because I drove pretty far to see them.


5 stars
CaitlininReverse Hard Rock Live Orlando, Orlando

Absolutely amazing show, period! The bands were great and Falling In Reverse put on a hell of a show. I was able to meet all the bands and get so much great merch. That whole show just reinforced how much I love Falling In Reverse. I highly recommend getting the VIP to meet the band and get a signed poster. They're such great guys ❤

Epic/Falling in Reverse

5 stars
Ynotboom Hard Rock Live Orlando, Orlando

Everything about the show was great .Every time and any time they are in town it is a must. Hardrock great place for a show .

Falling in reverse

4 stars
LittleRedHead95 Masquerade, Atlanta

So the concert was really amazing all the bands performances were great. Only reason i didnt give more stars was because most of the time hearing the singer was almost impossible but when i could hear them it was great. For falling in reverse you could hear ronnie almost the whole time! :)

5 stars
Brit1992 Masquerade, Atlanta

The concert was amazing I will definitely see any of the see bands in concert again and the venue was amazing as well I hope to go back very soon!!