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Totally hilarious

5 stars
Jozso The Paramount, Huntington

Jim Jefferies is a totally hilarious guy. The show was amazing and I had a really good time. Before you go just make sure you like dark humor and you are not offended by religious, political jokes, you might want to make sure that you don't have a hard time understanding Australian accent. For me it was exactly what I was looking for! :)


5 stars
Evilhippie69 The Paramount, Huntington

Jim jefferies is one of the most brilliant comedians working today.

March 26 Anaheim Show Review

5 stars
ILOVEJIM City National Grove Anaheim, Anaheim

I am a HUGE Jim Jefferies fan so when I found out he was performing near me, I had to get tickets and see him live!!! The show was awesome, his comedy is not for everyone. If you're stupid, religious, uptight or have no sense of humor then you probably won't enjoy his show…otherwise, be prepared to laugh so hard you can't breathe. Hands down my favorite comedian! Can't wait to see him again.

Jim Jeffries knocked it out of the park!

5 stars
michb18 City National Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim

Went to the late show of Jim Jeffries, and he did not disappoint. I've been watching his stand up for years, and have been dying to see him live. We even drove over an hour each way to see him. He did have an opener, who was hilariously funny, but only on stage for what seemed to be a few minutes. From the moment Jim Jeffries walked on stage, I was laughing. His jokes are hysterical, but the delivery is spot on. I can't wait for his next tour!

Never disappoints!

5 stars
Marathonchick City National Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim

Jim Jeffries is not for everyone, but we love him. If you like Aussie humor, I.e.; lots of swearing, you will enjoy Jim as he pretty much has no filter. He is as sweet as they come, loves his son and seems to be a guy that believes in being good to each other. He just doesn't like stupid people or people that don't use logic or reasoning when forming opinions. He is self-deprecating and appears to be genuine. He had some new material from when we saw him last fall so this was a treat. We will see him whenever he comes to the south land.