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Katt Williams is the best

5 stars
dchmom U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati

The entire show was great even the opening acts were funny. Can't wait to see him again

High Expectations

2 stars
FinallyTherewithdaBlues U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati

The show started late and ended early. The sound equipment was nasty and fluctuated throughout the show. The warm up acts were really, really funny. Katt was surely not on his game, but gave a few really good ones. Love the guy! Was really disappointed the concessions closed so early, especially the fact there was no last call - or maybe I missed it due to the sound equipment.

Katt was worth skipping

1 stars
U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati

the show was thrown together obviously-he was in a hurry and NOT FUNNY-i looked forward to the show for a month and was really disappointed in the show-the comedians started late and no time was made up-what a waste of money:( wont make that mistake again!!!!!

Katt Williams

5 stars
U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati

He's show was very good I love it and all the other comedians was very funny. I would come see him again

I love Katt Williams!!

4 stars
MsEfficient U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati

Show was great. I enjoyed the music also. I was disappointed there were no souvenirs...I wanted a shirt or something. Overall, I had a great time!!