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5 stars
BugEyes84 Lafayette Cajundome, Lafayette

The concert was great loved it, I just wish future would've performed more songs, I dont like Future music but I prefered he sing more song for my money's worth

not a good concert

1 stars
Kryslin Lafayette Cajundome, Lafayette

Would not go again!! Didn't start until 2 hours later, one of the singers sang 2 songd, one didn't even show up. The main singer of the concert sang with his music playing in the background.

2 stars
Lafayette Cajundome, Lafayette

Overall, the event barely met my standards. Some of those whom I came to see did not perform.

I Just Love.Boosie

3 stars
D14U Lafayette Cajundome, Lafayette

The concert.started an hour.or.so late. The sound.system was terrible. Rich Homie Quan and Boosie were on fire. I was shocked when Future walked off the stage due to his money not being right but I have to respect it. No one said why Webbie was on the ticket but a no show. And as much love as I have for Boosie......too many people.on.stage.while he was...performing

5 stars
NewtV Lafayette Cajundome, Lafayette

I thought the whole thing was exciting and entertaining. It was off the chain!!!