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Gabriel Iglesias was excellent!!!!

5 stars
ValleyDad State Farm Arena, Hidalgo

My wife and I truly enjoyed the show. Gabriel and his special guests were very funny. We are considering bringing our children to the show since the profinity was too a minimum. Again, the State Farm Arena was able to accommediate us "fluffy" customers. Thank you all for the greatest date night we have had in years.

5 stars
State Farm Arena, Hidalgo

I had a good time at this show, the view was great for the price of the tickets

All of the comedians were good

4 stars
anastacio State Farm Arena, Hidalgo

It was a fun night, all comedians were great. The first two were a little raunchy but good, fluffy was, as always, himself. The crowd was huge, it was sold out. Our seats were in a good location but too close to the rail. Overall the show was great.

Gabriel Iglesias

4 stars
tjxrey State Farm Arena, Hidalgo

show was great, only complaint was floor seating to tight to sit comfortably. for the price paid.

5 stars
Manny956 State Farm Arena, Hidalgo

Its was great an something new that I wasn't expecting..