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Devils Game

4 stars
TBoneWellDone Prudential Center, Newark

Even though the seats were the last ones, right next the wall, you could easily see all the action. The bathrooms and concession stand areas were very clean. They could use some more signs on the outside roads for those of us who have to drive to the game. Otherwise, great experience for my two young boys and me.

Final Devils regular season game

4 stars
orton316 Prudential Center, Newark

This was the final regular season game of the season between the Bruins vs. Devils. It was a good game and the Devils won the game by a score of 3-2. Also, this could have been the final game for Martin Brodeur as a goalie for the the Devils and he goes out with a victory in goal to win the game and that was career win #688. A nice way to end the season with a victory for the Devils.

Boston Bruins at NJ Devils

5 stars
Shannie77 Prudential Center, Newark

I had an incredible time last Suday (4/13/13) at the Prudential Center. I am a Boston girl, so it was sad to see my team loose, but I actually likes the arena better then at home... I had better seats for cheaper pricing and the seats are way more comfortable!!! I had a great time!

Devils game was exciting, food horrible

3 stars
Crysia Prudential Center, Newark

Upon arrival of the game, we were greeted with a band playing, food vendors and celebration being that it was the last home game for the devils this season. Everyone also was given tshirts. We got to our seats and the seat directing people were very friendly. We then went for hot dogs after the first period. Standing in line for over 20 minutes was ridiculous. People move at an all time SLOW in the hot dog line. As we approached the counter, rudely the woman at the cash register announced that there was no more hot dogs and there won't be any anymore so don't ask. At this point my fiance said a little loudly, "what no hot dogs!" Then we went to get pizza, and they were out of pizza. This was on the second level-or the level after the first set of steps/escalator. We then, while missing all of the second period, went searching downstairs, and purchased the last three hot dogs downstairs. Very disappointing. The seats were crappy, because sitting at the end there is a huge wall of plexi glass for the right side of the steps in front of you, obstructing the view.

Always a good time!

5 stars
MrsH0720 Prudential Center, Newark

Live events always trump sitting in front of the television. The crowd, the atmosphere and energy--it's always a good time! Always better when we win, too.