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George Lopez was hilarious

4 stars
Kotos State Farm Arena, Hidalgo

george lopez lived up to his reputation! he was hilarious as usual, but i hoped his appearance would have been longer. the opening act was late, so he came out late and was on for barely an hour.:( was expecting a little more from him

George Lopez was thruthful

4 stars
TexasisSweet State Farm Arena, Hidalgo

George Lopez was a great night outing and was a good time for some much needed laughter.

5 stars
ittxg State Farm Arena, Hidalgo

Super funny, you can relate to the jokes. He jokes about current events too.

George Lopez was hilarious! !!

5 stars
Hilarified State Farm Arena, Hidalgo

Both the opening act and George Lopez had me laughing the entire show my abs were on fire! A great stress relief!

I loved it!!!

5 stars
Erysel State Farm Arena, Hidalgo

Loved the whole show literally couldn't stop laughing!!!