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Would see again!

5 stars
Dreamr Marcus Amphitheater Summerfest, Milwaukee

For someone who has been doing this for a long time and could come off jaded, Keith Urban put on a show full of energy and good music. And he looked and sounded like he was having as good a time performing as we were watching. A real pro!

Keith Urban was rocking out his guitar & FANTASIC!

4 stars
Billschic Rexall Place, Edmonton

Keith Urban can rock out a guitar & his band mates are FANTASIC! Keith takes his time with his fans and that puts him to the top of my list just for taking the time with the fans 5 stars all the way & we enjoy it very much ;) wish I could of met him and band mate only bummer


5 stars
alishahaha Rexall Place, Edmonton

See him every time.ALWAYS AWESOME! GO SEE HIM!!!!!

awesome unforgettable night!!!

5 stars
goeglein Rexall Place, Edmonton

i love ur cincert and have already spread the word kieth urban concert u must go its an unbeleiveable unforgeetable concert its a big WOW love it so much cant wsit til he comes back to edmonton alberta again thanks kieth and ur ban two thumbs up !!

5 stars
Rexall Place, Edmonton

keith urban put on an amazing show. An awesome concert.