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Great Brooklyn Atmosphere

5 stars
MikeFromForestHills Barclays Center, Brooklyn

Once again, another great hockey experience in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center. It is great to be able to go to a game in NYC and not have it ruined by unruly fans. Great job as always by the Barclays Center staff. I just wish the team would be rebranded the Brooklyn Islanders.

New Digs for Isles make sense

4 stars
Tubmaxrebo Barclays Center, Brooklyn

Even though I opted for the cheap seats, with lots of legroom but VERY obstructed view, I had a great time with the FANS, the team, the venue, the food, and the music! I know this is a transplant situation, and the BC was not meant to house a hockey team, but there's a lot of buzz and energy nonetheless. I've been to games in St. Louis and Chicago, both reported to have great fans...but the Islanders fans "get it" and are there for the team. YES!

4 stars
Barclays Center, Brooklyn

Great game. It's bad that Islanders lost, but overall it was a good game. We enjoyed it.

Isles in Barclays

4 stars
Barclays Center, Brooklyn

This game was my first in Barclays. Given all the complaining that I have heard about Barclays for hockey and the move to Brooklyn, I was very pleased with both the facility and the overall game experience. The off-center scoreboard was fine. The sightlines were very good. The corridors, rest rooms, and concessions stands were certainly an improvement over the coliseum.

Good Experience

4 stars
none2 Barclays Center, Brooklyn

The game was excellent. Both goalies played well - particularly the Canucks goalie who stopped about 45 shots. A last minute goal by the Islanders forced overtime and the 3-player per team overtime provided several scoring opportunities and was very exciting. The game ended in penalty shots, which is probably not the best way to conclude a great defensive game but it is fair.