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Laugh "till your face hurts!!

5 stars
MAC714 Dolby Theatre, Hollywood

GREAT show! Was being filmed for an NBC special, and it was interesting to watch how the show was being taped. I laughed so hard my eyes teared! I saw his show a few years ago in Orange County, and thought I couldn't laugh harder, but this show topped it! I recommended him to my friends and co-workers, and told them to watch the NBC special. Could've watched his show a few more hours. Never tire of Jeff and his "friends".

Dunham is a Master!

5 stars
Tink1882 Dolby Theatre, Hollywood

This was the second time my husband and I saw Jeff Dunham, but first for our 13-year old son. We loved it! It was also cool that they were filming the show for a Comedy Central episode. Never seen a live taping before, so very cool to be a part of the audience. The funniest moments are the seemingly unscripted ones (not really!) of Achmed falling apart limb by limb, or when Peanut went flying across the stage, landing face down. Although I think Jeff really didn't plan on that one, but the way he recovers, having Peanut be angry and embarrassed was hysterical. Thoroughly enjoyed the show and it was touching to see how important the show was to Jeff as he shared how 137 people worked to make it happen over a 2-year period.

Funny show and funny bloopers

4 stars
mgereau74 Dolby Theatre, Hollywood

Jeff is very funny. We ended up seeing a taping for Comedy Central. This was a bit of a distracted from the core show but allowed for some comedic bloopers. My friend and I laughed and had a great time. I would see Jeff again.

Paid to be a live audience

2 stars
Sundara Dolby Theatre, Hollywood

I would say the show was ok. It was hard to completely enjoy it due to the constant stops and starts. It ended up being a recording for tv and this cause a lot of interruptions. Im not sure if Jeff was nervous with it being a recording but he would stop and ask to do the joke over again because he messed it up. I have never had a comedian ask to redo a joke. Waiting for set changes and watching the staff use the audience to attempt to entertain us in between was irritating. If you left to use the restroom they would have people in the lobby telling you that they were going to lock you out if you didn't hurry. I paid for my tickets I shouldn't be threatened to loose my seats cause I need to use the restroom during "set" changes. A night that should have only taken 2 hours was dragged out to almost 4. I'm just disappointed I paid expecting an evening out only to end up being part of a tv show.

Taping for TV

4 stars
scubawife Dolby Theatre, Hollywood

He was amazing as usual but the show was being taped for TV and several entrances and exits had to be redone with the audience cheering & applauding. Plus it was done in four 15 minutes segments with stupid time wasting things by one of the crew doing audience stuff in between while they changed the sets. That was very annoying. I would have given him 5 stars if he had just done the show without all the "extras"