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Islanders Vs Canadians

4 stars
AshCakes0715 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale

What a game! My first time to a hockey game and I got 9 goals and a fight out of it. Great experience. Everyone should definitely go see the islanders play.

NY Islanders vs. Colorado Avalanche

5 stars
LBNYC Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale

Seats were AWESOME...too bad the Islanders LOST the game.

NHL Mascot Day = Amazing for Kids of All Ages!

5 stars
DisgruntledOldMan Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale

Did you know the NHL Mascots will autograph anything? Well they do! These characters brought a level of "entertainment" to that game that we often overlook in the pursuit of cheering our team onto playoffs. At any given time you could see a random mascot in the stands, taking photo graphs or simply cheering for themselves. This day offered Sparky (Islanders); Blades (Bruins), Howler (Coyotes); Slapshot (Capitals); Bernie (Avalanche); Carlton (Maple Leafs); Spartacat (Senators), Gnash (Nashville) and Louie (St. Louis). Wish they could have days like this more often! Great for both kids and adults!

Nassau Coliseum was a whole different experience!

5 stars
Hlawt Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale

Such a welcoming and friendly staff! Kid Friendly!

Great game !!

5 stars
SunshineEMT Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale

We had a great. We are Islanders fans so it was disappointed to see them loose, but just to be there in person cheering your team, it's what being a fan is all about. Overall we had a good time.