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5 stars
Thrasher123 Hard Rock Live, Hollywood

Hilarious! So funny!! Recently saw Kevin Hart. As funny as Hart was, Jim Jeffries was even funnier. should definitely see him and a good value for his ticket prices.


4 stars
NordicPrince Hard Rock Live, Hollywood

Very vulgar, direct. Honest! Funniest show of the year!

funny funny funny

5 stars
keysbob Hard Rock Live, Hollywood

Jim was outstanding... as always ! As was his opening act. I just Hate it when comedians go political... he denounces Trump and Carson but didn't support any one.... crowd went silent.. of coarse.. he bought us all back to comedy and I WILL see Jim again !

Jim Jeffries does not disappoint

5 stars
phillyboy Hard Rock Live, Hollywood

he was as good as any of his specials, and did all new material.

A must see Comedian!

5 stars
Mariani84 Hard Rock Live, Hollywood

Absolutely spot on humor! You won't regret watching Jim, he'll have you laughing throughout the entire show. His material is edgy and current. If you want a taste of his humor watch his show Legit on available on Netfilx.