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Fluffy was great!

5 stars
MrsCaptKirk DAR Constitution Hall, Washington

The opening acts were either a hit or a miss. Loved Thai Rivera! I liked that they had an intermission between the opening acts and Gabriel. That helped getting us ready to focus on his act. Fluffy did a different style of show by just talking to us and throwing some new stuff our way. He then let the audience pick out a few jokes from his older, more well known, material and performed those. He got such a kick out of the fact that the audience would say key points of the jokes with him kind of like singing with the band. Although his new material isn't polished, it was great to have the feeling of hanging out with a good friend who is really great at telling stories. Will definitely go see him again.

Hey, Its Fluffy!

5 stars
CJ2serious DAR Constitution Hall, Washington

Everyone on the roster was worth seeing. Some worked more blue than others. Fluffy delivered a killer performance with very few word enhancers. Even in the face of returning from extended time off and performing new material, his connections resulted in bursts of laughter to the point of tears for me. I was very glad I brought my daughter as well. He immediately developed a rapport with a very verbal audience balancing old and new material. Having a teenager in the house, dealing with a loving yet intense spouse and feelings of apprehension when interacting with a new culture (imperative to his job success), were subjects I could relate to. His storytelling perspective showed everyday life from the lighter side. I think if Johnny Carson were still alive, he would be tempted to call him the 2nd coming of Freddy Prinze, but then stop and say he's one of a kind. Now thats good!

Gabriel Iglesias was Amazing!!!

5 stars
ShowsForYou Progress Energy Center Raleigh Memorial Auditorium, Raleigh

Martiiiin was the MC. There were 5 comics before him! 2 had been on his premier show of stand up revolution that aired on comedy central. They were up for about an hour. Then they took a twenty minute intermission, to get ready for Gabriel to come out. When he did he told us he would do an hour of new stuff and then do whatever old stuff we wanted, well when he realized he had been up there a while he asked the guys how long he had been up there and they said 2 hours, so he said no way looked down and picked up the counter clock....sure enough he had been up there 2 hours! At that point, he stopped his new stuff and did a half an hour more of old stuff! WHAT A LIST COMIC STAYS ON STAGE THAT LONG! Not to mention, that any child under 13 got to stay behind and take a pic with him and get an autograph. The other 5 comics were out front selling shirts, dvds, ect and signing autographs, taking pictures, ect! I would go again in a minute to see him again!

Gabriel's show was amazing

5 stars
mmad1680 Omaha Music Hall, Omaha

The show was very hilarious, could not stop laughing. My wife and I enjoyed the show very much, it was the best comedy show we have ever seen. We both hope that Gaberiel Iglesias comes back soon to put on another amazing show again.

Gabriel is the unique!!

5 stars
plum Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, Portland

My family and I enjoyed every minute of the show. I recommed this show to all of our friends. Gabriel is a great comedian.