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5 stars
divalicious09 Cone Denim Entertainment Center, Greensboro

Kmichelle came to Greensboro NC in February for her twisted mind tour I also got the meet and greet to meet her after the show and when I say my boo thang put on a show she slayed that stage I cant wait until this up coming tour if you missed the last one you would not want to miss this one trust


5 stars
CJLOVELIVELIFE Thalia Mara Hall, Jackson

Awesome performance.. Awesome seats!! Y'all need to let me meet her.. Make that happen..

k. Michelle was amazing!!!!

5 stars
Thalia Mara Hall, Jackson

The overall experience of the K. Michelle Up Close and Personal concert was amazingly wonderful. I really enjoyed myself.


5 stars
601lady Thalia Mara Hall, Jackson

She is amazing and real..she is beautiful and enjoyed her show

5 stars
KChanel Thalia Mara Hall, Jackson

K.Michelle is phenomenal! Can't wait to see her again in concert!