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Hardwell was a nigh to remember!

5 stars
Sabeybaby Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco

He always kills it! I will definitely be seeing him again and will definitely be going back to the bill Graham theater for another epic experience!

Hardwell was awesome!

5 stars
Barnacleloaf Echostage, Washington

His set was amazing! would definitely go see it again

Hardwell did not play for long

3 stars
edm123 Echostage, Washington

The concert lasted exactly until 3 AM. Hardwell came on around 11:30 and played only until 1ish. Then, some random guy took over until 3 AM. At times, I thought the random guy was better than Hardwell.


5 stars
Gutii Echostage, Washington

I was speechless the whole time. I drove 4 hours just to come to this concert and it was well worth it. Hardwell has made this experience so amazing and beautiful I will always go the exta mile to see him. You should too! He really makes us, "the lucky ones".

Hardwell crushed it!

5 stars
KCDynamite Echostage, Washington

Never thought going out on a Sunday could be so much fun!!!