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5 stars
Verizon Theater, Grand Prairie, TX

One of the best concerts ever, she's amazing! Worth every penny!

Lana is Perfection

5 stars
MikaelaSerge Masonic Temple, Detroit

I saw her at the Masonic Temple in Detroit last May and it was one of the most unforgettable shows I've ever seen. She sounds flawless live and her performance was great!

Best concert

5 stars
musiclover2626 Masonic Temple. Detroit MI, Detroit

Best Angelical Performance, she is so humble and easy going girl

Was super intense.

5 stars
Masonic Temple, Detroit

I got there to wait about 1pm and I ended up getting pretty close to the stage when taking into account the masses of people in the GA floor. Since I arrived so early I had no problems getting in; however the wait to get everyone in was terrible. Waiting in the cold was fine but waiting for several hours squished and dripping with sweat was not fine. Although when she came out on stage all the pain and distress I was in vanished. She has some sort of aura that entrances the crowd and makes them literally psychotic. People were pushing and scratching trying to get to the front, but honestly I hardly noticed or cared. I just focused on Lana. I also waited several hours after the show to meet her and it was definitely worth it.


5 stars
s0phl0af Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco

i waited for 5 hours outside in the freezing cold for her, and it was 100% worth it. lana has such a vibrant stage presence and multiple times, she went into the crowd to take pictures with fans, sign autographs, and the sweetest action of all- she started hugging fans. she was so emotionally connected to the music and her fans. my only disappointment, the show was less than an hour in length. with all of her amazing songs, she only sang a select few, and i was really disappointed that she didn't sing a lot of amazing songs. she was absolutely adorable and charming. i haven't even talked about her voice yet..... OH MY.... slightly reminiscent of an old lounge singer, combined with an angel <3 if you think she sounds good on professional, edited recordings, just wait until you hear her live. it was one of the most breathtaking moments of my life. she is a wonderful performer with heart and soul. just thought i'd add that i actually sprained my ankle before the show even started, and i couldn't even stand, yet, i had an amazing time :-)))