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great game!

5 stars
icehockeyfan1 Prudential Center, Newark

Game was awesome! The promotions and games in between periods was a lot of fun as well.

5 stars
Prudential Center, Newark

I went to the game to see my team, the Tampa Bay Lightning play and they were amazing. It was a great game and they won.

Too many advertisements!!!

2 stars
flufferKa42 Prudential Center, Newark

I was excited to see the game but it just felt like the whole game was breaks, advertisements, and commercials! I was totally turned off! Ive been to NHL games before and they have never been so saturated with Ads. We ended up leaving early.

Great experience!

4 stars
koosman Prudential Center, Newark

It was my wife's first NHL game and she loved it. She uses a wheelchair and everything was easily accessible including family bathrooms and food. Traffic was managed very well by the crew in the garage after the game. It was the first time I tried driving to the Arena and thought it would be a nightmare, but we couldn't believe how fast we got out!

Caps Escape The Atomic Wedgie

3 stars
gratefulupgrade Prudential Center, Newark

Great Scott! The Wedgewall generated a lot of Devil fan enthusiasm. However, Caps played waayyy below what they are capable of; just doing the minimum. The injured Devils hobbling towards the playoffs, will they make it? Regardless, still a work in progress at The Rock.