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Jim Jefferies was the best!

5 stars
Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara

My husband and I were big fans of Legit and we were excited that he was playing at the Arlington Theater. He was hilarious and we had the best time. We laughed the entire 90 minutes. It was a great escape from our daily work life. I would highly recommend seeing him and would see his show again.

Jim Jeffries is the bomb!

5 stars
marieofsb Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara

Such a great performance, almost all new material, excellent show

5 stars
Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara

Jim Jefferies was so very funny! Some people may get offended with his humor but they need to realize that he’s a comedian and saying inappropriate things is often funny if not taken too seriously. I will definitely be returning next year for him and for the great ambiance of Santa Barbara and the Arlington.

Jim Jeffries for LOL comedy festival fantastic

5 stars
Armygent Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara

Jim Jeffries at the Santa Barbara Arlington Theater and the LOL comedy fest in general was all top notch. Jim brought his signature Australian raunchiness and disgusting thoughts to the stage in a night of verbal debauchery. Everyone was in good spirits for this one. It was nice they let a local up-and-coming comedian open for him as well. I'm glad I was present for the start of a new yearly event to this town.

As funny as ever!

4 stars
GOLPHPlayer Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara

Jim did a great job...he's a very funny man. I wish the night had started closer to on-time, but it started 35-40 minutes late...perhaps due to people arriving late. Great show, though!