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K. Michelle Was Amazing

5 stars
JaszieV Saenger Theatre New Orleans, New Orleans

She Perform So Gooooood And No Lip Syncing Her Voice Was Beautiful. She Really Put On A Great Show! She Dance and Talk To The Audience I Mean Talk Talk Like A Genuine Conversation. After The Concert Was Finish, She Came Down And Took Pictures With Some of Us! She Really A Great Artist And I Appreciate Her Spending Her Mothers Day In New Orleans With Her NOLA Fans.

My Opinion

2 stars
Loyal2me Saenger Theatre New Orleans, New Orleans

K. Michelle is a great singer but my only issue is that by the time she finally came on stage she didn't stay on that long! We all came to see her perform & it would have been nice to hear more songs! Give us an unforgettable show! I just expected a little more but other than that it was an ok show!

K. Michelle

4 stars
Nessie504 Saenger Theatre New Orleans, New Orleans

It was epic from the comedy acts to the performance everything was nice

Short and sweet

4 stars
Cambina Saenger Theatre New Orleans, New Orleans

Kmichelle sang great however the show openers were on stage too long performing. K Michelle only sung for 45 minutes. I would still recommend this event to someone who has never been, but I wouldn't pay 100 bucks to be up in close for no more than an hour of her time. But thank you Kmichelle for your concert performance you were wonderful and I ll never forget it.

Kmichelle was EXCELLENT

5 stars
AmJoyCe Saenger Theatre New Orleans, New Orleans

I enjoyed the concert. She gave a good hour show and talked to the audience in between. She was even nice enough to come off stage to take pictures with people. Loved the lighting and back drop on stage. The background singers were excellent with the vocals as well.