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PBR Junior Tour Even

4 stars
DarryllBSr Germain Arena, Estero

The 2 criticisms I have are: 1. No time clock in the arena to see the riding times of the riders. 2. Very poor/no use of multimedia in arena. For example, at least the names of the riders and bulls could be put on big screens to tell fans who is riding every rides. Very easy to accomplish, rather than just having advertising on the big board. Many other things could have been done to upgrade the professionalism of the event. These 2 aren't just "add-ons", they're must haves.

Good but could be better

3 stars
DavemPA1 Germain Arena, Estero

No clock and no scoreboard took away from the experience on a ride by ride basis and from a general aspect of knowing what was going on. Change these items and its a 5 star event if administered properly

Pay Attention

3 stars
Clinton49 Germain Arena, Estero

Your Announcers were more interested in show boating than paying attention to the participants in the event. Missing the peoples names and even missing the riders when they come out of the Gate because they were to busy shooting the Bull. Give some facts on the riders and the event get rid of the Circus Act.

not professional riders

2 stars
Willer12 Germain Arena, Estero

The majority of the bull riders were very disappointing in their ability and dedication to making an 8 second ride. Out of 25 or so riders, only about 4 even made the 8 seconds and it was not due to the bulls being so rank. Some of the riders were off the bull coming out of the shoot. Even people in the crowd were shouting, "Go back to work at radio shack". "Go back to labor pool". The entertainer did a good job as at times that was way better than the bull riders. I bought 4 tickets and spent over $350 with taxes, parking etc and could have done a lot of other things for 2 hours of this. Sorry but was not impressed. Nothing like when you see PBR on TV. More like spring training baseball when most of the players are want to be's and they throw in a couple ringers to make it look good.

Mistreatment of bulls

1 stars
FloridaGrandma Germain Arena, Estero

We watched as one of the Cowboys tried to rope burn a bull , rubbing the rope back & forth very fast as the rope was wrapped around it's mid section . Apparently the bull wasn't behaving in such a manner that it was going to be bucking , and the cowboy was trying to make it hurt so it would jump and buck more . My husband has always told me that rhwy don't treat them good , and tie the rope around their testicles so they'll be a better ride . I never personally experienced seeing any kind of abuse until this event , and will never support these kinds of events again . The entire night was rather boring as well . There was not nearly the audience participation or jokes from the clown that we saw two years ago . I really feel like we wasted our money and time attending this .

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