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Game six second best game ever at msg

5 stars
JACQMACK Madison Square Garden, New York

The game was intense and the outcome was even better. We want the cup!!!!

New York Rangers vs Montreal Canadients Game 3

5 stars
Pathockey Madison Square Garden, New York

Fantastic experience. To be in the Garden when Rangers beat Montreal and advance to the Stanley cup final for the first time in the last 20 years.

We are going to the Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 stars
JAW64 Madison Square Grden, New York City

The Crowd was insane The Game was intsane. Lundquist was spectacular. I have been to just about every Home Playoff game for the Last 20 Years. This game ranks in the top 5. Looking forward to going to the Stanley Cup games. Lets Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!You earned this one.

Perfect Game for my Father

5 stars
ArtieR Madison Square Garden, New York

The Rangers are back in the Stanley Cup and my 87-year old father and I went to Game 4 at MSG. The new handicapped section 103 was perfect, especially since during the second period former Stanley Cup team members, Richter, Graves, Matteu, Beukaboom, and others visited the section. They were introduced to the Garden faithful and then they posed for photos with my father. What a great surprise. The attendant for the section, Frances, was wonderful and very helpful with my father's wheelchair, etc. We hope to get to a Stanley Cup game. Go Rangers!

1 stars
Madison Square Garden, New York

The game was a thrill. Overtime wins are feast or famine and in this case we got a feast of excitement. Go Rangers!