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5 stars
PostPunk Beacon Theatre, New York

I have seen Peter Wolf by himself and now with J. Geils. He is a true performer, loves the stage and can not stop for a second. At nearly 70, it is amazing the way he moves. The music was a mix of old and older with almost all the songs you would expect.

J geils rocked!

5 stars
Abc8 Beacon Theatre, New York

What a show,electricity was in the air, our feet didn't stop moving all night! Peter wolf knows how move us all, I think "house party"and "give it to me" where my favorite songs! What a night!!!

If you missed this show then you missed greatness

5 stars
Bwoll Beacon Theatre, New York

I came all the way from LA to see these rock n roll hall of gamers and they did not disappoint

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5 stars
NewHampshireDeadhead Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach

Great. Still good after all the years. No letup from the last 10 or 12 times I have seen them.

J Geils Band - Better than ever!

5 stars
TheEviljack Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach

I have seen the J. Geils Band 5 times since 1978. Prior to seeing them on 8/23/15 I had not been to a Geils concert since the early 1990's and I can say that the energy level, musicianship and tightness of play were remarkable. I was a bit concerned that, like so many other great bands, they may have "lost a step or 2". Far from it. They played almost their entire playlist (including a 7 song encore). It was a great event. GO GEILS!!!!