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Bad weekend, bad venue, bad DJ!

1 stars
Mousemoney The Tabernacle, Atlanta

It was Morehouse Homecoming weekend, so there were lots of other events that competed with Grits & Biscuits, so the attendance was very low. Also, the venue was way too big, so it made it feel like hardly anyone was there. The Tabernacle also doesn't have the best lighting for a dance party. Lastly, the DJ left very much to be desired. Overall, it just wasn't a fun, high energy event like I was expecting.

Grits & Biscuits

1 stars
Shortysoproper The Tabernacle, Atlanta

It was a lame party. It could have been better with a better DJ but the music was old and the drinks were expensive.

Grits and Biscuits was an different experience!

3 stars
SharpAndSound The Tabernacle, Atlanta

This event has great word of mouth promotion. I had friends in other states telling me to attend the Atlanta event because they had such a good time in other cities. I like that you are able to attend in a dressed down manner and really let loose to have a good time. The host kept encouraging a #nojudgmentzone which made the attitude of the crowd really energetic. Although the DJ's playlist was good, I was disappointed that I didn't hear more throwback songs and more obscure songs. As the premise of the event is to provide a Dirty South experience in other cities outside of the South, the fact that we were in the South meant that many of the songs played are sometimes played on a daily basis on the radio in Atlanta or periodically on the radio. I believe more obscure and throwback songs (Baby D, Pastor Troy, T.I.'s earlier work, UGK, Eightball and MJG) would have been more receptive in Atlanta. Overall, the experience was cool because of the atmosphere.

Amazing time!

5 stars
CruzFan The Tabernacle, Atlanta

Great vibes, amazing music! The dj had the crowd going the entire night! I would definitely go to another event!

Gritz and Biscuits legit !

5 stars
Chillwillque House of Blues Sunset Strip, West Hollywood

Most fun I've had in a long time. Especially in LA where the party scene can get a little snobbish. This party right here, all about the music and dancing.