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pissed he double dipped

2 stars
Wilde104 The Tabernacle, Atlanta

I think it really sucks that he decided to play 2 venues in one night. My ticket was double the price of the other venue.

Hardwell was great..length of show not so much.

3 stars
NashvilleMay2010 The Tabernacle, Atlanta

As always, Hardwell put on a great show. He brings awesome energy and always gets the crowd going. With that said, I found out from Facebook hours before the show that this show would only go until midnight. There was an after party at Opera, which I went to and it was even better than the Tabernacle show. An EDM show going until midnight is ridiculous, especially considering the ticket prices and the fact that I drove from out of state to see the show. Had I not known the show was ending at midnight and only found out about it at the show after making a road trip just for this show, I would have been furious. I have no idea whether it was the venue or other factors that caused this show to end so early, but closing down an EDM show at midnight is not cool and even less fun. I would also recommend against going to any shows which are 18+ because the younger crowd was really rough and not terribly mature.

Hardwell Killed it!!!!

5 stars
Raveatanh Echostage, Washington

Hands down a seriously dope show!! Great way to punch the weekend in its gut and say you've won!


5 stars
Gabriella09gr Echostage, Washington

Hardwell has always been amazing in general but he killed it at Echostage. Definitely a good way to start the year! The amazing vibes and music made it bittersweet for it to end

5 stars
Echostage, Washington

Venue was packed but the show was awesome regardless!