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3 stars
JBL Live at Pier 97, New York

Music was too low. This event is better at night, not a good day party.

Addicted to Grits & Biscuits

5 stars
Star712 JBL Live at Pier 97, New York

G&B is just one of those events that you don't miss out on!. I went last year and been going every since. It's not like the club! Every one is dancing and enjoying the event so much that there's no room for drama. But this block party on the pier was the best idea they ever had. If you are a G&B regular then you know it get so hot that by the time you leave you are drench in sweat! But it's worth it.

Good but could be better

4 stars
bballJoe JBL Live at Pier 97, New York

This is a great event comes only a couple times a year. It felt a little to much like a concert. People were not dancing as much but overall was great lots of people and fun.

I could have saved this money

2 stars
GTFemm JBL Live at Pier 97, New York

I could have saved this money for a meal or something. This is the perfect event for those in their early 20s not 30s. The Pros: Lines went quickly Port A potty had a sink outside and were not dirty as hell There was lots of space on the pier although it was hot The Cons: DJ kept stopping the music to talk The music just wasn't great There didn't seem to be a professional DJ while I was there I was bored out of my mind

turn up! turn up turn up!

5 stars
Brittybritt JBL Live at Pier 97, New York

SOOOO much fun, I will definitely be going next year