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Amazing Show

5 stars
kenbethsarah2 Indiana Farmers Coliseum, Indianapolis

The extra money for the meet and greet and photo was totally worth it. Gabriel is a great person who really appreciates his fans an enthusiastically enjoys meeting them. The show was off the charts amazing all brand new and/or improv material... He didn't do any of the stuff people knew til the end. I laughed so hard my abs hurt from laughing so much; like I had just gone to the gym an shredded them.

Fluffy was Awesome!

5 stars
DebbieMcSkydiver Indiana Farmers Coliseum, Indianapolis

First time I've ever seen Fluffy live. He was SO much better than what we see in videos, on TV and movies! Can't wait to see him again! Ticket was worth every penny. I would highly recommend it to everyone. The whole show was relatively clean, with lots of innuendos that the little kids won't understand. Go see Fluffy! You won't regret it!

A must see comedy show!

5 stars
Norfolk5 Indiana Farmers Coliseum, Indianapolis

This is a must see comedy show that will have you laughing until you cry. The laughs go from the beginning clear to the end of the show. Would see again!


5 stars
Kcmommy88 Indiana Farmers Coliseum, Indianapolis

I was extremely impressed. Most of the show was all new material and improv. It was hilarious. I left with my stomach muscles hurting and tears in my eyes from laughing so much. I love his comedy because it's stuff that people can relate to.

Gabriel Iglesias

4 stars
Indiana Farmers Coliseum, Indianapolis

Fluffy gave a terrific show. Lots of new material then at the end of the show he cleverly worked some vintage in and worked the crowd well. Well behaved crowd. Appreciated that the show was kept fairly family friendly. Loved his opener too. Omaha gave a good warmup.