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5 stars
WVKeithfan Bridgestone Arena, Nashville

Everyone did a great job, so much fun, Keith as always was fantastic, Vince very sweet and funny, highlight of the evening Chris Jansen..adorable and what a showman..can't wait for the next one

All For The Hall 2016

3 stars
55rusty Bridgestone Arena, Nashville

We have been attending All For The Hall for 4 years. Very disappointed with the All For The Hall 2016 because the sound was horrible. The bass was so loud it drowned out the vocals of the singers. Show would have been fantastic, but the "sound guy" did not do his job. We left halfway through the show because the loud bass "noise" was inexcusable and giving us a headache. A very disappointing evening as we had travelled from Indianapolis, IN just to see this event. Hope they correct this problem for the 2017 All For The Hall.

All for the Hall 2016

5 stars
Oreo007 Bridgestone Arena, Nashville

This concert was EXCELLENT! This was my 5th All for the Hall concert in Nashville and was one of my favorites. Keith and Vince are always amazing. All of the other acts brought it as well. Looking forward to 2017!

Great show

5 stars
Cccck Bridgestone Arena, Nashville

Great music enjoyed the chemistry between Vince Gill and Keith Urban. Bridgestone arena sound system bad come on this Nashville let us hear the great music the way they play it!


5 stars
dfromktown Bridgestone Arena, Nashville

this was a fantastic concert and would def go again!