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Sam Hunt, Hunter Hayes, Lady A were all fantastic!

5 stars
KellyB513 Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati

Awesome lights! Exceptional performers! True talent! Would see all of the acts again! Wish Sam Hunt would have played more than 30 minutes, though.

3 stars
Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati

Lady Antebellum was amazing...did not really care for Sam Hunt and Hunter Hayes

Opening act steals the show...

4 stars
LAHensley Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati

I wanted to go to this show just because of the two opening acts. Sam Hunt and Hunter Hayes were amazing. Sam Hunt will go far in country music, he has a great sound and has a lot of energy while on stage. He sang 5 songs and while I have purchased his entire album, was happy with the five chosen. Sam was my favorite and I can't wait until his next album is released. Hunter Hayes has grown so much since he started and his music is always a crowd pleaser. I can't wait until he is the main attraction. Always singing along with his songs. Lady A was good and sang the three songs I wanted to hear early and then we left. We didn't feel that we missed anything and not sad about the money we spent because we got to see Sam and Hunter. Lady A is great but was not the reason I wanted to attend this concert.

139th Hunter Hayes show!!

5 stars
hayeshoodlum Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati

I love this venue been going since I was a kid! The staff is friendly, very easy to get to and get around. I had the perfect spot in the pit and had the best time of my life!

Lady A is a class act!

5 stars
sero Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati

This was a great concert! Sam Hunt, Hunter Hayes were fantastic and Lady Antebellum where amazing!! What a great show!