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PBR was Awesome

5 stars
jladybugc Bridgestone Arena, Nashville

My first time at a live PBR event and it was incredible!

5 stars
AnniversaryTripSuccess Bridgestone Arena, Nashville

Had a fantastic time at this event. Put together perfectly!


3 stars
ShaDK2015 Bridgestone Arena, Nashville

I got tickets to PBR for my husbands birthday, this was my 1st experience. I enjoyed the bull riding but did not enjoy the long show. It was an aired live show so there was lots of commercial breaks & them "trying" to entertain us was not fun!!!

PBR not same a used to be

3 stars
H8TM Bridgestone Arena, Nashville

Been attending several PBR events per year for the last five years. For this event, PBR changed format to a bracket system. Winning riders must ride four or more times each night...risk for more injuries. The new format created many "lulls" in the action while officials were rearranging the bull/rider line-up. About our seats (Section 106, Row P, seats 9-13)...Row P seats are right in front of a concrete wall. Because of this, the row is narrower than other rows and leaves less space for your legs/knees. We had to stand for lengthy periods because our knees rubbed the backs of the chairs on the row in front of us. Unacceptable!

Don't care for the stop & go nature of the event

2 stars
AGWorld Bridgestone Arena, Nashville

I thought that watching PBR was going to be a good show but man, was I wrong. I enjoyed the athletic ability of the bullriders shown during a 8 second run but, between those few seconds of spurts. The event dragged-on forever and this is very unacceptable. I would rather watch the PBR on TV tape delayed and all, than maybe attending another PBR live. But, if someone gives a free ticket or two to attend in some VIP suite or something like that, I'll take those free PBR tickets. But it is true what they say, it's the most exciting 8 seconds in sports.