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5 stars
The Fox Theater - Pomona, Pomona

Best Night Of My Life! Beautiful Song Line-Up. Love The Fox Theater!


5 stars
Tlfreckles79 The Fox Theater - Pomona, Pomona

Took my 13yrs old daughter and 15yrs old niece to the Falling in Reverse concert. They are awesome and sound amazing live. It's an experience the girls and. I will never forget. I too like Falling in Reverse.

5 stars
swimdog295 The Fox Theater - Pomona, Pomona

Ronnie was amazing. His charisma onstage captivated me and others- evidenced by the way the fans screamed when he and his band, Falling in Reverse, came onstage. The way he seemed so confident and sure of himself when he has gone through so many things in his life was unforgettable. Yet he was humble, thanking the fans after every song. If anyone wanted to see a concert, I would say see Falling in Reverse- they sound like they do on their CDs, which is a feat most artists can't claim to.

4 stars
The Fox Theater - Pomona, Pomona

My husband and I took our 13 year old daughter to this concert...it was her 1st concert ever!!! She had a blast! All bands we great! Escape the Fate and Falling in Reverse are amazing live! Only down side is that it was standing room only!

escape the fate nd falling in reverse incredible!!

5 stars
prodigy18 The Fox Theater - Pomona, Pomona

concert was awesome seeing them play together was just incredible so worth it.