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FLATBUSH ZOMBIES IN CONCERT: Brooklyn hip-hop group Flatbush Zombies continue their charge to the top, joining rappers like Joey Bada$$ and the Pro Era collective in the East Coast hip-hop movement known as "Beast Coast." Indeed, their massive productions verge on beastly, featuring brazen lyrics and ice-cold hooks that take on even more epic proportions at their electrifying live shows.  Whether fans are in it for the group's outré neo-tribal style or the undeniable flow of hits like "MRAZ," they're sure to be pleased as the Zombies unleash another series of inimitable sets on their upcoming tour. BACKGROUND SNAPSHOT: Formed in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn in 2010, Flatbush Zombies is comprised of Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice, and Erick "Arc" Elliott. In 2012 they gained notoriety with their YouTube hit "Thug Waffle," self-releasing their debut mixtape D.R.U.G.S. later that year to critical acclaim. Since then they've collaborated with such hip-hop luminaries as ASAP Rocky, RZA, and Juicy J, and performed to amped-up ticket buyers at festivals like Coachella and SXSW. Fresh off the late-2013 release of their second mixtape BetterOffDEAD , the Zombies are sharper than ever and ready to eat fans alive on their latest tour. 


Flatbush zombies

5 stars
Ricardo12 Revolution Live, Ft Lauderdale

This has to be the best concert I've been to. So hype and lively. (( I would say only go if you want to be in the bottom of the front where they preform. Don't go just to look at them I feel when your down there jumping with the crowd and feeling that amazing energy from everyone; thats why you go.)) But overall I had a amazing time and will definitely go to another one of there concerts. Only bad thing is your legs will be pretty sore but not too bad and you may pass out but other then that it's amazing. Oh and they cut some of the songs half way so they might not sing the entire song but it's whatever.


5 stars
Mykhaylo Masquerade, Atlanta

It was the greatest thing I witnessed as a human being

5 stars
Kittyisdead Masquerade, Atlanta

Best FBZ show I have ever been to! Hands down Nice visuals as well

Flatbush is insane live

5 stars
AndrewHess Masquerade, Atlanta

I have gone to 3 concerts before this one. This is by far the greatest concert experience I have had. The amount of energy meech, juice, Erick put into there live performances is insane. They played the whole 3001 A Laced Odyssey album and even some old favorites like, Palm trees, thug waffle. They also played a few unreleased songs and they were amazing. The energy of the crowd too was good. Everyone was jumping and just going insane and they all knew the words to the songs. They stage dove as well which I really like. I got to meet them with the vip pass and oh my god it was amazing just talking to them I forgot to get them to sign something I wanted signed besides the poster because I was talking to them and it just was crazy to talk to and be in front of the people I listen to every single day. All 3 of them are really chill people and I could not have asked for a better show it was top notch.

Flatbush rocks

5 stars
Whiteabsoul Masquerade, Atlanta

Them dudes was crazy, when's the next one, concert was amazing great sound quality as well, loved the whole experience.

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