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Flatbush Zombies & Underachievers !

5 stars
beccccka TLA, philllllly

Probably one of the best concerts i've ever been to. Got extremely lucky w the prices i paid for two tickets. I got to meet everyone from Flatbush and Underachievers and actually hangout with them upstairs with a few other girls. Also i got pulled on stage to dance, it was AMAZING! my boyfriend wasn't happy but i had a b l a s t. There was so many people it was over crowded but i delt w all the sweaty guys jumping. def a time i will never forget . Also meech crowd surfing was pretty great getting to touch him hahah

Moshpits and heavy smoke

5 stars
TroneEng Paradise Rock Club, Boston

I went mainly to see The Underachievers but going in I was aware that Flatbush Zombies put on a good show. They definitely did not disappoint. It was obvious that most people were there for the Zombies. When they hit the stage, the energy level jumped up a notch. They bring a lot of enervy to the stage compared to most other hip-hop acts, and turned a crowd that was bouncing to one that was a moshpit. Highly recommend if you're into turning up at a small venue.

5 stars
Correia33 The Guvernment, Toronto

One of the best show I've been to in a long time. The government was a good venue too


5 stars
Chase145 Masquerade, Atlanta

I've been a fan since Flatbush dropped BetterOffDead, and shortly after i started getting into the underachievers. These guys know how to perform, absolutely incredible experience. They had the whole damn crowd going, Meech even jumped in the crowd at one point! I had been waiting for them to come to atlanta for over a year and now that i finally saw them i can honestly say i'll die a little happier lol. Definitely would reccomend to anyone who is just a fan of rap or shit, a fan of music in general. Awesome music. Oh but the only thing that kinda sucked was the fact that they had 3 people perform before them, i think UA finally came on around 10:30. But they definitely made up for the wait!!!

Best show of my life!

5 stars
jlsteve Masquerade, Atlanta

Flatbush Zombies put on one hell of a show! I'm even more obsessed with them and their music than I was before. It was super hype, especially towards the front. I was able to touch all of the performers and dance on stage. If you're a fan of Flatbush at all, do NOT miss their concert!