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4 stars
Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

Jeff Dunham is always a good show, especially when there are no censors to stifle the adult humor. If you've seen any of the TV specials, you've probably seen about half of this show. Still worth going out for.

Autistically Fantastic!

5 stars
MomWithAutisticSon Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

My son is autistic and it's difficult finding things that we can do together where we both can connect and enjoy. He was the one that found Jeff Dunham on Netflix or youtube and showed the rest of us. This is a huge thing because he has a very difficult time joking, understanding jokes and really laughing over silliness. However, with Jeff Dunham he thoroughly enjoys, laughs harder than ever and regardless of if he understands it or not, he gets that cheek smile soarness from laughing so hard! I surprised my son with VIP passes for his birthday and he was in heaven! Jeff was wonderful in person, he even answered a Disney question for my son - "if you had to pick a Disney Character for a doll which one would it be and why?" Again, Jeff was on it and responded with a great answer...completely pleasing my son...he'd pick "Captain Hook so Achmed could have a friend." Bottom line, thank you...it was wonderful and even Autistically Fantastic!!!

A must see

5 stars
Sunshine1956 Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

I mean off the cuff so very funny...Worth every single penny we paid...We highly recommended this show..

Jeff Dunham was the best!!!

5 stars
CusickFamily Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

Our family had a great time laughing at Jeff & all his pals!

Never stopped laughing

5 stars
JenKevO Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

Best comedy show we've ever seen. Topped off with great ventriloquism. We definitely try to go again when Jeff is in our area again or on the next Trip to Vegas--he should be back by then.