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non-stop r&b

5 stars
jenncats NYCB Theatre at Westbury, Westbury

Noone, NOONE is playing music today like J Geils was and is playing it. A very tight band, movin', groovin'. What a great show!


5 stars
E91slice NYCB Theatre at Westbury, Westbury

This is a band that I've always made it a point to see every time they came to the NYC area since 1970. Although they have aged like all of us, I'd have to say that they are by far one of the GREATEST LIVE ACTS since their start!!! I've stole many of my dance moves from Peter Wolf and he still has endless energy. Seth is a master of the 88's and BK always lays down quality bass riffs while looking stylish as ever! Magic Dick still has lungs to blow his face out!!! As long as they keep playing, I'll be there! They had the crowd rockin on every song!

J Geils band Rocks

5 stars
affiatati7 NYCB Theatre at Westbury, Westbury

This is the second time I saw J Geils band. I enjoy their energy and Chicago spirit. Peter Wolf is a good front man. I'll see them again.

Peter and the boys can still bring the house party

5 stars
Shurk Sands Bethlehem Event Center , Bethlehem

I knew I was going to see a great show, but I was blown away by how great a show I actually saw. It's been quite a few years since I've seen the band but boy was it worth the wait. From the expected opener of sno cone right thru the whole set, The J. Geils Band took me back to a much better place in time. People wonder why I go see the veteran bands and I still tell them because you know you're going to get, quality kick ass rock and roll that always delivers. My only regret was that J. Geils no longer fires up the band with his blistering guitar licks, but the current line up still delivers the goods. Having Peter Wolf. Magic Dick. D. K., and Seth Justman leading the way, The J. Geils Band can still Blow Your Face Out.

4 stars
LaineysRules Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach

Great show. Would have liked seeing a brass section.