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5 stars
Salem Civic Center, Salem

Luke Bryan is a great entertainer! Lee Brice and Josh Thompson were great too! Awesome concert!


5 stars
Stinalb boarkwalk hall, Atlantic City

worth all my money! Seeing him my third time for just this year! Wonderful entertainer, he makes you feel like your in front row even if your in the back!

Luke Bryan was AMAZING!

5 stars
USMCBMB CenturyLink Center, Bossier City

Luke Bryan and opening bands def brought their "A Game" to the show! By far the best show I've ever experienced! Luke never missed a beat and had the crowd going non-stop! I was exhausted between singing, yelling and dancing! Not only does Luke play a lot of his top songs, he also played other artistes songs from country to hip-hop, even throwing in a little rap in! Loved, loved, loved the performance! My sister in law was right when she said you haven't seen a good concert till you've seen Luke Bryan!


5 stars
Sgatlee CenturyLink Center, Bossier City

I will deff be back!! Concert was amazing. Luke Bryan puts on a great show. Can't wait to go back

Luke Bryan was amazing!!

5 stars
Bismarck Civic Center, Bismarck

This was the best concert I have ever been to in a long time....Luke put on a great show and I would go see him again!!