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So funny!

4 stars
Outofourcage Terry Fator Theatre at Mirage Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Highly inappropriate, completely politically incorrect, and one of the best shows we saw on the strip. Don't bring your grandmother but a must see!

Great show!

5 stars
Robert62937 Terry Fator Theatre at Mirage Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Very funny and pretty much evenhandedly offense. Well worth seeing!

Very disappointed!!

1 stars
Rfactor Terry Fator Theatre at Mirage Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Jim Jefferies making jokes about a leper jerking off Jesus while he was being crucified was beyond deplorable, in extremely poor taste, and definitely not funny! Also, when will comedians learn that they should not use the stage to advance their personal political views--especially In an election year when the American public (and presumably their audience) is pretty evenly divided between the top two presidential candidates? Don't they realize they're going to tick off half the audience when they use the stage to make insulting jokes about the one politician that they do not support? I paid my hard-earned money to be entertained--not to listen to one-sided insulting political jokes. The jokes were not funny. Had I known that Jim Jefferies or any other comedian was going to bring politics to the stage, I would have gone to a different show. It's a shame that someone with Jim Jefferies’s potential chooses to advance his personal political agenda and make extremely sacrilegious jokes instead of trying to actually entertain an audience who paid a premium price to see his show. I would not recommend his show.

Totally hilarious

5 stars
Jozso The Paramount, Huntington

Jim Jefferies is a totally hilarious guy. The show was amazing and I had a really good time. Before you go just make sure you like dark humor and you are not offended by religious, political jokes, you might want to make sure that you don't have a hard time understanding Australian accent. For me it was exactly what I was looking for! :)


5 stars
Evilhippie69 The Paramount, Huntington

Jim jefferies is one of the most brilliant comedians working today.

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