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Had great potential

2 stars
Deltarrific Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood

The party had great potential for a good time, however the was shut down early, with no justification. We partied for about 1.5 hours before the lights were turned on and music turned off. I left disappointed because I had an amazing time a Grits & Biscuits when I was in Orlando, FL in October 2015.

5 stars
JBL Live at Pier 97, New York

One huge great party. Grits & Biscuits is never a dull moment or disappointment.

Nothing Like Classic Grits & Biscuits

5 stars
Beeeeeezzzzzoo Cone Denim Entertainment Center, GREENSBORO

Great Atmosphere! Great fan support! Would recommend to everyone.

Extremely Fun!

5 stars
ThickModelChick Cone Denim Entertainment Center, GREENSBORO

Thank God they give you a fan because I twerked and fanned my night away. I had a blast. The music was right and I loved it.


5 stars
KidRox86 Cone Denim Entertainment Center, GREENSBORO

I have consistently been a fan of G & B! I always have gpod time. The NC crowd was a little shy at first, but they got looser as the night progessed. Since it was a homecoming, a lot of people were a little younger than I expected, but overall I had an amazing time. See ya'll when you're back in DC!