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George was awesome

5 stars
erikjb1970 Tulalip Resort Casino, Tulalip

Had a great time. He waa hilarious. Tulalip hosted wonderfully. Memorable nihht. Very clean profesional and wonderful experience.

George was Hot Like Fire!!

5 stars
Blakbutterfly Tulalip Resort Casino, Tulalip

This man is a true comedian who can deliver a joke one right after another and always have the right timing. Constantly laughing from the start to the end and I wish he would of stayed on stage longer; but this is my first time and definitely I won't pass up an opportunity to see him again. He keeps it true like the real comedians.....got a little ol skool in him so his jokes are based on a time that I can definitely relate to. Yeah, George Lopez is a must see!

5 stars
Tulalip Resort Casino, Tulalip

Opening act/Geoge was outstanding, laugh till u had tears /your cheeks hurt.... Would go again in a heartbeat...

Use to be a fan

3 stars
DissapointedFTP Tulalip Resort Casino, Tulalip

George was funny as always, some new material, some old material. First show was short, he stayed much longer for our show (2nd show). We stayed on the same floor, 5 rooms away and saw him pass on his way back to his room and said hi to him, he kept walking, no hi, no nothing and next thing you know the hotel security that was with him knocked on our door saying we have one noise complaint and called front desk to get our names, asked for my id, noted our "unauthorized guests" in our room (another couple who went to the show with us). Absolutely ridiculous! We are not teenagers, but middle aged adult fans who simply wanted to say hi and was hoping he would too, since he did 15 years ago when we first met him, when we lived in California and he was barely starting to become popular. We drove 3 hours, 93 miles, had to take a ferry across the water and spent hundreds of dollars to see him and for what? To be treated like that???

Tired George

4 stars
patsycline1 Tulalip Resort Casino, Tulalip

George seemed to be sick,tired,or Hungover, he was still very funny and ticket prices were really good price.I would still go see him again and venue is always a good place to see shows.