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Glitter everywhere.

5 stars
Tilles Center Concert Hall, Brookville

Kesha put on one of the best performances I've ever seen. As a long time fan, I've set my expectations pretty high for her, but she killed. Her backup dancers are awesome. The amount of glitter that was thrown around was insane. The props that were used were entertaining and tacky (in a good way). She didn't play a few of my favorite songs, but she did do a Pitbull-free version of Timber, which made the song 1,000 times better.

she was amaazzinggggg

5 stars
krystal11111111 Tilles Center Concert Hall, Brookville

at first i thought her concert wouldnt be all that great because she was performing at a concert hall at a university. but ive been a day 1 fan and the way she performed at her concert was amazingg it was such a fun experience. id go 1000x again

good show

3 stars
ilovecoffee45 Tilles Center Concert Hall, Brookville

Kesha was a fun concert. However, I felt it was too short and she kept us waiting too long. Other than that the show was enjoyable and it was a fun night to remember.

Kesha @ Tilles Center

5 stars
dreeve2k14 Tilles Center Concert Hall, Brookville

When I heard on News 12 Long Island, that Kesha was going to be performing at the Tilles Center at LIU, I had to get a ticket immediately. I am a big big big Kesha fan! I'm in love with her! I was very excited to go there. And it didn't disappoint! Probably the best night that I've had so far! Thanks to Ticketmaster I got my ticket within less then 5 minutes. And the memory will last a life time!

Ke$ha was amazing!

5 stars
HKLilysMommy nTelos Wireless Pavilion, Portsmouth

The Ke$ha concert was the best concert I've ever been to! I definitely want to go again!