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STILL Spectacular -- Do Not Miss This Show

5 stars
Gleng1 The Capital Theater, Port Chester

I always worry about seeing older bands -- will they be out of shape? Lost their chops? Replaced half the band with new personnel and bad synthesizer players? (This is why I'm scared to go see Joe Cocker, but that is another story for another day). ANYWAY... The J. Geils Band looked great, sounded greater, didn't miss a beat, and generally kicked ass... all this more than 30 years since I saw them last. The odd news here is that there are two people from the original band not along on this tour... drummer Stephen Bladd, and... J. GEILS! Yes, there's some sort of inter-band skirmish that has J. Geils off the tour. At least to ME, there are three people the band could not play live without - frontman Peter Wolf, keyboardist and songwriter Seth Justman, and harmonica player Magic Dick. They are all there and they all sound fantastic. Lead guitarist J. Geils isn't there and... isn't missed much. There are two new guitar players who do a fine job playing J. Geil's guitar parts. Even more to the band's credit, they have the Uptown Horns along, who sound great. No fake horn synthesizers here -- it's the real deal and it's worth it. More than any other act I can recall in recent history, this is a SHOW -- not just a collection of songs. There is Peter Wolf dancing, there are introductions to songs that are simultaneously hokey and heartfelt, there are great solos, there is even a short speech from Peter Wolf that is VERY reminiscent of James Brown: "We want to thank you for coming to see the J. Geils Band and spending your hard-earned money, and for supporting us all of these years." What is NOT here is a huge light show or special effects -- this is pure talent, not stunts. It's been said that part of great musicianship is knowing what NOT to play, and there is not an excess note in the event -- these guys are tight! I've seen so many older bands where they appear to be trying to remember the songs as they play them. Not here -- these guys clearly REHEARSE. Every hit is played, and they are all played full-tilt, without hesitation, and with every note in place and nailed down. This band can stop and turn on a dime. Peter Wolf looks AND sounds fantastic (how does he maintain his voice after so many years?), and thank goodness for original keyboard player and co-author of most of the hits, Seth Justman, who has dismissed the giant fake wigs and now looks trim, in shape, and ready to rock. Justman blessedly has very little gear for a keyboard player -- a Hammond B3 and a Kurzweil and that's it. Harmonica player Magic Dick may have put on a few pounds (and who among us haven't in 30 years) but he sounds as sharp and crisp as ever. Go see this show -- money well spent. There ain't no party like a J. Geils party.

J.Geils Band

5 stars
bigslush Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville

J Geils Band was incredible. I have seen J Geils without Peter Wolf and the show was not the same. Peter Wolf is a true showman who loves to perform. He started the show with Freeze Frame and got the audience involved. He made sure he mentioned the people in the upper seats and said that the real party was in the upper seats and he was correct. The band played a few blues tunes toward the middle but didn't overdue it. Peter Wolf passed out a dozen roses to the girls in the audience during loves stinks and then he threw another dozen into the crowd. The band was called back twice played many more songs. Just when you thought they played everything they had they would play another. The show was nonstop. Magic Dick did his solo on the harp and was involved with Peter Wolf on quite a few songs. This is a band that should be playing on a regular basis again with Peter Wolf because they still have what it takes and not many band can keep you entertained like the J Geils band can.

Rocking on New Years Eve

5 stars
Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville

AMAZING. Peter Wolf's energy and vocals are even better than when I first saw this band in 1976! It was like listening to one of their live albums. They were all in sync as if not a day had gone by since they last played together. I truly hope that they continue to tour. I would love to see them in a venue with some dance floor space. Great combination of uptempo boogie music and blues too. Two plus hour show and 3 encores. Gotta love them.

Still ain't nothing but a house party

5 stars
Scotman68 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach

Yes, they are older but still know how to throw a party. Original guitarist, J. Geils, is not currently with the band but Peter Wolf's guitarist, who is filling for him, is no slouch either. Band sounded awesome. So tight with backing vocals and the Uptown Horns. Peter Wolf still dances like a crazy man and his voice still sounds great. The song selection was awesome too. They played anything and everything you'd want to hear.

The J. Geils Band didn't miss J. Geils one bit!

4 stars
TheWitchDoctor House of Blues Boston, Boston

After a ridiculously long wait for the show to start (fault of the venue I believe) it was worth the wait. This is the 3rd time I have seen this band in the past 2 years and each show has been fantastic. Just wish the venue were a bit more comfortable. Standing for 6 hours was not so hot on my old legs.