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Great venue but not without issues

3 stars
IndyBruin BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

I purchased our tickets as soon as they were released for sale, and indicated that I wanted to be front row by the visitor bench. I was assured that is where the tix were located but discovered that we were by the visitors bench. For the amount of money we spent, I was less than thrilled, however was determined to make the most of the night. The lady usher working our section was nothing short of rude, even making a handicap youth leave his seat on his own because his parents were purchasing food and they had his ticket. Another gentleman and I explained that they helped him to his seat and went to get food and would be right back with his ticket but they made him leave, which could have ended badly for him since he was legally blind. We complained and another lady did come to apologize and offer assistance, however it created quite a debacle for the first part of the game.

4 stars
BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

Facilities are great, clean and plenty of room to move around. Only minor issue was the mentality of some of the crowd.


4 stars
UNHDIVER BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

It was a CHRISTMAS gift for my brother. Being from New England we love the teams. Parking was a breeze and the arena was awesome! Been there before but it's been years. Only thing was our seats didn't have cup holders. Not that it's a huge issue but a little bit of a pain when trying to eat and drink. We were in the first 10 rows. All seats after us had cup holders. Other wise awesome and experience!

5 stars
ADEM BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

I always enjoy going to hockey games. This game was wonderful and went into a shootout. My only complaint would be that in ordering the Family 4 pack, you must go to the stadium ahead of time and pick up your seats/parking passes. Therefore, I had to call and have them emailed and it took 45 minutes on the phone to do so. Delivery instructions for the parking passes and tickets was not clear. Once I arrived at the venue, I had to wait in line for the food vouchers and the attendant re-printed all of the tickets and parking passes thus making the ones emailed void. It was a hassle as the parking pass for our other vehicle would not scan and nor would the tickets. The package is a great idea just needs more clear delivery and information should be emailed as if I did not call Ticketmaster 2 times prior to the game I would not have known what to do.

notnthe value expected

3 stars
toddman BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

Ok so $88 a seat for myself and 4 friends. One has never been to a hockey game and the other 4 never had seats so close. As soon as we sat down we had to rearrange because the seating was so tight. I thought to myself how can anyone pay 88 bucks and have such an uncomfortable seat? Even other people in our row that we just met had the same thoughts. The row in front was laterally 3 inches from the seat bottom of mine and im attaching a photo of that. Other than that the stadium is great and the game was great.