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2 stars
Township Auditorium, Columbia

Poor line up lyfe Jennings was great. K Michelle took too long to come on stage. There was an "intermission".

What a perfect line up

4 stars
Hotcoca Township Auditorium, Columbia

K Michelle did her thing. She hit every note and looked amazing. Of course we wanted to see more of Lyfe Jennings but what he gave was enough to yern for me. Kountry Wayne was hilarious. This was a good concert hands down.

4 stars
ykcihc Township Auditorium, Columbia

I would have liked to see more songs performed by Life Jennings, I felt we were short changed, he wasn't given enough time to perform.

Switch opening acts.

4 stars
Swagking803 Township Auditorium, Columbia

Lyfe did an excellent job warming up the mic for K., it would have been nice if he had more time to perform. In addition K. Did a very nice job as well; these two gave us our money's worth.

K. Michelle killed her performance!

5 stars
KirbyKouture Township Auditorium, Columbia

The overall concert was good, Kountry Wayne started off & gave us the best laugh to start the show off, Lyfe Jennings was next & did an awesome job. & of course K. Michelle did her thing! She was so real & entertaining. Even gave her backup singers the chance to get their shine.. The only thing I didn't like was the intermissions between performances, it was an awkward 15-20 minute silence leaving the audience with nothing to do until the next performer came on stage