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5 stars
Pepe222 BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

Very nice Stadium. Stay in Fort Lauderdale and not in Miami to go to the game...

Fan from Russia - not impress ((

3 stars
Desso BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

Sorry, it did not impress me. I have been a hockey fan for more than 20 years. I live in Russia. I usually watch NHL matches on TV, and now for the first time I saw it live. Unfortunately, I did not see something special. Great ice palace - there are no words! It is well done! Although there are a lot of modern ice palaces build in Russia now, my team in the Russian league has such ice palace, but for 7000 audience. In Russia fans support teams louder and more energetic, especially the wild fan sector. BBT palace was almost empty. Of course, the show was great! But the game did not impress me much, it was quick, but chaotic, with not many exciting scoring chances. I did not see great Thornton, one of my favorite players Jokinen did not impress, the only one puck that was scored - was not convincing too) All in all, I am more disappointed than pleased. I saw the statistics of attendance for other games, even at the beginning of the season, there were sold out almost everywhere. It is a pity that the Panthers did not have the such situation with attendance right now. But I'll go again to the next match, I'm waiting for new emotions! I hope that the game will be sparkling, fans will be - fire))) Panthers, go-go!!! Panthers, lets begin win!)))

Panthers vs. senators

1 stars
shaderock BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

I know Ottawa has no fans in South Florida but this was crazy. There was no fan enthusiasm. It was like watching the line at the DMV. I heard the paid attendance was 7000+; but it felt more like 2000. I think the road team's fans are going to dictate the attendance. The Panthers are a terrible team. And putting together a winning team will solve all the problems; but I would rather go to Tampa to see the Lightning.

Panthers hockey

1 stars
BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

The saddest excuse for a hockey team I have ever seen. I have more seats for future games Too bad I could never find a sucker to take them off my hands.

pitiful showing

1 stars
AltaCaca BB&T Center Florida Panthers, Sunrise

- NO scoring (by the Panthers anyway) - NO offense - NO defense - NO hitting - No goaltending - 10,000 fans disguised as empty seats Overall the worst home opener ever witnessed in my 18 years as a fan.