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George Lopez fails at being funny.

2 stars
Annietex48 State Farm Arena, Hidalgo

I was disappointed in the lack of funny material in the show. It seems as though George is more interested in sharing his political views than he is in making the audience laugh. This is really a shame because I was a fan of his for a long time. I don't care how he is going to vote in the upcoming election, I just wanted to laugh and have a good time at the show. #bringthecomedyback#nopoliticsplease.

George Lopez made us laugh so much!

5 stars
Luzmartinez State Farm Arena, Hidalgo

The concert was good. George Lopez is hilarious. The opening act was also hilarious.

George Lopez was hilarious

4 stars
Kotos State Farm Arena, Hidalgo

george lopez lived up to his reputation! he was hilarious as usual, but i hoped his appearance would have been longer. the opening act was late, so he came out late and was on for barely an hour.:( was expecting a little more from him

George Lopez was thruthful

4 stars
TexasisSweet State Farm Arena, Hidalgo

George Lopez was a great night outing and was a good time for some much needed laughter.

5 stars
ittxg State Farm Arena, Hidalgo

Super funny, you can relate to the jokes. He jokes about current events too.