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C'mon Des Moines

5 stars
hatethisnicknamecrap Hoyt Sherman Place, Des Moines

Jim Jefferies gave a great performance in the face of adversity - several morons in the audience recording and heckling and a family of bats swooping around his head. He managed to navigate it all and keep us laughing. Unfortunately, he might not be back after that show.

So funny - my jaw hurt

5 stars
stevegoofy Hoyt Sherman Place, Des Moines

He's a great storyteller and has a knack to embarrassing hecklers.

Helluva show!

5 stars
erinbeth11 Hoyt Sherman Place, Des Moines

Not only is Jim Jefferies a hard working comedian coming off the heels of a Netflix special but he delivered nearly two hours of comedy without his mood getting hampered by hecklers and bats. Yes, bats. Hopefully hecklers start calming down in the future. I do not understand why you would pay $40 for a ticket to a show, only to make an ass of yourself, get spite from the comedian you paid to see and probably make your friends hate you. If you heckle, you're a moron. Jim did some great new material too. So don't get your phone out and try to record it like three dumb-dumbs at my show did. Respect the work comedians do please. Great show. In short, go and enjoy. Don't heckle or film.


3 stars
Nick23name Hoyt Sherman Place, Des Moines

Jim Jefferies is funny. However, the show was too long, and he was slurring his words so much from the beginning I wondered if he was drunk when he came on. The predominantly young drunk crowd didn't mind, but I got bored. I definitely did not leave wanting more.


5 stars
Mrsnunez090807 William Saroyan Theatre Fresno Convention & Entertainment Center, Fresno

Got tickets to take my husband he's a fan. Was surprised how I actually enjoyed the show

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