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Boosie was great!!

5 stars
LynnandKeem North Charleston Performing Arts Center, North Charleston

Had a great time! Boosie Juice was amazing!! Highly recommend everyone get a bottle. I know I will be the second it's available! The openers were pretty good with the exception of a couple local people...they were mediocre. Overall though, I had a great time, and Boosie put on a good show. Good mix of new and old music. Can't wait until he comes back!!

Bucket list

3 stars
Concertlover1987 Burton Coliseum, Lake Charles

This was something I could check off my bucket list. It started an hour and a half late. Then between performers we kept having to wait. I wasn't happy with the schedule the performers were on. I had to leave at midnight and didn't even get to see the end of the concert. But I really love everyone who came out. I have been a Juvi and boosie fans since day one. So I did enjoy myself.


5 stars
Michelle2k16 Von Braun Center South Hall, Huntsville

This show was everything!!! Boosie is an incredible performer!!! Humbled... I love him!!!

boosie did a awesome job

4 stars
mzhatch Von Braun Center South Hall, Huntsville

The concert was good boosie did a great job..we had to stand the whole concert. .

Boosie was Unforgettable , I absolutely loved him!

5 stars
Kaylenn Von Braun Center South Hall, Huntsville

The show was amazing, Boosie is so humble ! He's my absolute favorite rapper and I'll never forget this experience!!