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It was okay...

2 stars
Brittanyyyyx3 CFE Arena, Orlando

Katt Williams usually makes me laugh until I cry, but he was off on his game for this show. Some of it was funny, but it was just okay. I could have waited to see it on TV. Totally not worth the money of the tickets for this event. His openers were funny. One lady kept talking about her pussy and flat ass. It was annoying. She wasn't funny at all. I think next time I may reconsider seeing Katt Williams live.

Funnier than Chapelle by 180%!!!

5 stars
MissBatista James L Knight Center, Miami

Katt Williams was sweating, using props and absolutely out of his mind but filled with clever, hysterical comedy like nothing I've seen before!


3 stars
Authorgirl PNC Arena, Raleigh

The show was nice but it was rediculous to charge $20 for parking.The comedians in the opening were alot funnier than Katt himself; however, I still enjoyed.

He still got it

4 stars
FrenchLove Arie Crown Theater, Chicago

This guy was hilarious, as always. He hasn't lost his touch at all. He should probably lighten up on the weed, but other than that he's a real funny dude

Katt didn't disappoint!

4 stars
n2musiq Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City

Some of the warm up acts were sub-par but overall the show was very good. I thought Katt would share an update on po' little tink tink......nothing. But it was good to see Katt coherent and calm.....and very funny!