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The Thunder are AMAZING!!!

5 stars
ccordova95 Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City

If you ever go to a thunder game, you will have the time of your life! It is very loud and very family-friendly environment! We have an amazing team and this is OUR year!


5 stars
DougsMomjill Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City

Attending Oklahoma City Thunder game at Chesapeake is always a fun experience. Win or loose the atmosphere is always pleasant. All staff are helpful and Chesapeake is always clean.

5 stars
Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City

Always exciting and entertaining to go to a Thunder game, even in the "cheap seats."

Will Thunder Up More Often!

5 stars
DurantsBeard Chesapeake Energy Arena, Tulsa

I love Thunder games but I live in Tulsa so the travel can be a hassle. I am excited for this season - I won't miss any games because one of my friends started MotherRoad Travel - a shuttle that takes you from downtown T-town to OKC for the games. It has a bathroom on the bus and you can even drink beer on the way there. And there are group discounts. I will be Thundering it up everything time!

5 stars
bosslady1950h BOK Center, Tulsa

The game was exciting and I am so happy that the thunder won their home game and I liked the half time performances and the cheering on the crowd (the hype men).