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New York Rangers Hockey

5 stars
Traderscott Madison Square Garden, New York

Rangers fans are very passionate about the game and their team. I highly recommend joining their party with a cold beer or two.

MSG is memorable

5 stars
4hockey Madison Square Garden, New York

Our family likes hockey, so we attend local games while we travel. We enjoyed MSG- it is a fun experience even if your team is not playing. The rink is great and the crowd very entertaining.

great tickets great game

5 stars
forbesjf Madison Square Garden, New York

Perfect seats close to food, drinks and toilets but best of all full view of the ice. .john f

MSG is great

4 stars
CatMich Madison Square Garden, New York

I absolutely loved this facility, everything from getting into and out of the place, food selection, to the cleanliness of the place, particularly the washrooms it was worth the price of the tickets. The only reason I did not rate it 5 stars is because a fan behind us " screamed Bernier " throughout the whole game making it very bad for everyone around. He was obviously under the influence but I would have expected an usher to come an get him under control. Even fans that bought 3 nights tickets said they would sell them if he was there another night. That made it a terrible experience from someone who paid over 200 dollars per ticket and we purchased 3. Yelling like this is controlled at MLB games in Detroit so everyone around can enjoy the game . I am all about cheering but not continuously at the top of their lungs throughout the game.

5 stars
Toshiya Madison Square Garden, New York

I was really satisfied I could see Rangers won from behind, by good score.