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5 stars
OhHeySarahBee Carolina Theatre , Durham

Jim Jefferies and his opening act were both absolutely hilarious! I definitely recommend, but it is very crude humor so not for everyone.

He is so insightful :)

4 stars
dragnrider83 Carolina Theatre , Durham

Great show! From his views on fatherhood to gun control to airports and all insights in between, he is a man who speaks his mind with excellent points. Just don't raze him, or be too easily offended, and you'll enjoy the show.

Decent show

3 stars
MrJor Carolina Theatre , Durham

This cat was funny. Then the political lecturing started, yawn. I don't care about his politics nor his opinions. His job, and what I paid for is for him to make me laugh. He's a comedian, and in the end I don't care what he thinks. Just be funny.

5 stars
JonasT Carolina Theatre , Durham

One of the best live comedy shows I've seen. Really enjoyed it.

Jim Jefferies was hysterical!

5 stars
BleuxDaisy Carolina Theatre , Durham

Please don't go to see him unless you know what he is like!! Hysterically funny, crude, truthful, shocking, no nonsense! He is amazing if you like his type of personality!! You won't regret seeing him. We can't wait to see him again. One of the BEST comics we've seen yet!