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5 stars
Madison Square Garden, New York

Amazing experience!!! Recommended for everyone visiting New York

Rangers games are so fun

4 stars
Mich57 Madison Square Garden, New York

The game was super fun! (It helped that the Rangers won) But hockey games are way more fun in person. Had a blast


5 stars
prinzessin0804 New York, New York

Can anybody tell me if there are any tickets for the game on Oct 30th? Thanks Greats from Germany

Round 1 game 5

5 stars
Alexwallace Madison Square Garden, New York City

I was so lucky to go to game 5 of round 1. I had an amazing time, it was a great game to be at. Got to go to rangers hockey house, and I was so happy when Carl Hagelin's overtime goal won the series!

NY Rangers playoff game round 2 game 2

5 stars
dawnycub Madison Square Garden, New York

Afternoon games are great the fans are energized and ready to cheer on the team. The stadium was full of life and helped keep the Rangers momentum going well. The Rangers played well together and brought NY a much needed game 2 win. I feel very lucky to have been able to attend this game!