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Grits and Biscuits was amazing!!

4 stars
KaleyKells Irving Plaza, New York

I felt like I was in college again. Dressed down in my jeans and sneaks and getting down to good ole crunk music!! I'll definitely be back next year!!!

Turnt Up

5 stars
Mula1986 Irving Plaza, New York

Great party. Do not know any other way to put it.!!!

5 stars
The Fillmore Charlotte, Charlotte

Always an exhilarating experience! The music and atmosphere are great.

Grits & Biscuits- OK

3 stars
JennCIAA14 The Fillmore Charlotte, Charlotte

Things I appreciated- the crowd energy, the mic man, the drinks, and the spacing was ideal especially with the AC on. Things I didn't care for- smoking, lack of security presence, DJ-wished for some older stuff from the south (it is CIAA). This event is obviously for a younger crowd, so maybe this event should have been another time of year-not CIAA when the average club crowd is 30 and over. Plus with a "Come as you are" dress code, security really should have been tighter. I don't like being anywhere in which I smell weed cause trouble will happen soon after.

5 stars
The Fillmore Charlotte, Charlotte

great times! great people. safe and awesome atmosphere.