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Pop firebrand and glitter afficionado Ke$ha has been raising eyebrows with her racy songs and outré image since before Miley Cyrus could even drive. Putting hits like "Take It Off" and "Crazy Kids" into practice, Ke$ha turns her live performances into a kaleidoscopic party zone, replete with inflatable unicorns, intricate costumes, an army of backup dancers, and glitter by the bucketful. An indefatigable touring fanatic, Ke$ha is constantly one-upping herself on the road, and her 2014 tour dates are sure to be her biggest — and best — yet.


"Glitter *everywhere*. Everyone dancing however they want to. Ke$ha dancing her booty off and swinging on a giant blow up unicorn. It was magical."

"Ke$ha's concert was such a fun time! She is a great entertainer and it felt more like a giant party than a regular concert!"

"Most amazing concert I have seen in a long time. Ke$ha killed it! So much energy and she actually sings at her concerts and sounds amazing..."


After nearly five years working as a ghostwriter for other artists, Ke$ha released her 2010 debut album Animal  — six years and 200 songs in the making — to a No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200. "Tik Tok," the record's lead single, was a veritable international phenomenon, topping the charts in 11 countries and becoming the top-selling single in the world for 2010. The album and its follow-up companion EP Cannibal resulted in the Get Sleazy Tour, during which she would hone the now-legendary spectacle-filled stage show she's known for. Following 2012 sophomore album Warrior, Ke$ha hit the road on another international tour, continuing to build on her already-formidable reputation as a live performer.


Ke$ha is gorgeous!

4 stars
GUnitgirl Aria, Minneapolis

A DJ opener played songs for a good 2 hours before Ke$ha took the stage. The waiting got a little old. It was exciting to finally see her! She plays different versions of her top hits which I didn't really care for. I wanna be super pumped up at a concert not listen to country remakes lol don't get me wrong, still an amazing experience and first time seeing her live! Just hope next time shes able to sing all of her songs the way she recorded them :) But had lots of dancing and glitter bombs which was awesome!

Late Start disappointing

3 stars
ALittleDisppointed Aria, Minneapolis

Waiting 1+ hours for the show to start was disappointing. It gets tough just standing around and a DJ is no substitute. I can take the 45 minute delay that Paul McCartney did when he was in town. However, from Kesha, it borders on pure diva. Concert itself was good. A little short, but sound quality and band did a good job.

Another great show

5 stars
13angel84 Aria, Minneapolis

This was my 5th time seeing Kesha in concert. She did a great job remixing her first album, along with covering an Iggy Pop song, Til the World Ends, Jolene, and a few others. The only disappointment was that the opening act (a local DJ) played for twice the amount of time that she did. I don't know if it had to do with her contract, but she didn't play any songs off of her Warrior album and her total stage time was one hour and 15 minutes.

Intimate show!

5 stars
KikiPow Aria, Minneapolis

This was a small, intimate show and it was perfect! Kesha did reimagined versions of her songs and a few covers. Backed by a live band, she sang the whole show, no backing tracks at all. Her voice was amazing! The whole show was a spiritual event for true Kesha fans.


4 stars
ElyinCinCity Bogart's, Cincinnati

This concert comes from the heart of artistic expression! KESHA owns the stage and her music. She sings her songs at different tempos and styles than you may be used to from the radio, but this tour is all about her love of music and not letting "The Man" bring her down. LOVE KESHA!! And don't forget the glitter. Glitter is most important!

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