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George Lopez was off the Hook!!!!

5 stars
Manny209 Bob Hope Theatre, Stockton

George Lopez was great as always, venue was great was very nice inside and the staff were very helpful. We look forward to going back soon.

I laughed the entire time!

5 stars
Bob Hope Theatre, Stockton

I highly recommend seeing him live, he's just so funny and his opening guy was so funny too.

Great Show

5 stars
Shaneekies Bob Hope Theatre, Stockton

Too funny! Loved Opening comedian!!! Amazing performance

Good show

4 stars
Bob Hope Theatre, Stockton

He put on a very entertaining show! The only down side for me was when he brought up his political views and calling the local law enforcement corrupt.

5 stars
Studan Bob Hope Theatre, Stockton

Goerge Lopez was amazing. Been waiting to see him like forever. The wait was worth it. He put on a great show. One of the most hilarious comedians I have ever seen. Love him!