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5 stars
Starlight529 Blue Cross Arena, Rochester

I enjoyed myself from start to finish along with the person I went with. Plus the person sitting next to me,

katt williams

2 stars
JLjr80 Philips Arena, Atlanta

Makeup show was better...comedian was ill at first show and didn't perform long

Katt has nine lives

5 stars
DAHTUTOR Joe Louis Arena, Detroit

Katt Williams was halarious as usual. This was my 2nd time seeing Katt Williams in person. He had all new material. When you almost die from a spider bite you definitely going to have some new jokes.

Katt is back!!

4 stars
Mrjhov79 Indiana Farmers Coliseum, Indianapolis

Katt is still hilarious and so we're all of his opening acts. Definitely worth the price of admission.

Katt Williams was GREAT!

5 stars
howards1017 Joe Louis Arena, Detroit

This was one of my favorite comedy shows in detroit! Great to see a comedian of this stature bring in new comedians who also were just as great. Great job!