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Most Awful Hockey Game I Have Ever Been Too!

1 stars
DisappointedIslandersFan Barclays Center, Brooklyn

Was not worth the money. It did not feel like I was at a hockey game, but more like a corporate venue. The Barclay Center was freezing, which was unexpected since it is a new arena. For the price of the tickets, the seats should have been much closer to the ice. And although expected, the concession stands were very expensive. I doubt I will be returning there anytime soon.

It's OK, not great

3 stars
RockawayMike Barclays Center, Brooklyn

Not too many improvements on the Nassau Coliseum. Overpriced concessions aren't going to help bring in repeat customers.

First regular season win at their new home

5 stars
IslesFanC Barclays Center, Brooklyn

I heard a lot of people say that the new barn is horrible and the views are obstructed. Well, I really don't think there is any problem with their new home. In my opinion, the place is beautiful. The atmosphere will only get better once more an more people come to the home games. Just need to see more Islanders stores, instead of ONLY Nets stores.

The Isle game was good.

4 stars
Crystal61 Barclays Center, Brooklyn

This was my first time inside Barclay Center and my first Islander game for the season. The boys played a little sloppy at times, but when they connected, they did a great job. There were four of us and we enjoyed the game. My only complaint was the lack of replays. I have looked forward to hockey season and this game was a good way to start.

Great Game

4 stars
Monotiti Barclays Center, Brooklyn

Competitive game with two great teams! Edge of your seats!!!