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I couldn't get enough of K. Michelle :(

4 stars
Marlo00 North Charleston Performing Arts Center, North Charleston

It may be because Charleston wasn't originally on the city list for her tour, but I don't feel like I got the whole K. Michelle experience. I was looking at reviews from other cities from other shows, and it had me very excited. No one who I'm really interested in ever really comes to Charleston so I really wanted to have this experience with an artist I really enjoy. The opening acts was a local band that I had never heard of...I'm not saying they didn't perform well, but when it says K. Michelle and friends, I thought I would have seen one person that she was professionally affiliated with. I loved every song that she performed, but the show was waaaaaaay tooo short for me. When you've followed an artist for so long, and you know they have a long catalog list like she does, you expect her to be up on that stage for awhile. Just when I was getting all into it, the show was over. I don't think it was even a whole hour. Another thing that didn't sit too well with me was when people in the V.I.P. section had to deal with people who didn't pay nearly as much money to see her, coming into our section. That really got under my skin. Don't get me wrong...I made sure I wasn't going to lose my spot in the very front, but I don't think that was fair to the people who paid good money. I understand if you didn't mind your audience coming close so you can really feel their energy, but the V.I. P. section should have been blocked off. It took away from the little bit of a special experience that we were supposed to have. Other than that I still have love for K. Michelle. I look up to her as an honest singer and songwriter...I'll just make sure I see her in another city. :) I'll give K. Michelle and extra star on the rating only because I love her as an artist, and she put on a great show....again it was just tooooo short.

K Michelle was amazing

5 stars
GabbyMari0704 North Charleston Performing Arts Center, North Charleston

She did awesome. I had a great time. I dance all night!


5 stars
DanielleJamison North Charleston Performing Arts Center, North Charleston

It was a great event I really enjoy myself K.Michelle did her thing she is the truth I can't wait to see her again live in concert..Love you K.

Late Labelle

3 stars
Quick7 North Charleston Performing Arts Center, North Charleston

I loved the show . .I wish there were more from her. there was two hours worth of terrible open acts . . many apologies and aggrevated fans. She was awsome once she arrived. SHe spoke my truth. I just got out a break up and i was right with her through the whole show. Its like she read me and sang my pain. But she was late and i wish there were more of her performance . . .

K.Michelle was hot

5 stars
SDSTMR North Charleston Performing Arts Center, North Charleston

OMG she was killing the stage me & my cousin was having the time of out life.