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5 stars
The Colosseum at WinStar, Thackerville

Keith Urban was great. My daughter and I loved it.

Keith Urban is ALWAYS AN AMAZING SHOW!!!!!

5 stars
Rawlings2 The Colosseum at WinStar, Thackerville

I can't ever say enough about going to a Keith Urban concert!!!! The man is a musical genius and a GUITAR GOD!!!! Every concert he gets the crowd involved and loves to have everyone sing along, jump with the beat, enjoy every minute of the night! KU shreds the guitar like no one else I've ever seen. He is absolutely brilliant and a CAN'T MISS CONCERT FOR SURE!

Keith Urban is AMAZING

5 stars
Dusty10001 The Colosseum at WinStar, Thackerville

Just shows you that Keith loves to play guitar and entertain his fans. If there are 50,000 fans or just a few, Keith will still play his heart out and give you ever thing he has. Thank you Keith and boys in the band.

OK But had some issues

3 stars
jb3929 The Colosseum at WinStar, Thackerville

I went to this to accompany my wife who is a big fan. So not being a fan I am critiquing just the show not the music. Keith mentioned that they just got out of months in the studio working on a new album and they had just started touring again. I thought that they needed to work on minor things like the ending of the songs. They often did not end together even with Keith doing a jump or guitar dip or whatever to clue the end of the song. At least one of the instruments kept playing for a note or two after Keith was done. Just not crisp in my opinion. This should get better as the tour goes on I am sure. The crowd seemed to enjoy the show so it went well for Keith. He even went down into the crowd which the everyone even myself enjoyed. Even gave someone in the crowd one of his guitars. He has a good rapport with his audience. If you are a fan, you will enjoy the concert.

Fantastic show, Keith Urban is the best!

5 stars
Cas2014 The Colosseum at WinStar, Thackerville

The music was fantastic, loved the way he interacted with the audience, we couldn't sit down and plan to go to his next show whenever it's close to home. His opening act Striking Matches was great too.