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Thunder Up!!!

5 stars
FaithLiberty Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City

Great game! Love the team work and the entertainment between time outs!!

preseason play

4 stars
BasketballKnight Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City

The game was good however most of the stars didn't play (Collins, Reggie Jackson, Ibbaca) Westbrook played a little and of course Durant was out. The tickets cost about the same as regular season which is a lot there were so many empty seats they should let people use those seats if know one is going too make it more affordable for everyone.

Great experience watching Thunder!

5 stars
Alyssamcg Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City

The tickets made the difference. I took my grandmother for an early 82nd birthday gift. With ticketmaster I was able to purchase the right tickets, it was important for her to not have to climb many stairs and see a clear view of game. She only had to do about 6 stairs and we had a great view of the game!!

Do Not Miss This!

4 stars
REDJARtha69boyz Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City

Could not believe it. First they magically heal Ibaka's leg. Next they actually start him in the game. He scored a lot of points. The crowd went bonkers. It's a must see game if you're a fan of OKC Thunder or basketball in general. My gut feeling says that you can't go to Round 3 Home Game 2 and expect a Round 3 Home Game 1 experience. It just won't be the same. Do not disappoint yourself by choosing a game other than this one.

5 stars
Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City

Thunder Up! OKC proved that they weren't going to roll over for San Antonio. Serge is Back!