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Still ain't nothing but a house party

5 stars
Scotman68 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach

Yes, they are older but still know how to throw a party. Original guitarist, J. Geils, is not currently with the band but Peter Wolf's guitarist, who is filling for him, is no slouch either. Band sounded awesome. So tight with backing vocals and the Uptown Horns. Peter Wolf still dances like a crazy man and his voice still sounds great. The song selection was awesome too. They played anything and everything you'd want to hear.

The J. Geils Band didn't miss J. Geils one bit!

4 stars
TheWitchDoctor House of Blues Boston, Boston

After a ridiculously long wait for the show to start (fault of the venue I believe) it was worth the wait. This is the 3rd time I have seen this band in the past 2 years and each show has been fantastic. Just wish the venue were a bit more comfortable. Standing for 6 hours was not so hot on my old legs.

very tight band

4 stars
danbjr11 casino, hampton nh

really don;t care for j.giels (went with wife who likes them) i actually thought they were very good, played tight, kept me entertained even though i prefer harder rock bands

JGeils band and Peter Wolf ROCK

5 stars
Begieled Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach

Peter Wolf moves around on stage for two and half hours like a twenty yr old I'm tired watching him. There sound is GREAT and crowd was really into it I definitely got my monies worth

5 stars
jansa Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach

I love this band! Always have. Seen them a few times when I was in my 20's. & still love 'em in my 50's! They're the same consistent, amazing, talented rock artist's they've always been. Thank God for good ol' fashion rock & roll!