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One of the best modern bands to see live.

5 stars
DollyDearest Center Stage Theater, Atlanta

This was the third time I've seen them live and they keep getting better with every show. Honestly, most bands these days do not have the energy of how music used to be in the 70's/80's, but this band has it. I will keep going to every show that comes through until the day that my band gets to share the stage with them.

Escape the Fate 2.0

4 stars
phazerift Boggus Ford Events Center, Pharr

Simply put, this concert was pretty great. Ronnie Radke's voice was on point throughout the whole show that night. The setlist was amazing. Getting to hear the majority of his album with his original band was the definite highlight of the night, but his other material with current band Falling in Reverse was amazing as well. Ghost Town was pretty great too! Unfortunately, there were some downsides throughout the night. There were moments where it looked like Ronnie just wasn't into the show. The abrupt end of the event around 10pm was a definite letdown as well. This is the first time I've been to a concert without an encore at the end, and Ronnie didn't really leave with a legitimate goodbye. I'm not sure if this had to do with the fact that there was a smaller crowd (probably due to the Mayweather v Pacquiao fight that same night). The highlight of the night (watching Ronnie sing his Escape the Fate album in its entirety) was also somewhat of a false advertisement. Even though he promised to play the whole album, there were definitely a couple songs missing from the original tracklist. But man. When Ronnie got into his songs, there was definitely some beautiful moments. The Day I Left the Womb was one of the best and most intimate songs of the night, and a couple from his new album really shined.

Falling in Reverse rocked it!

5 stars
neinTammy13 Center Stage Theater, Atlanta

The venue may be small but Falling in Reverse made the show unforgettable! Ronnie Radke is my hero!

Falling In Reverse was amazing!!!!!!

5 stars
Angela5 Center Stage Theater, Atlanta

The band and the venue were amazing. It was my daughters 13th birthday and she had the best time. The bands performance was stellar and I will definitely go back to one of their shows.

Falling in Reverse are rock Gods!

5 stars
AprylRansom Center Stage Theater, Atlanta

Falling in Reverse are a high energy, fun, and exciting band to see live. Do it!