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Barclay's Seats

5 stars
Ihatedalehunter Barclays Center, Brooklyn

Seats were comfortable. Corridors are wider, lines for the bathrooms and concessions were shorter.

Blue and White Scrimmage

5 stars
MikeFromForestHills Barclays Center, Brooklyn

I'm a Maple Leafs fan but have also become a new Islander fan as an additional team since they moved to Brooklyn. The Barclay Center was first class, especially the staff. I have attended three Islander games so far at the Barclay Center and all three were free of disruptive fan behavior against their fellow fans which is great, unlike at Madison Square Garden where bad fans ruin the experience for good fans. Hopefully this continues during the upcoming season. The presentation was great as was the arena. I would love to attend more summer hockey games at the Barclay Center.

Hockey in July?

4 stars
Jessa89 Barclays Center, Brooklyn

I enjoyed myself, me being a New York Rangers fan. It's nice of the New York Islanders org. to open up a Scrimmage to their fans at the barclay's center. CRAZY!!! I love watching hockey and to watch it played live in the summer was epic! The arena was intimate and the ice was not far from the fans. I would watch any hockey event at this arena again, hands down! Good job Barclay's, NYI org. and NYI fans for supporting/ bring a great hockey arena to Brooklyn!!!

Islander's futures game was awesome!

5 stars
Flatman43 Barclays Center, Brooklyn

As a longtime Islander fan, I was sad to see the Nassau Coliseum close its doors for the last time. I wasn't sure what to expect from the Barclay's Center and I was blown away as soon as I walked in. It was first class from the concessions to the lighting to the seats. We had a great time at the game and plan to return during the regular season.

What an experience

5 stars
Itsbrandie Barclays Center, Brooklyn

I enjoyed every second of this hockey game, it was kinda hard to cheer for a side hah but I enjoyed the team work and watching too see what the rookies got. And then the shoot out afterwards was really cool to experience. The best part was practically picking anywhere I wanted to sit. When will I ever get that close again for that price!