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Jeff was amazing

5 stars
oldyoungman Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

Funny, funny, funny! Great show..all that u would expect, Walter, Bubba J, Peanut, Achmed, Jalapeno on a Steek and Lil Jeff.

Jeff Dunham was more than amazing!

5 stars
daflamingagno Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

It was awesome being 7 rows from the front! Seeing Jeff in Vegas was the highlight of our trip! We have all of the dvds, but its nothing like seeing him in person. The tickets were a good price too! not too spendy :) I will definitely go see Jeff Dunham again! His new material was hilarious and we loved every second! :)

Jeff was phenomenally funny!!

5 stars
LaurieNickF Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

Jeff had both old and brand new material! He was constantly funny & at times we couldn't breathe & it was more than what our expectations had been!! He is genuinely funny & an amazing performer & ventriloquist!! My fiancé and I would definitely go again & again!! There were so many funny moments and we were completely satisfied and can't say enough good things!!

Great Getaway

5 stars
cpshea Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

My husband and I have enjoyed Jeff Dunham on YouTube, DVD and on comedy Central. We were very curious to see him in person. It was an awesome start to my spring break. We found him to be as entertaining live or even better than on the tube. He was awesome and we can't wait to buy the DVD for this show.

Jeff Dunhams not playing with a full deck

5 stars
puppydaddy Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

Without doubt the funniest live show I have ever seen. You will not be dissappointed with this show even if you are familiar with the entire body of Dunham's past work. The vast majority of material used had not been seen before in previous TV specials.