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bull riding

5 stars
cuzza Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar

was fantastic, the high light of my holiday. all round good fun.

The bull riders were great and so were the bulls.

5 stars
TJA13 Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar

Had a good time and plan on going to the next PBR in Nov. ALso going to the finals in Vegas in Oct. Love them Bulls!!!

PBR bull riders

2 stars
penney1 Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar

I was disappointed with the showing of the riders. They did not seem to be the usual PBR bullriders that I have seen in the past and appeared to not make much effort in trying to stay the full 8 seconds. I know it is a dangerous sport but I've been to many such competitions and have always received a better showing than this one.

Tight jeans and daisy dukes! Need I say more?

5 stars
FrostySS Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar

The bulls were fantastic & the Del Mar Arena was the perfect place for this event. This was the first time I attended a PBR event in the San Diego area and I loved it. The bulls were big & bad and the riders gave them a run for the money. A few even scored which made it worthwhile. I've been to the Lakeside Bulls Only rodeo a few times, and this show put them to shame. I will definitely go again.

1 stars
Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar

The quality of riders was very poor. The first three set of riders there was only three rides. It was quite a disappointment. Will probably not attend again.