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Booise,Rich Homie,and all local acts

5 stars
JSDII305 James L Knight Center, Miami

The concert was a great experience. The only problem I had was booise and rich homie got on the stage late,....but overall me and my homie had fun

Just because I love BOOSIE

3 stars
chelleso Stockton Arena, Stockton

Boosie took 3 hours to come on stage to sing not even 10 songs.... random people that remained on the stage refused to get off the stage for Boosie. I paid to see Lil Boosie. Also as a genuine fan, I was very upset when I saw Lil Boosie get removed from the stage before finishing his sentence. That was his final opportunity to acknowlegde his bay area fans.

The boosie concert was Lit

5 stars
Wilasha Stockton Arena, Stockton

Best concert hands down! nice arena looks new, downtown stockton is the ghetto tho, luckly my car was still there wen I returned. Lol


5 stars
Moanalizaa Stockton Arena, Stockton

The concert was unforgettable and legendary, never have I seen boosie in concert and I wasn't going to miss it. He came out and showed bay love and also the audience was cool too no fights broke out. I want boosie to come back because he is a great performer and would love for him to bring more people next time

coo till boosie came on

3 stars
shawnnyann1 Stockton Arena, Stockton

Felt lik it was dragging took heka long for BOOSIE to show up but other than that boosie shutt it dwn it was wonderful den after the concert on are way bck to da car realize it was broken into n items was missing highly disappointed because I had important itemes n we came all the way frm Sf Smh wasn't really worth ma money... hope I cn get a responds..