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2hrs later

4 stars
blackandbeautiful Mobile Civic Center Theater, Mobile

It took K. Michelle 2hrs to get on stage. Once she finally got on stage she was great! Her voice is amazing and she's the cutest. She definitely needs a opening act.

My first experience was terrible. :(

1 stars
TallulahLouisiana1985 Mobile Civic Center Theater, Mobile

She had us standing out side the venue because she was still rehearsing. She came out 9:30 and the show was over at 10: 30 is or less. I paid $120 to VIP and sat with general admission. :( #ThatSucks! We had to remain sitting after the show (45 minutes while being told DON'T touch her but she can touch u. :( ) to meet her for a split second. A hi and bye and a picture I had to take with my own cell phone. What if I didn't have a phone. :( NOT to mentuon she DIDN'T smike in. She mug in everyone picture. Like really, bii? Thats the least u could do is smile. The last concert I attending VIP I received a lot more Loveable keepsakes; nit this one. The security guard hit my hand thinking I was about to touch her. :( That pissed me off. Don't freaking touch me, ugh!! My experience attending and seeing K. Michelle for the first time was a horrible experience. I like her better on television.


5 stars
Mscandip Mobile Civic Center Theater, Mobile

I'm so glad that I went to this show. K. Michelle was great!!! This girl can sang her butt off!!! I love you K.

1 stars
Mobile Civic Center Theater, Mobile

Man i aint never been to a event like this one.They had us standing out in a open room when they said the doors was going to open at 6:30pm. Once the doors open we still was in there waiting for almost a hour before some came out to say anything.The first act came on and he was OK,He did his thing then they said K.Michelle is almost in the place.So everybody get happy then they come back talking about getting us ready for her playing beats.That went on for almost a hour it didn't start to almost 9:00pm. Once she got there she only did 3 songs,REALLY AFTER ALL THIS TIME!!!!!!

Hot mess

1 stars
Andrwstiffany Mobile Civic Center Theater, Mobile

My husband and I drove 4 hours mud so I could see my favorite artist K Michelle. The concert was suppose to start at 7:30pm we got there early to secure our seats. The opening act was a gentleman saying poetry which was ok but went on for 45mins. He was followed by a dj who was supposedly getting us ready for K Michelle but he was behind the curtains playing music and when he wasn't he did a lot of inappropriate speaking on women. His hosting was terrible along with another gentleman. We waited two hours just listening to them rant on about how she was coming but hadn't made it yet. So from 7:30pm to 9:45pm I had to listen to garbage. When she finally hit the stage I was pleased but I felt like the acts leading up to her performance was a waste of my time and money. If I knew it would have been like this I wouldn't have come to see her at all.