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Lana was spellbinding

5 stars
sinnimon9 Masonic Temple, Detroit

Show was magnificent! The venue however was a massive disappointment leaving doors locked until after 9 pm despite the tix stating doors were due to open at 7pm....concert goers were stuck out in damp chilly weather with lines wrapping around the block....my understanding was that the promoter was actually the one to bust the doors open and let people in. I had purchased tickets for the floor but because of the rush of the crowd tickets weren't checked and the floor was full by the time we made it in to be seated. We ended up sitting 2 rows from the last row at the very top of the venue. I will never go back to the masonic temple for a show......Lana ' s performance was fierce and magical. I would see her again in a heartbeat.

Lana Del Rey lights-up LA.

3 stars
mucha Shrine Expo Hall, Los Angeles

Unfortunately it is difficult for me to give a great review to this show for Lana because she did the two things that irritate me most in going to some concerts these days. One: she waited almost an hour between when her opener finished his set and when she came out. Too long. The crowd grew cold and impatient after half an hour. Two: when Lana did come out, she played only a little over an hour. Fans wait in line for hours to get a good spot only to get a short show. With a third album coming out, Lana certainly has enough songs to fill another half hour and more. With ticket prices over $50 there should have been more show. That being said, I did enjoy the concert. Lana looked great in her white baby-doll dress as she sauntered on stage between the palm trees in front of her wicker throne. She sounded good, and seemed happy to be home in LA as her smile lit up the stage. The mostly female crowd was very energized. In fact, we were warned that there would be no show if we did not calm down and step back. Conversely, Lana, and her and her choice of songs were almost too laid back. She should have played, "Kinda Outta Luck," "Off To The Races," and some others, to add some faster tempo tunes and some variety to an otherwise slow and slower setlist. Lanas' excellent band added some much needed energy. The light-show and video backdrop where they mashed live shots with videos was also very well done.

Lana was amazing!

5 stars
Dezare Shrine Expo Hall, Los Angeles

Her show was fantastic, only thing that sucked was it was all GA and if you're short like me you can't really see and they were only letting certain people on the balcony. But overall it was great!

Epic performance! Security staff was a joke!!!

5 stars
LDRPDX WaMu Theater, Seattle

Lana Del Rey is one of the greatest performers alive. She really knows how to connect with the audience, making the experience 1,000,000 times better! I was lucky enough to see her twice on her american tour, and each show was amazing! Now, I won't say the security at WaMu theater ruined my experience, but they came very close. They didn't seem to know what they were doing. No more "all ages" shows for me, and I will never return to WaMu theater.

Lana Del Rey. BEAUTIFUL.

5 stars
Jazzyjazzmine Shrine Expo Hall, Los Angeles

the security guards were very very kind and everything was just beautiful bast time of my life. i got a great view, third row. we waited in line for 8 hours