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5 stars
LayneNNN South Side Ballroom, Dallas

They still got it! Show was unbelievable. The show was intense from start to end!

Limp Bizkit & MGK rocked

4 stars
dannigirldfw South Side Ballroom, Dallas

The only thing that I didn't like was the start time of the concert and I was disappointed the concert ended before 11pm. Just weird to me. Other than that, MGK and Limp Bizkit were so awesome!


5 stars
JaKsAshBash South Side Ballroom, Dallas

I've been a Limp Bizkit fan for over 17 years now, first time to see them and it was exactly what I imagined it would be, KICK ASSSS!!! MGK was incredible, I was just introduced to his music and I fell in love, his lyrics are exactly how I feel, this concert was the best I've ever been too!!! Soul inspiring is the word for it!! Getting to meet them after the show was my dream come true, my 15 year old self was ecstatic!! Hope they come back through cause I know I will be there, early this time and ready to BREAK STUFFF!!!

Limp bizkit jammed.

5 stars
Pimpbizkit South Side Ballroom, Dallas

Best show this year. Definently not one to miss. Their getting older but can still hold their own

Machine gun kelly blew the roof off!!!

5 stars
Sarah5927 South Side Ballroom, Dallas

Machine gun kelly is amazing! It was my first concert of his and Limp bizkits. I loved it!!! I would totally go see them again. It was so hype it wasn't even funny! So much bass!! Also huge moshpits! Loved it!!