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If only Bridgestone wanted paying customers there.

2 stars
MissLoisL Bridgestone Arena Nashville Predators, Nashville

From purchasing tickets, as a TN resident, to entering the game, everything is confusing and a hassle. I'm a huge hockey fan and a hockey blogger. I've lived on the east coast and been welcomed into other arenas, and my hometown arena has always welcomed others, But, here, I jump through hoops to attend the nearest hockey games--which are three hours each way. If I weren't treated like a lower-class citizen by attending as an opposing fan, I would attend other games--perhaps even supporting the home team. But, it's hard to join a crowd that doesn't want me there, doesn't understand the rules of the game or want to learn, and goalie chants or otherwise berates opposing teams and fans. There's zero sportsmanship or respect. There are so many better ways to grow a hockey fanbase--spreading vitriol about opponents and encouraging juvenile behavior from the crowd doesn't fit the bill. Bridgestone could be a prime hockey location--it has unique surroundings, it's walkable, it's fairly comfortable. Unfortunately, it's an extremely unwelcoming environment.

Blackhawks win record breaking game!

4 stars
Red1Laura Bridgestone Arena Nashville Predators, Nashville

We are Chicago transplants currently living in Paducah KY. We used to go to professional sporting events whenever possible when we lived up there. Really miss going to Hawks games- so we got tickets to the Predators vs Hawks matchup. Got great seats on the main floor, watched a great game, had a nice little dinner and drink at Tavern 96. The venue is nice, getting tickets was easy and other than one obnoxious Pred fan screaming obscenities behind us- it was a really good time.

4 stars
Tdratt Bridgestone Arena Nashville Predators, Nashville

I always enjoy going to a Preds game. Even though we lost this night. I like management get the red out. Lot more Predator fans than Hawks fans, unlike last year when I went to a Hawks game

Watching the Blackhawks vs. Predators was awesome

4 stars
bigfan87 Bridgestone Arena Nashville Predators, Nashville

Loved every second of it. The crowd was quieter than I expected, and the arena was not as alive as others I've been to. But it was a blast overall. I'll definitely do it again

Hawks win

5 stars
JJT21 Bridgestone Arena Nashville Predators, Nashville

Great seats, great atmosphere, great building. Looking forward to going again