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He's a Latin King of Comedy for a reason!

5 stars
singswithravens Hard Rock Live, Hollywood

George Lopez is definitely not for the sensitive people... He tells it how he sees it. It may offend some (there were a few boos) but then again, they may have never heard his stand up before. He's gotten more spicy as he's aged, and that's fine with me. I especially loved the fact that he's using his game to get out the word for Latinos to vote. His show may not be for everyone, but we sure cried from laughing so hard.

Funny Stuff

4 stars
JdotA Hard Rock Live, Hollywood

I took my mom to see the show and hoped the dirty jokes wouldnt bee too much... She thought they were hilarious! Oh man I was kinda hoping that some older stuff made it into the show but man, will definitely go again the next time he is in town.

George Lopez is the greatest.....

5 stars
Marlene17 Hard Rock Live, Hollywood

I've had a crush on George Lopez since I can remember. When I went to his show and was actually in the same room with him it was invigorating.. I went with my son and since the moment we sat down we were laughing all the way till the end. HES SO FUNNY!!! HILARIUS EXCELLENT SHOW. You will not regret!!!! Money is worth it and more.. I Love you George Lopez!!! I will also marry you any day....

George Lopez always delivers!

5 stars
Belica Hard Rock Live, Hollywood

Funniest standup comedian ever! I loved his opening act as well.

Funny as always!

5 stars
VickyS305 Hard Rock Live, Hollywood

Love George Lopez's shows. This is my second time seeing him at the Hard Rock in Hollywood and I had a great time. I'm never disapointed.

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