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Incredible KEM!!!

5 stars
Portsmouth Pavilion, Portsmouth

Simply put, KEM was absolutely INCREDIBLE!! The show was outstanding and KEM left the audience wanting more!

Excellent Show !!!!!!!!!!!

5 stars
MsLadyK Portsmouth Pavilion, Portsmouth

KEM- Excellent Show !!!! His performance, interactions with the crowd, tribute to the Soldiers (Memorial Day Weekend) and his appreciation of his gifted talent from GOD he is what I call an Outstanding Performer. I would see him again. LOVE. P.S. and the weather was Beautiful for an outdoor event, memorable b-day. Thank You! KEM :-)

Kem was EVERYTHING!!!!

5 stars
Docwhite Portsmouth Pavilion, Portsmouth

Kem was satiating, sensual, sexy, spirit filled, & stimulating all in ONE!

Mint Condition and Kem

5 stars
Africana Portsmouth Pavilion, Portsmouth

Awesome concert--- sound was excellent, the venue was superb and they started ON TIME! (lovely!)

5 stars
MzLoLo Portsmouth Pavilion, Portsmouth

Kem gave a outstanding concert... This is my 6th time seeing Kem in two years. Kem is a excellent artist