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3 stars
Kiddeo House of Blues Houston, Houston

Sucked they played some good songs but the selling point was for diylf

Awesome show

5 stars
BOBsssss The Dome at Toyota Presents Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford

This band puts on an awesome live show, lots of energy and actually sounds the same live as listening to the CD.

Back to the basics!

5 stars
Crugz House of Blues Sunset Strip, West Hollywood

They performed original (Awesome) Escape the Fate followed by a great line up of Falling in Reverse songs. That night blew my mind! I never thought I get both at the same show!

Meat and Greet

4 stars
HarrisonMerkin House of Blues Sunset Strip, West Hollywood

Let me preface this by saying that I am a 43 y/o father that took his 15 y/o daughter for her birthday. Having survived the Jonas Bros' and Bieber's of the world, this show was an absolute gem. These bands sell out for their fans and leave nothing on the stage. AWS were amazing [EMO/Screamo Adam Levine perhaps?] and Ghost Town did their thing with alevel of enthusiasm that matched their fans'. Ronnie and the boys came out and flat killed it as well. Overall it was a great show. Now the extra $40 for the VIP meet and greet was a bit a joke. Arrived at 4:00 "for VIP check in" and were finally herded in at 6:15. Rather than meeting or greeting their fans. FIR stood like statues in front of back drop as you posed for a quick pic and then were ushered off to receive your signed poster. Not quite what fans were expecting. That said, the kid had a blast and dad [TOOL fan] dug the show as well. Warped Tour here we come!

Head banging good show!

5 stars
CJD5 House of Blues Sunset Strip, West Hollywood

Ronnie and the crew definitely know how to put on a show! The energy from the band was pouring into the crowd. I would do anything to be able to see them again live