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Gabriel was EXCELLENT!

5 stars
NikkiNakki BOK Center, Tulsa

The show opened on time, the opening acts were really funny especially @ComicRick and then we got to see Gabriel and he kept us laughing all night. He even went over a little and wanted to laugh with us more. He was an absolute pleasure to have at the BOK and I would definitely go see him again! :)

Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy was hilarious

5 stars
abboyer81 BOK Center, Tulsa

The show was so good me and my husband laughed the whole time. My husband said he laughed so hard his chest was hurting.

Fluffy guy

5 stars
calb41 BOK Center, Tulsa

Gabriel was awesome, better in person than on TV..

Gabriel "Fluffy" was amazing

5 stars
Sarbear4 BOK Center, Tulsa

He had my husband and I laughing the entire time. I would definitely go see him again!

Gabriel was some of the best laughs ever!

5 stars
kcfan58 BOK Center, Tulsa

LOVED IT! He was SO funny, would go again in a heart beat. I can't wait to see him again. Laughed so hard I was coughing.