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Nashville Predators Hockey - Awesome Baby!

5 stars
Roganator Bridgestone Arena Nashville Predators, Nashville

What a game six. Amazing crowd, team, pre game (band, games, spirit squad). Took 4 of my high school kids to the game (there for DECA conference). They were amazed

Stanley Cup Playoffs in Nashville

5 stars
Josh0829 Bridgestone Arena Nashville Predators, Nashville

Amazing view even in top tier and atmosphere was fantastic. Want to go to every game now!

Nashville Predators playoff hockey

4 stars
Bamareb1 Bridgestone Arena Nashville Predators, Nashville

I've been to several games this season and they were all good atmospheres but this game was even better. Great atmosphere and very enjoyable.

Obstructed Seat View - 111, ROW D, SEATS 13-15

2 stars
Hockey4Life67 Bridgestone Arena Nashville Predators, Nashville

Preds got outworked and lost the game, which was bad enough, but the seats were VERY disappointing. On the seat map, there is a "white space" just to our left. I fully expected that to be a walkway of some kind or, at the very least, an opening. It wasn't. It was the sound stage for the band that blocked our view of nearly half of the left side of the ice to the blue line. I couldn't see even when I stood up and that was exacerbated by the other 3-4 rows in front of me who also had to stand to see. The worse part - I paid premium money for premium seats for my 8-year old boy to see his first playoff game. Well, he couldn't see much of it due to the poor seats and the fact that everyone HAD TO stand to see the ice on the left side. VERY disappointed that this is not more clearly advertised. There are, at a minimum, 10-12 seats in that area that should be marked OBSTRUCTED VIEW. And I shouldn't have to pay premium prices for a clearly NON-PREMIUM seat. Will think twice before ever doing that again. Please address this so more fans won't walk away disappointed. Preds are doing GREAT things in Nashville, but this is unacceptable for the quality product you're trying to build. Thank you.

Predators vs. Anaheim Ducks Playoff Game 3

4 stars
jamesf797 Bridgestone Arena Nashville Predators, Nashville

Atmosphere was great leading up to the game. Seats were in an excellent location. Crowd was really into it. Unfortunately, the Preds lost and played terribly, but if you don't stand with the team when they lose you don't deserve to stand with them when they win