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George Lopez was Spectacular

5 stars
distanky Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles

I had the VIP package and I got to meet George. Not only was his show fantastic, but he was kind and humble. A true class act!


5 stars
Whittier1 Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles

Awesome!!!!! to see MR.Lopez live. Especially in a small venue like the Orpheum.

My Face Hurts From Laughing!

5 stars
DowntownExplorer1 Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles

Okay, as much as I Google it, I cannot find the comedian who truly opened for George Lopez. He was hysterical! I loved, loved him. Arsenal Hall was great as well for the few minutes he was on stage. George is an all time favorite. The only bad thing I would have to say is that George went on a little too long about the ungrateful kids of today. Throughout some of the routine, I found myself covering my mouth saying, "that is so wrong" but loving every minute. I have seen George twice before, and loved his shows each time, but I did not come away from this show with a repeat saying I was able to share with my friends. Previous routines have become repeat comments to this day, e.g. why you crying, because of the chocolate bunny? And George, never, ever say anything negative about the spouse who gave you a kidney - you almost did. She deserves all the money she gets. George we love you.

George Lopez, Arsineo Hall -- AWFUL!

1 stars
SR1955 Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles

This is the worst show I have ever been to. Total waste of money. If you enjoy hearing the F-word 300 times (conservative estimate) go ahead, but quit soiling my world with such garbage. 10% of the jokes were good, 20% unintelligible, and the rest just totally foul. Totally embarrassed about having taken a woman to this. 98% of the foul language could have been avoided and made it more funny. George Lopez? Never again will I watch any of his stuff- He is at the bottom of my list. Ticketmaster Review Guidelines: "Obscenities, discriminatory language, or other language not suitable for a public forum". Hey Ticketmaster - warn people next time how foul a show is going to be. I definitely wouldn't have wasted the money if I knew.

5 stars
Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles

Had an amazing time, the seats were amazing with a great view.would recommend this event to anyone,