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JJ Was Good

4 stars
maninb The Danforth Music Hall, Toronto

Pretty good...but he seemed a bit shagged out.....Liked how he worked Toronto into the show and mentioning GUN CONTROL...

Funny guy wasn't worth the wait

2 stars
Thatguywasok The Danforth Music Hall, Toronto

3.5 hrs at this venue was far too long to be sitting there. He's funny but he should have cut 30 minutes out of the act. Huge lineup for tickets that said show starts at 6:30 on a Friday night (?!). No one came on until 7:45. Could have been a much better experience with some minor tweaks.


5 stars
Gv16 The Space At Westbury, Westbury

Jim Jefferies is the best comic out there right now. The show was simply AMAZING!

Great show - all new material very funny

4 stars
The Space At Westbury, Westbury

Jim is always an amazing show. His delivery was spot on. I'm a big fan of dark satirical comedy so of course he's on top of my list of comics to see on tour.

Great show!!

5 stars
Buffhawk84 The Space At Westbury, Westbury

Saw Jim last year at this venue and he was good, not great. This time he KILLED it! He received a well deserved standing ovation at the end of the show. Topics ranged from his child to political issues and religion. Every story he told was met with uproars of laughter and applause. Very glad I caught him again, can't wait to see him next year!