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1st win of 2015 !!!

5 stars
Jimmmmy Rabobank Arena, Bakersfield

Nothing is better than when the LA Kings win a game....even if it is pre-season. The tickets we got from Ticketmaster couldnt have been better. 1st row, seats A+B.....right on the ICE !!!! It was great to check out all of the new rookies and cheer on the returning players for my favorite sports franchise..... Even the wife had a blast.....

Few Kings Stars

2 stars
BtownGs Rabobank Arena, Bakersfield

When we were approached about purchasing tickets for the "once in a lifetime event" we jumped on it, but didn't find out until we were seated in our overpriced seats that there were no 1st line players, very disappointing.

Hungry for Hockey

4 stars
Rabobank Arena, Bakersfield

We have been Kings season seat holders for 25 years - from the Forum to Staples. Good to be back in any arena to see our Kings! Great game, but unfortunately the arena left us hungry LITERALLY! Got there early to eat and after waiting in line (3 different concessions) for over 40 MINUTES, we missed the first 2 goals and finally just walked away with no food and went to our seats. The people manning the food stands were INDIVIDUALLY COOKING EACH ORDER only as it was ordered....and considering there were only 3 things on the menu, it's not rocket science to put more than 1 hot dog on the grill when you are faced with a very long line! People were really getting mad and walking away. Very unfortunate as the arena is a nice small venue and fun to watch the Kings play in such a personal setting. The game was great! Even watching with a grumbling stomach.

Awesomw shootout win by the AVS !!!

5 stars
JKP1 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas

MGM Grande was it usual noisy venue. They could update their big screens. We are pretty spoiled after watching games at the Pepsi center, I admit, but MGM is WAY behind the times !!! Seats were not great this year. Will try to move to better section next year. Did see Rob Blake up close and personal !!! Awesome.

NHL in Vegas

5 stars
GoKings MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas

Frozen Fury has once again come and gone. My favorite day of the year. Everybody wearing hockey sweaters! Got the tickets a little earlier this year thus seats were a little better. Every seat @ Grand Garden Arena is good anyhow. Staff is friendly. Concession lines were pretty long, even between periods. Guess everyone was extra hungry and thirsty. Had other Kings fans all around us. I hate when I get stuck next to an assalanche fan. They should have their own section outside by the dumpsters. Left a couple minutes early to beat the crowds. Overall it was a great time as usual. Been to every NHL preseason game since I moved here in 95, when they used to play at T&M. Cant wait until next year!