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5 stars
snoopy1101 Bob Hope Theatre, Stockton

I LOVE fluffy, can't wait to see him next time he comes to northern California

Awesome show!!!!

5 stars
Bob Hope Theatre, Stockton

Gabriel was amazing and really funny. Bring him back soon. My seats were amazing. Epic night!!

Rocked the House!

5 stars
steveggt Bob Hope Theatre, Stockton

Gabriel is such a talented comedian and entertainer. With Stockton's Bob Hope Theater being a smaller venue, I overheard other people saying how "personal" they felt his show was. Other than a few potty words, Gabriel showed how clean humor can leave audiences in stitches. Although I love his Comedy Central specials, you MUST see him in person. It's a completely different (and better) experience. My wife, who wasn't as excited as I, was laughing so hard that she had tears MANY times. I could go on and on, but FLUFFY FOREVER!

Great night.

4 stars
Bob Hope Theatre, Stockton

He is awesome, wonderful show, laughed so hard it is like an ab workout. The other guys that warm up for him are alright, but I do appreciate to get a taste of other comedians. I wish the venue has more refreshment though, and then it would have been almost perfect.

totally worth it!

5 stars
woodishman Bob Hope Theatre, Stockton

Was a good solid show. The opening acts were all solid and Gabriel was great!