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Gritz and Biscuits legit !

5 stars
Chillwillque House of Blues Sunset Strip, West Hollywood

Most fun I've had in a long time. Especially in LA where the party scene can get a little snobbish. This party right here, all about the music and dancing.

5 stars
Terminal 5, New York

Yes!!!! Thank you grits and biscuits! Hate I didn't get a fan and know about the photo booth but still a great event!

It was cool...

3 stars
Dolorng Terminal 5, New York

I used to have a damn good time every time I went to Grits. This time around I just did not have that much fun, other than the swag surf. The crowd has really changed from the young professional (college alum) crowd and is becoming more "hood" if you will. I could feel the difference...the vibe was just off.

always worth it

5 stars
rw1230 Terminal 5, New York

heat rises, so with over 3000 why go to the upper levels with the amazing ac hitting the dance floor, up the close date to 4am!!!

2nd time going and not as great

3 stars
Misslaydj Terminal 5, New York

Venue was fab. Huge and LARGE over 3k people but dj played drake. drake is not down south music. he played older hits before like doo doo brown and hay in the barn. none of that this time. didnt play any migos fight night or TI mediocore. wont go to another down south again but still love the 90's. dj needs to change up his music though. same segments from last time but missed alot of great songs from the 90's