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Fresh and Fluffy Gabriel Igelias funnier than ever

5 stars
CFE Arena, Orlando

Prefect blend of brand new material and classics mixed in at the end that made me laugh so hard that my stomach hurt and I was crying. Place was packed and aft appealed to everyone which is great part of his appeal! He just kept on going, and going with no care and he was having as much fun as we were. He went nearly an hour over with encores and conversations with the crowd. We did the VIP package which was worth it for the front tow seats and the picture with him. Great time and you should not miss it!! Forever a fan Tommy V

Hands down The Best Show Ever

5 stars
CJ1018 CFE Arena, Orlando

Been to a few shows before to see different comedians.. By far he was the best.. Went to go see Kevin Hart the week before going to go see fluffy and of course fluffy was better... To sit there and laugh though out the whole show was great... He was on stage for a hour and a half... His different in personation was great...

Fluffy Delivers

5 stars
HWQ1 CFE Arena, Orlando

The show was great. This was over 2hrs of non-stop laughing. G Reilly, Rick Gutiérrez and Martin, really compliment the quartet. I love Fluffy's TV specials, but he is even better live. We can't wait till they come back again.

Fluffy was awesome!

5 stars
wxnerd BOK Center, Tulsa

My wife & I loved the show. The first couple of comics were a bit raunchy & had some choice language, but were funny. Rick was very funny & had us rolling. Then Gabriel came on & was so funny & entertaining. Even after seeing all of his specials and knowing most of his older jokes, he was still able to make everyone laugh & even help tell the jokes when he did some of his older material toward the end of the show. I would gladly pay to see him again.

Fluffy was HILARIOUS!

5 stars
KayTorcuator CFE Arena, Orlando

Gabriel Iglesias, aka "Fluffy", was HILARIOUS! I've always been a fan of him and finally seeing him perform live was definitely awesome! Fluffy, along with the other comedians that performed, were quite hilarious and I'd definitely see their show again! I can't wait for Fluffy to come back to Orlando in the future!