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Good to see

4 stars
RandomNumber82156803 Prudential Center, Newark

I liked that they made this event available to the public. It was great to finally get hockey back and to be surrounded by other like minded Devils fans. The game only lasted about an hour but they did try outs afterwords and had a raffle. It was a very relaxed and entertaining experience.


5 stars
DEVILSHOLIC Prudential Center, Newark

It was pretty cool to see the team back especially with new players and the different changes in many ways. Supposedly everywhere on the bottom level they replaced 3 rows with black cushion seats I did not expect that happening. The fire lounge is under construction i am not going to judge on it until its finished. The vending machine was a long line and long wait but still no big deal! I got to talk to other new devils fans and my friends too which killed a lot of time. Then after the practice ended Just about the whole team came out signing autographs it was nice to see them doing that for the fans. I stayed for 3 players maybe another night i'll stay for more players. I enjoyed myself I hope i still enjoy myself when i return to the Rock as usual!

Devils practice was fantastic!!!

5 stars
Raider0757 Prudential Center, Newark

I took my two sons to the NJ Devils open practice and we had a great time. We were able to sit in different seats in the lower level to see which views we liked best for future ticket purchases. We even got to sit in the first row by the glass which the boys loved especially when someone was getting check into the boards right in front of us. It was a very special day and the Devils should do it more often. They Also got autographs from Henrique which competes the day.

5 stars
Prudential Center, Newark

It was great to see them back on the ice. Really enjoyed myself. They were great on the ice.

Practice was great

5 stars
GlenHeinous Prudential Center, Newark

Me and my son had a great time. It was fun to just sit and watch hockey.