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Katt Williams: Growth Spurt Hillariously Amazing

5 stars
Arie Crown Theater, Chicago

Sorry I've been having problems reviewing My emails. But would give Genius Katt Williams 100 *STARS* for his Professionalism, Humor, & Performance. This was the Day of My Birthday & the Best Gift I've recieved in My 59 Birthdays. I would pay the ultimate price to see Katt Williams a 1000 times more. Thanks for the Review!!!

We had higher expectations...

3 stars
Neal S Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu

I took my boyfriend to the show as a birthday gift, we've been longtime fans of Katt Williams, but I think he was having an off night. There were three amateur comedians that went up before him and the last two were women that were just awful. Both were booed off stage almost immediately. As for Katt, he had this bizarre mohawk thing going on and although he made us laugh, we expected a lot more. In comparison, we enjoyed Dave Chappell's performance a few months ago much more.

5 stars
Jaykneepurr Neal S Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu

Katt killed it. I loved his show.. had a great time!

3 stars
Awesome1957 Neal S Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu

It was a shorter performance than last year when I saw him at the Blaisdell, and not as funny. Maybe it was because the crowd booed the beginning comedians off the stage and it put a damper on the whole performance.

Katt Williams Great Show In Hawaii!!!

5 stars
Youngn24 Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu

Aside from the crowd booing the 2 female comedians, the night was amazing! You'd think this was the apollo theatre the way the crowd was, no mercy! But Katt Williams easily transitioned into his main show. Amazing. Hillarious. Epic. He stated he'd come back to HI a 3rd time and that he will be filiming a special next time he comes so be on the lookout for his tickets!!! Thank you Katt!!!