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Kem was Awesome

5 stars
ladylex61 Lila Cockrell Theater, San Antonio

He did a good show for the ladies and he song all my favorite songs and I will go to another one of his concerts. He reminds me of Al Jarreau


5 stars
Edawg BJCC Concert Hall, Birmingham

KEM was the absolute bomb. His showmanship was refreshing. My Wife loved it. I have not seen a show like that in a long time.


5 stars
Swtserenity7 Fox Theatre Atlanta, Atlanta

The Intimacy Tour w/Kem feat. Ledisi & Musiq was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now this was definitely a show of some REAL singers, everyone rocked the house. I was a bit disappointed that Ledisi only performed for a hot minute but even in that the girl can SANG and it was incredible........................... Musiq was very entertaining and he definitely someone that I would go and see again soon........his "So Beautiful" song is one of my favs and I was totally impressed with how well he was able to carry the song in that falsetto........................... Kem is and always will be an artist that I will go and see over and over and over and over again. He is the TRUTH (forget what you heard)...............Not only did he get up there and bring the house down, but the brotha is sooooooooooooooo smooth and extremely attractive. His new singles that he performed were amazing and it's easy to tell if you can sing or not when you perform a song live and it songs just like the album..................I LOVE KEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Overall I was thoroughly impressed and I'm happy to reccommend this concert to any and everyone who likes this type of music!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I left feeling COMPLETELY SATISFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 stars
Joyce401 DAR Constitution Hall, Washington

Kem concert start an hour and half late. But was over on time. 10:20 pm. We were Robbed. The concert was not at all what I expected. Will never attend a kem concert again.

A Kem Concert Will Never Disappoint!

5 stars
BMSLN Atlanta Civic Center, Atlanta

I've been to several of Kem's shows. He is a class act and never disappoints. Can't wait until he returns to Atlanta again!