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Small venue, great entertainment!

4 stars
GeminiGirl Morongo Casino Resort and Spa, Cabazon

I had never been to Morongo Casino for a concert. They do not have a concert theater and was held in a large conference room, but every seat in the house was great! I did not expect such a small venue for a HUGE band like Lady Antebellum. The best part of the concert was no opening band. The drummer came on, then the guitar player, then music started playing, then BOOM, the group came out singing. I was so excited to see this concert for my birthday weekend and they did not disappoint. One thing I did not like about the venue, as always, the women's restroom. It had about four stalls. Another thing was the push cart bar that only had beer and wine. From what I overheard in the lady's room, if you bought a drink down in the casino, the attendant transferred your drink into a plastic cup before going up the escalator to the venue. Overall: Great show! Venue: Ehhh Would I go back? Most definitely and make a weekend out of it!


5 stars
Lazylilac658 Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar

They were awesome! Played 1 1/2 hrs. Very entertaining and played a few other artist songs as well.

Lady Antebellum

3 stars
Keith123 Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar

Love you guys, fell in love as an older guy, with me and my gal listening to your lyrics and notes. So wish you all would have played more of Your songs, definitely not other artists songs, give me a break, came to hear you. Even if it not trendy or new. If its a classic, so be it :) Disappointed I didn't hear more of your core songs, especially 'Cant take My Eyes of You'

Pure Vocals

4 stars
AsIff Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar

No gimmicks. Just pure vocals. Enjoyed the acoustic session/part without the band. Wish Charles K. joined both sides of floor crowd... Misleading "floor seats" at Del Mar Fairgrounds. "Floor 2-Row 6" meant "Row 4-far right edge" with camera man and ASL interpreters blocking performers occasionally. Setup was too rectangular so seats were to the too-far-right, facing stage. Floor seats' view should be within main stage.

Lady Antebellum's voice in harmony

5 stars
Dahrich Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar

Fantastic performance especially with Charles Kelly. The two singing were beyond wonderful. We know one top song It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you now... but the other songs were great. We waited one hour plus for the favorite song-- well worth it Drummer superior. The perfect band.