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Excellent game!

5 stars
pji1 BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

This game ended in the longest shootout in NHL history. It was amazing!


5 stars
HockeyLovinMama BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

HOLY COW! Second period was a bit of a snooze fest but by 3rd period it was on! They were playing like they were on fire, both teams. That's the way the whole game, every game should be, ON! WOW!! Then they made history with the longest shoot out ever. LOVED IT! I never leave until the game is OVER. BONUS HOCKEY love love love it!! WOW! AWESOME.

A lot of fun

4 stars
bjorktuk BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

Arena is beautiful, people/fans there were friendly. I was visiting from Minnesota and even wore my Wild jersey at the Panthers/Capitals game (I'm a Wild and NHL fan anywhere I go), and people were still nice! :) I got more than my money's worth at this particular game as the game went to 20-round NHL-record shootout before the home team won making it all especially exciting!

5 stars
BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

The game was amazing! Great time, great emotions, great show! Florida Panthers are getting better with every game, definitely worth to support our team, when you see the desire of the players to win and progress with every game! This Win over Washington Capitals was a history for NHL!

Unbelieveable ending

5 stars
JupeTheOne BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

40 penalty shots in the end!! NHL record. Enough said! Jussi Jokinen scored amazing penalty shot.