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  • Lana Del Rey

Hailing from Lake Placid, New York, Elizabeth Grant was born in 1986. She started writing songs and at the age of 18, moved to New York City, performing at open mic nights in Brooklyn and securing her first record deal a few years later. Her first EP and its self-titled single Kill Kill were released in 2008 under her name Lizzy Grant.but then the following year, she remade herself into the more femme fatale pop character Lana Del Rey. The name was inspired by both the late actress Lana Turner and former Ford Del Rey automobile, and more fitting for her music’s atmospheric and cinematic tone, full of sweeping orchestral and retro-sounding, 60s-tinged pop. Her distinct classic Hollywood wavy auburn hair and full lips have been self-described as “gangsta Nancy Sinatra" or as if "Lolita got lost in the hood,” and her unique voice has a husky and seductive style. Del Rey released her smash single Video Games in June 2011, spurring such a considerable buzz around her forthcoming tour that concerts had to be rescheduled for larger venues to accommodate ticket demand. This led to a joint record deal with Interscope Records and Polydor that year, and a self-titled EP in late 2011, which also contained the hit Blue Jeans. Her debut studio album Born To Die was released in January 2012, selling over 5 million copies, and her third EP entitled Paradise premiered in late 2012.
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