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Home Finale

1 stars
PanthersFan94 BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

This was a bad game start to finish. Columbus got two garbage goals, and Bobrovsky tripped a Panther without getting a penalty! The Florida Panthers themselves basically phoned in the game. They played like the game was a formality, and didn't want to be there. I'm not usually one to slam the Panthers, but this was the worst home finale on record.

Nice game!

4 stars
Bud62 BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

The first real NHL game and it was a win! The whole event was good. It was easy to come in, and find your way. The arena was nice and Clean. But the hockey game was almost like a sleaping pill the first two periods. But in the third when Panthers started to skate it became a nice hockey game. We bought some popcorn, which was very cheap since you could eat as much as you liked! Overall a very nice experience.

Panthers Win

4 stars
FBaggins BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

The Panthers won. What more could you ask for. Go rats


3 stars
YURAN BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

Hello! The match turned out interesting in the first period of the Panther slept after a break woke up and gave out an interesting piece! But actually I wanted to tell another! ! ! I on a visit arrived from Russia and decided to visit some matches that surprises me this small number of the audience stadium thin and yesterday was at a meeting with Philadelphia so fans of guests was more than panthers very much surprised! ! ! Ticket prices very expensive besides I went with the child of 5 years and he had to buy the same expensive ticket plus for parking of the car gave money probably therefore so few fans go on stadium that is very expensive and inconveniently far from the city to go all this together yields such results bad can from it and team in a standings bottom! Here if the prices become lower then to the people more on potato it was more possible to earn after all the more people will come that more at restaurant of potato and any drinks, rolls will sell and in shop of club attributes the goods will be on sale! Thanks for attention! ! ! !

first of many

4 stars
Goku71 BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I arrived late, but was still able to take part in some of the complimentary drinks and food that came with my Duffy's sky lounge tickets. The food was a little cold by the time I got there, but still good none the less.